The Pack 7DTD Alpha 18 Server

For those that want to try out our 7DTD A18 server, it has boosted rates to enhance QOL for our players. It has 200% XP, 200% Loot, and you do not lose your stuff when you die. We offer a unique map that no other server has created for our server by @Funtimes. Friendly fire is disabled if you're in a party with another player to make group play more enjoyable.

The Pack 7DtD Alpha 18 Server steam://connect/


PVE 200x XP, 200x Loot Claim Size = Two claim Stones, 40 Blocks max. unless you are allied. Difficulty = Survivalist 24 Hour cycle = 60 minutes Daylight length = 18 minutes Zombie Day speed = jog Zombie Night Speed = Sprint Zombie Feral speed = Nightmare Zombie Blood Moon Speed = Sprint Max Zombies = 90 Max Animals = 100 Loot Respawn Time = 5 days Drop on Death = Nothing Drop on Quit = Nothing Blood Moon Count = 8 enemies Air drops = Marked and occur every 2 days

We have a custom map and our server wipes the City grids, and POI every 24 hours.

LIVEMAP HERE: Please ensure to login via Steam to see your land claims, login is in the bottom left corner.

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