The PACK 7DTD Alpha 19 Server.

For those that want to try out our 7DTD A19 server, it has boosted rates to enhance QOL for our players. It has 200% XP, 200% Loot, and you do not lose your stuff when you die. We offer a unique map that no other server has created for our server by @Funtimes. Friendly fire is disabled if you're in a party with another player to make group play more enjoyable.

7DTD Server A19 The PACK PvE - steam://connect/

Alpha 19 is not compatible with A18 saves. For best results remove all saved data from A18.

Clean out A18 data 1) start the game from your library 2) select show game launcher 3) click in the tools tab 4) click on clean game files and check all circles 5) click clean

Cleaning Game Data Windows ~by~ Jugginator 12 on Youtube.

If you need help with some Glitch or Graphic issue please see our 7DtD Graphic and Pc Enhancement page!

Alpha_19 New Lighting system


Unique Map designed by Funtimes.

PVE 200x XP, 200x Loot Claim Size = Two claim Stones, 40 Blocks max. unless you are allied. Difficulty = Survivalist 24 Hour cycle = 60 minutes Daylight length = 18 minutes Zombie Day speed = jog Zombie Night Speed = Sprint Zombie Feral speed = Nightmare Zombie Blood Moon Speed = Sprint Max Zombies = 90 Max Animals = 100 Loot Respawn Time = 5 days Drop on Death = Nothing Drop on Quit = Nothing Blood Moon Count = 8 enemies Air drops = Marked and occur every 2 days

We have a custom map and our server wipes the City grids, and POI every 24 hours.

Please use the LIVEMAP here to find your bases. Please ensure to login via Steam to see your land claims, login is in the bottom left corner.

If you are unsure if you are in a city grid, you can check your land claim/city grids on our live map. The Sections in the GREEN boxes will be wiped on restart. Starting in mid July 2020.

Official Release Notes

Official Release Notes:

Linear Color Space Lighting

With full PBR Physically Based Rendering, all of the art has been adjusted to look better and compatible with it. Normal maps look better, bright lights don’t wash out the scene and so much more.

Interactive Loading Screen

We added a brand new interactive loading screen with over 20 tool-tips on how to play the game from basic to advanced. The user can cycle back and forth through them and learn how to play the game better while it’s loading.

Improved Game-pad Support

We have combed through all game-pad functions making sure everything is up to date and working and we also improved defaults like for driving. Additionally we added a new reverse directions for block rotation placement.

New Survival System & Critical Injuries

We gutted the old ISS or interactive survival system that blackened and clamped your health and stamina bars from filling because it was confusing to players. We replaced it with an all new critical system. All critical injuries that blacken or clamp your max health or stamina will be caused by a new critical buff on the left of the screen. These new critical buffs are clickable, taking the player directly to the player status effect screen where you can read about the problem and its cure.

Food and Water Bars

We’ve added food and water UI bars under the players belt inventory. The blue bar is for your water level and green for is for your food level. You will see them go up and down based on your current hunger and thirst levels.

HD Characters

We have overhauled and re-imagined many of the characters in HD. They may look better but they have less draw calls and are slightly better in performance.

Dynamic Music System

TFP have again teamed up with Native Darkness Productions to make the Alpha 19 Dynamic music system more robust while adding a ton of new content and features.

Loot Progression/Balance

Loot has been balanced to provide a smooth progression from primitive, iron and steel items. This change provides a steady progression for the player and gives some incentive to craft, while slowing the economy a bit early game.

Enemy Progression/Balance

Enemy progression has been re-balanced. The chosen game difficulty no longer affects the game-stage value and player parties accumulate roughly 2/3 of the combined game-stage that they used to. This makes the enemy difficulty grow slower you won’t see high end enemies on the 2nd blood moon.

On Screen Sprite System

We added a brand new Nav Objects On-Screen Sprite System to help players more easily locate important items in the world such as fetch quest containers, player backpacks, spears and more. We are using this system on many of the harder to find important items and events in the game.

Quest Improvements

We have improved many of the quest types and even added new quests.

World and Location updates

We added a ton of new locations to the game including remnants. These give the player easier low enemy count locations to explore, loot and take over if your not ready for a Tiered challenge.

New Weapons & Items

We added several new tools and weapons please see the full Release Notes pinned below.

A19 Experimental Known Issues

This Google doc is regularly updated with the known issues. Please check it before reporting any issues.

A19 Experimental Known Issues

Also if you are planning to do a bug report, please use the correct area, and follow the instructions.

7DtD General Support