We offer a cluster of 13 maps Of Varying styles all for your ARK Play style.

Our cluster is Beginner friendly! With a Helpful and active admin team! We have chosen 7 critical mods that provide the best overall playing experience for your ARK experience. We have a unique and different ARK experience with modded dinos roaming the maps, Enhanced flyers, and Death recovery, and Game Ascension options. We offer a schedule of events monthly for fun and enjoyment. We try to provide the best environment to build the base of your dreams, with structures plus, and durable tools, but also balanced with the knowledge that load times are important too!

Stats for our Servers: Maximum Player level = 135 (chibi leveling gives 5 extra for 140) Maximum Wild Dino level (non Tek creature) = 210 Maximum Wild Tek Dino level = 253 Maximum Wild Wyverns & Drakes = 266 Maximum Wild eggs (except Deino's they are 210)= 266 Harvest = 6x Experience gained = 8x Taming = 15x Egg Hatch = 15x Baby Mature = 15x

Cryo-poding Dinos for transfer:

Several ARK maps have unique creatures that only exist on that map. These will not be able to transfer to another map in the Dino tab, nor in a cryopod. If your wyvern or other creature in a cryopod presents as a raptor head when you look at the icon. It is NOT transferable.

Some Creatures we are aware of that do not transfer:

Valguero - ICE Wyverns will get stuck on this map if it has its own version of ICE Wyverns.

Crystal Isles - Embertoss Phoenix Any type of Crystal Wyvern, Liquidfied Dinos of any type Crystal Griffon.

Ebenus Astrum - Akoya Wyvern (The 'White Wyvern') Samudra Wyvern (The 'Black Wyvern') Majungasaurus Monolonodingdongalongasaurus Battle Island Creatures.

Hope - The Mutant Vulture

Amissa - Mountain Wyvern Macaw Argent