Joining Extinction:

Please download this Collection The Pack Canon Mod collection And then join from the Below link: steam://connect/

Extinction - The Wastes looking towards the Proto Arks


EXTINCTION brings survivors back to where the mysterious journey all started; Earth. What was once a lush and thriving home world is now a corrupt, hostile and desolate shell of its former self. Venture into the diverse landscape where ruins of a past civilization reveal clues to Earth’s demise along with the keys to reviving its future. At the heart of this bleak and foreboding terrain is an overgrown, deserted technological metropolis that rises amidst the waste. Discover and explore long abandoned micro-biospheres which served as the early prototypes for the ARKs of today.

Areas of Prohibited Build:

Sunken Forest Beaver Lake, Do not block the spawns in the middle of the lake. Build back from waters edge. Any city terminal must be treated like a public transmitter. DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS TO THEM. you may enclose in a base but that area must remain accessible to the public via a gate system.

Interactive Resource Map Interactive Explorer Map Interactive Creature Spawn Map

Extinction Topographical Map.