Joining Amissa:

Please download this Collection The Pack Amissa Mod Pack And then join from the Below link: steam://connect/

AMISSA CITY Survivor Spawn Point


Nice Video Describing AMISSA by GG FIZZ!

Amissa is a bit bigger than The Island. Has a totally unique design not pursued on other ARKs. The Surface map is about 55% done. Many Unique buildings and other Possible Lore??? sites around the map. Some may be build-able. The map contains currently 7 different biomes, Snow, Desert, Redwood, Mushroom Redwoods, Swamp, Grass/Jungle and Red Jungle. The Map Dev has included almost all vanilla dinos, including the Current DLC dinos. All resources are included from vanilla and the current DLC's with more spots coming in upcoming patches. You can learn all Engrams (The Island, SE, Aberration and Extinction). Different player spawns as on other maps. Custom battle music (day and night version) and Custom music volumes, unique areas based around the map. Complete Loot crate drops with all Current DLC items. Amissa boasts a Unique Weather System. Custom Boss Arenas For the Broodmother and Gorilla, while the Dragon is still vanilla. Custom Dinos Unique to Amissa: Mountain Wyvern (Bigger but not aggressive until you hit them or steal the egg. Also knockout tameable) Macaw Argent (Exotic version of the vanilla Argent, also not aggressive until you harm them)

Upcoming Features:

Map updates are currently occurring every 1-2 months. In the next months expect: More main land completion (More resources and detail work) More buildings/ruins for each area Caves/Dungeon (normal and different/new ones) Underwater work (River, Lakes and Ocean) and much more

Patch NOTES:

You want to know the current patch notes or what\'s coming next? Click on the link.

Map courtesy of Captain Johny of Zeto Ark.