Joining Ebenus Astrum

Please download this Collection Ebunus Astrum Workshop Collection And then join form the Below link: steam://connect/

Ebenus Astrum - The Grasslands area

About Ebenus Astrum:

EBENUS ASTRUM will be almost 5 times the size of the Island when completed. This is a deadly map which contains all the Biomes, Resources, Creatures and Explorer Notes of The Island and Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction. With three distinct and enthralling Sections of the map to be found, The Main Land, The Forgotten World, and Atlantis a sunken city (WIP). This map supports the boss fights for the Spider, Ape, Dragon, Manticore, Titans and Rockwell. Currently The area EAST of the Volcano, and The Explorer Notes for Extinction are a WIP. If you would like to see some of the Streams that Enigma does while modding E. A. find them here on Twitch.tv: https://www.twitch.tv/enigmaticzorrr

Areas of Prohibited Building:

These areas are about to be updated! Please move or DO not build in them till after the next Patch. Due sometime in Feb. 2020.

  • The beaches looking towards battle island of the jungle, snow and redwoods biomes

  • The jungle rivers at some places will get some small islands to allow for easier crossing while on foot

  • red zone has radiation starting next patch


Done stuff for 1.22

- Added: Grasslands Cave - Added: Surface area - Added One Ruin - Added: An underwater cave - Added: Extra place to cross the river in the jungle rivers (small island at the intersections) - Removed: Safe borders at various areas - Added: You can now use the following ini setting: [EbenusAstrum] bDisableShop=True/False Default = False - Added: WARNING The red zone of the forgotten world now has radiation - Added: Deinonchyus can now be found in the grasslands, which also drop dynamic nests - Added: An extra cave with some resources has been uncovered in the jungle area - Added: Explorer notes of the surface area can now be found (GUESS WHERE?) - Change: The waters around the volcano island have a few more see creatures spawning now - Change: Somehow a few raptors were spotted driving a lawnmower. The tall grass in the grasslands has therefore been reduced by 85%. - Bugfix: FIxed a floating piece of grass in the jungle - Bugfix: FIxed a floating piece of crystal in the redwoods - Bugfix: Fixed a texture issue in the ocean - Bugfix: Adjusted the timers in the cool down function of the lava cave to fix a few bugs - Bugfix: Fixed weird ground sticking out of rocks in Holiday cave. - Bugfix: Repainted a discolored rock in the mountains - Bugfix: Fixed the forest titan sometimes not spawning - Bugfix: Fixed an invisible wall in the jungle - Bugfix: By doing so also fixed a collision being too far from cliff - Bugfix: And fixed an invisible wall! woo! - Bugfix: Fixed some floating grass in the desert - Bugfix: Fixed dinos spawning under the ground in the desert - Bugfix: Fixed an oil vein that looked like it wanted to fly off - Bugfix: Reaper spawns and nameless spawns now work - Bugfix: Fixed a flying piece of grass once you removed a rock - Bugfix: Fixed a bunch of flying grass in the jungle(edited) - Change: Did a performance increase. Please do let me know if it worked or not! - Added: A building cave (with side room with explorer note - Added: You can now cross the jungle rivers more easily! - Change: The room for the tek cave entrance is now bigger to allow you to not get stuck teleporting there

Resource Map Link: Surface Resource Map Forgotten World Resource Map Ebenus Astrum Explorers Map.

Ebenus Astrum Topographical Map
The Lat/Lon guide may not be exact on this map. Forgotten Realm.