Fun and Interesting Ark Facts!

First, render the creature unconscious. This can be achieved through the following methods,Punching the creature with your bare hands. This is the most basic, albeit least effective, way to knock out dinos. OR Using any type of weapon that creates a Torpor increasing effect. I.E. Slingshots, Clubs, and prods. And any weapon that shoots an arrow or dart covered in a narcotic substance. The Crossbow and Harpoon Launcher can be used underwater.
Once the creature is unconscious, open its inventory and feed it an appropriate food item by dragging food into its inventory and waiting for the creature to eat it. The food needed to tame it will vary based on the creature you are trying to tame. Below is a chart of the new Advanced Kibbles. Force feeding them anything other than Narcoberries or Narcotic will fill their hunger but will not affect the taming bar, effectively making the tame take longer.
Keep the creature unconscious throughout the process. The Unconscious bar decreases with the creature's Torpor, and can be refilled with Narcoberries or Narcotic.
Advanced Kibble Taming Chart From

Several Dinos are different and require you to sneak up and feed them by hand. In these cases put the food you plan to feed to the creature in the far-right slot of your hotbar. Approach the creature and press the use key (default: E,
) to feed it when prompted. Continue this process until the taming bar is filled and the creature is tamed.

These recipes are not a learned skill, require no experience or engrams. Any survivor can cook any of these recipes at any time with nothing more than the cooker of choice, and the required ingredients.
Multiple recipes can cook concurrently, however be aware that some combinations of ingredients for multiple recipes may produce other unwanted dishes, as there are limited recipe ingredients creating considerable overlap in recipes. This feature is of the most use when mass cooking kibble; by placing all the required kibble ingredients into a cooker at once, it is possible to cook all the kibble types at the same time, without producing unwanted dishes.
All standard recipes require water. Water can be provided to the Industrial Cooker through pipes, or placed by hand into either cooker using Water Flasks and so on.
Basically there are a few considerations to make when planning a custom food. They are: HP, stamina, food, and weight. Making a good recipe requires a delicate balance of all these. Its also important to note that this is a great way to store surplus food that would otherwise rot. Sometimes you'll leave thousands of berries and meat in a feeding trough that eventually all spoil when you could've cooked them into the "Primary Cake" or the "Cheeseburger" shown in my attached pictures instead. Custom consumables have an extremely long shelf life when refrigerated compared to normal food.
With my level 80 crafter with all levels in CS (880% or 7.80) I will typically follow these guidelines: (You should consume a focal chili prior to making recipes to raise your crafting skill level 100% for the duration of the buff)
NOTE: When you make the recipe you must use a normal cooking pot. You cannot create a recipe page in an Industrial Cooker. Other important tips:
  • Only eight stacks of ingredients can be in a single recipe.
  • Drugs and pre-made Dishes can not be used in a recipe.
  • If eggs are used in the recipe, the recipe is specific to that type of egg.
For my food filler, it's typically made of RAW meat. The best one I have is 10 raw meat for 101 food. Cooked meat technically gives more food, but I like the extra heal from raw
Element dust is a FANTASTIC ingredient. High stats evenly distributed with good weight
For healing recipes, try to use 2-4 bee honey and the rest of your 8 recipe slots some prime meat.
Mushrooms in general just make better recipes; primarily because they have more balanced stats. The downside is they lack real sustenance as food to fill your hunger. However, food is the easiest stat to fill almost without trying.
Stimberries and Auric mushrooms would normally decrease your water; but in a food recipe, they do not lower your water stat. It still does reduce the water given by a drink though when included in the drink's recipe.
DO NOT USE EGGS - THEY ARE MASSIVELY HEAVY! You're better off turning the eggs into kibble and using that in a recipe for the insane stamina regen. KIBBLE GIVES A TON OF STAMINA
Crops/veggies are best used in drinks. 2-4 on a good crafter will fill your water to 100 Please pay attention to weight. You would not believe how much extra room you can make just by getting rid of your egg recipes and doing meat or mushrooms instead.
KEEP IT SIMPLE. I tried making recipes with 4 or 5 different ingredients but it just leads to a big hassle that totally isn't worth it.
Also, note that recipes don't really become "worth it" until about 500% - 550% CS. That is the turning point when you start to reap benefits instead of taking losses.
To find out what ingredients have what effect, check out this guide: Ingredient Effects
Pudding Pop Special
NOT the Toothpaste!
Just a cheeseburger
Tek cake
Alphy's Berry Juice
Alphy's Breakfast Hash.
Alphy's Bronto Pot Roast
Alphy's Diplo stew
Alphy's Double Bacon Cheese Burger
Alphy's Double Double Animal Style
Field Ration Mejo/Herbivore
Field Ration Stim/wakeup
Alphy's McFish
Alphy's Mutton Pie
Alphy's V8 Juice

Fuel Consumption Rates Gas • Industrial Cooking Pot - 15 min • Industrial Forge - 15 min • Industrial Grill - 20 min • Industrial Grinder - 1 hr • Fabricator - 1 hr • Chemistry Bench - 1 hr Element • Tek Shield - 1 hr • Tek Replicator - 1 hr per element (36 sec per shard) • Tek Generator - 6 hrs per element (216 sec per shard) Assorted • Animal Tender - 6hrs • Bee Hive - 1 hr • Farmer - 3 hrs • Gardener - 6 hrs • Hatchery - 6 hrs • Item Collector - 6 hrs • Nanny - 6 hrs • Sheep Herder - 1 hr

You will need a Fence post, a wall, a ceiling, a few foundations, and the Pick up Gun.
  1. 1.
    Place the fence post in the corner of the room lining up the center of the top with the wall, and the end notch with the back wall.
  2. 2.
    Snap the Wall to the post, then the ceiling to the wall.
  3. 3.
    Now snap the foundation under the ceiling. And place one to the back or the side of the first foundation. This second one will snap in line with the bottom of the first one under the ceiling. You now have your floor established. Pick up the fence post, wall, 1st foundation, and ceiling. You will be able to build a wall inside the build up one side of the ruins to allow you to build floors. If you find the door is off-center. Go to the outside and snap a fence post to the inside edge of the Ruins door. Then snap your Doorway into the wall there.
You will need a stack of ceilings, a couple of ramps, and if you choose a few moonpools.
  1. 1.
    Run to a corner of the Platform, look for where you can snap on a ramp.
  2. 2.
    When you snap the ramp you can then attach a ceiling to the top of the platform to start your floor.
  3. 3.
    When you reach the center area. You can then attach a moonpool to the outside edge of your ceilings. Creating your water pen walls is then easy, just open that and snap two more going to the front edge of the Platform then go down. These can be opened up and flooded to create a pen.
Saddle and RAFT Building You will need a S+ conversion table to convert one S+ foundation and one wooden ladder to Vanilla.
  1. 1.
    RIDE the Saddle or Raft and dismount. Walk Straight back from where you dismounted.
  2. 2.
    Place the Ladder at the edge of the saddle platform.
  3. 3.
    Climb the ladder and put the vanilla foundation down at the spot directly in line with the ladder on the front edge of the saddle.
  4. 4.
    Then lock it to the platform and then you can use S+ regular structures from there to keep it all connected.
S+ Internal Pipes & Wires
  • Exactly like normal pipes and wires except that snap to foundations, ceilings & walls
  • After placed, you can then attach normal pipes, wires, outlets, water tanks, cooking pots, generators, etc, they merely transmit just like vanilla pipes & wires and you still need to place an outlet to power nearby electrical structures
  • To get a source of water or power, clip just a intake to the outside wall on one of the pipe ends that show. For Power place a + shaped one under the Generator BEFORE you place the generator. Then place a fuse box into the edge of the Foundation wiring.
Floating Bases Setup
To start a floating base.
  1. 1.
    Get to your desired height with a foundation and walls.
2. Place a single ceiling. This begins the floor of your base. Or you can now attach a s+ wedge to this. And create a circle.
3. Use your pick up tool to remove the wall and place a S+ elevator square on the foundation and the first ceiling you placed.

Due to EPIC Launcher restrictions of NO mods. We do not provide crossover play between PC and Epic launcher. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If at a future date Epic provides mod support, we will reconsider our options.

If you are launching the game directly from the GeForce NOW application (clicking on the game image), then the game will boot up before the mods will have a chance to download. Please open those specific games in the 'Manage Steam' mode. To do this, open the GeForce NOW application and click on your username in the upper right hand corner. From there you will see a drop down menu, and select 'Manage Steam.'
Once you have started a session and have an instance of Steam launched, make sure you install the mod(s) you want to play. Once installed, the mods should start downloading.
Do note that you will need to GO to 'Manage Steam' each and every time you want to launch a game with Steam Workshop mods.

Dododex multipliers are set for OFFICIAL maps only. Our unique settings for our server will not register properly in the app. For this reason we advise in using it as a ROUGH guide only. Not as absolute fact of what it will take to tame something. We also have unique items here from a Mod that negates most of the issues in taming. Jp's Narcotics. and the manufacture of Extraordinary kibble is very easy. The Narcotics can knock out most things with 10 arrows or less. The darts even faster. Extraordinary kibble is easy to make with the ECO RP cooker and most maps have an open Indy cooker in the workshop. Just BYOB your foodstuffs.

Anti Meshing Barriers (Skybox - Ground mesh layer-etc.) This includes the deaths while using a teleporter. These incidents will not produce a bag or recoverable items in the death recovery system.
Server Restarts, and Server Crashes (Not Client Side Crashes) Server Restarts, and Server Crashes will have a 5 to 14 min. Rollback to the save Prior to the restart, or the last save before the Crash. All Data collected between the Save time stamp and the restart or Crash will be erased. This means if you transfer in or out just before a RESTART your information and what you have pulled out of the terminal will be deleted. The Pack Gaming is not responsible for replacing items or dinos.
Client Crashes that result in death. In most cases will be recoverable in the Death Recovery mods, unless you pass the 30 min Death cache decay limit. When you transfer: Keep in mind that your data goes into the Steam Cloud network and The Pack Gaming Owners and Admins have no way to recover this data. DO NOT TRANSFER from 20 MIN. Prior to a RESTART, and wait 20 Min. AFTER a Restart to Transfer again. So that data is properly transferred and not lost.
There have been reports of players losing their character by using the transmitting-feature. This is often caused by Steam cloud error, client crash, server rollback/maintenance (restarts), or client buffer overload issues, when attempting to download or upload before the next server save, so use this feature at your own risk. If you attempt to upload after the 5 min. to restart warning from a server, and you lost your character on the server you transferred TO, the game will still force you to create a new character as if you do not have any on the server despite it existing. Please return to the server you uploaded from to regain your character. This is the Anti-duping technology intended to prevent duping of characters.
Characters/Dinos/Items uploaded to ARK cloud have a 24-hour time limit in multiplayer. Ensure you are set to download them into another server before the timer runs out, or else your items will decay in your upload when the timer goes past 0.
Transferring a dino to breed, when you transfer females they will have a 24 hour cool down, they can not breed nor can you swap them to males to breed them. Males will still have a 24 hour period that if you gender swap them in the S+ Mutator, they will not change gender. You will have to wait for 24 hours to change them.

Community Centers: Are a admin built, complete Shop so that you can get things done that you do not have access to in your base yet. Forges, Fabs, and Replicators are available. There is always an open Teleporter, and open Transmitter at each CC. Usually there is free gear, free dinos in cryo, and some free resources to be had. We ask that you remember that you got a helping hand, and PAY it FORWARD! By donating to the CC when your in a position to do so!
Refineries: Are a platform near a especially rich source of Metal, Obsidian or crystal, and or Oil, they have fabs and forges, Open Transmitters, and teleport pads.
Event Bases: These are large platforms set up near a section where we do a event over and over. Island , Ragnarok, and Gen-1 have notable ones. You will find an open teleport /transmitter on these and sometimes a Refinery.
Admin's Bases: Most of our Admin's that have a base separate from THE PACK BASES on maps will have an open area you can teleport from and open transmitters. THE PACK ADMIN BASES: will have sections you can use as a shop, and Open Teleport pads and teleporters.
The Pack Teleport Web: Each map has a web of open teleport pads scattered over the map. They are unlocked so you can recover dinos or death-caches in the case of death. You will find an Admin owned teleport at the beginning of an artifact cave or Dungeon. And in Resource rich areas. Sometimes just a feature of the map that is popular. We try to keep one at the easiest spawn point on the map too.
We ask you the player to keep in mind these are owned by The Pack and if you come across one that is demo ready or an oil well or water well that is demo ready, you take a SS or a "ccc" of it and drop in #admin-support in our Discord.

Vendors will have 6-10 PM EST. on the Friday before the event, For setting up your booths and other pre-event activities. SALE DAYS are Saturday 10am. EST to 6pm EST. and Sunday 2PM. to 6pm. EST. Roughly every other MONTH. Admins will be available on Friday night and on and off during the event weekend as their schedule permits.
Please be sure to join the Traders Village Alliance to VEND items and or dinos. Only those that are registered as Vendors may build in the confines of the Traders Village Base area. Vendors are encouraged to bring a crafting ALT over to Lost Island to be in your VENDORS TRIBE. Do not Destroy any prebuilt items in the Traders Village unless owned by your Vendors tribe. All tames being bartered should be CLIPPED and Stored securely before the event starts. You may bring them to the map during the Friday before a Traders weekend. Tames should be removed to your own base or off map within 5 days of the END of a Traders Village. All items being Bartered should be stored securely when no Event is Going on.
The Site is broken into TWO Sections: Pedestrian: The Section with the Lost Island Community Center building. This area is intended for those that are trading in equipment, gear, and resources. Food Court and other amenities will be provided in the Pedestrian area. Dino Sales: The Section directly across the drawbridge from the Community Center. This will contain the Mobile Booths and some Large game buildings. The Music Stage will have music and events presented by Players during the event.
The Village Bank (located near the Community Center) is available for all vendors and players to request a lockbox to place currency for trades and other items in.
Please join the appropriate voice channel in our discord ON EVENT DAYS, This allows us to better control and handle the event.
Sales and Deals are solely at the discretion of the Vendor and the player engaged in the trade. The PACK GAMING Admin team is not responsible for loss of items or tames due to any trade or deal made during or after the event.
Please see the event rules at: The Pack Lost Island Traders Village Days.

These creatures are Unique to any cluster that uses JP"S Server Tweaks. Jp made several that were designed for OUR use. These creatures can be moved to any other ARK in our Cluster.
Alpha Ankylosaurus - Spawn as 1/20th Ankys Bionic Quetz - Spawn as 1/10th Quetz Bionic Giga - Spawn as 1/10th Giga Bionic Mosa - Spawn as 1/10th Mosa Bionic Trike - Spawn as 1/20th Trikes Styracasaurs - Spawn as 1/20th Trikes Stygimoloch - Spawn as 1/20th Pachys Brachiosaurs - Spawn as 1/10th Brontosaurs Jennari Jerboas - Spawn as 1/10th Jerboas Royal Otters - Spawn as 1/10th Otters YuniCorns - Spawn as 1/20th Unicorns (So Unicorns are 1/20th of Equus... so this makes Yunicorns a very RARE spawn at roughly 1/40th of the population.

Several ARK maps have unique creatures that only exist on that map. These will not be able to transfer to another map in the Dino tab, nor in a Cryopod. If your creature in a Cryopod presents as a raptor head when you look at the icon. It is NOT transferable. It will no longer deploy on any map. You will need to dispose of the cryo.
Valguero - Ice Golem Chalk Golem
Extintcion Titans can not be transferred into Genesis
Ebenus Astrum - Akoya Wyvern (The 'White Wyvern') Samudra Wyvern (The 'Black Wyvern') Majungasaurus Monolonodingdongalongasaurus Battle Island Creatures. Velox fliers of any kind. (Any riding winged creature)
Hope - The Hope Rideable Vulture The Hope Phoenix Some Hope Ice Wyverns will not transfer as an egg or as a Dino.
Amissa - Amissa Wyverns (fire, lighting, poison, mountain and shadow) Macaw Argent Parrot Chicken

  1. 1.
    Mindwipes if DONE ON the EVENT MAP do NOT have a Cooldown limit. So, Take a Mindwipe with you to the Event Map use it and then transfer back to your map to craft. When done crafting, Gather a new mindwipe up and transfer back to Event Map and take it there. You will now be able to Play normally again.
  2. 2.
    FLOATING CEILINGS: We have a setting turned on where our Ceilings will float with out support in the game. Hence the Many floating bases you see here.
  3. 3.
    NO PIPELINES TO WATER NEEDED: We have set S+ to have an endless water supply. Just put your water piping together in your base, no clip an S+ intake to the end piece (NO IT DOES NOT NEED WATER) and you will be fully irrigated. You can also use S+ Beehives to water crops in a 50 Foundation ARC around them.
  4. 4.
    Ladders act as Elevators: Our S+ ladders will teleport you to the top of the section they are attached to.
  5. 5.
    RAFT Building: You will need to use the S+ conversion table to convert one S+ foundation to a Vanilla Foundation. Then lock it to the raft and then you can use S+ regular structures from there to keep it all connected.

  • S+ Generator takes 4 pieces of Element a day.
  • No Breeding Neutered Dinos via the Omni gun or the Mutate pulse.
  • No Cloning Neutered Dinos.
  • No cloning Clones.
  • S+ Incubators per tribe = 6
  • S+ Crop Plots, including S+ Tek Crop Plots per tribe = 50
  • S+ Gacha Gavagers per tribe = 10
  • S+ Transmutator, & S+ Propagator, are disabled.
  • S+ Incubator and S+ Ammo Box had the engrams changed to facilitate learning the engram on our servers.

Blocked Features: No Breeding in the terminal No passive resource collection No Mating buffs while in cryo. No boss trapping No corrupted Trapping No Unclaimed Dinos trapping.

If your RP Sink is not snapping to things:

Baby Manager is not working very well after the GEN2 DLC dropped. The JP converter ONLY works on Dinos from GENESIS 1
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