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Atlas Mods and Their Description


Mod is 100% stackable. Default 5k stacks. Ammo default 500 stacks All weight default down by 90%. Only uses vanilla item classes! Stack, Weight and Spoil time is fully customizable. Enables customization of items from other mods Fixes old ark movement desync issue. Keeps ships alive during startup phase Does indicate startup phase with icon in bottom right corner (buff)

Super Weight Sails:

This mod increases the amount of weight given when using weight sails. Large: 40000 Medium: 20000 Small: 10000

Better Smithy:

Adds personal-inventory-crafted items to the smithy.

Chronicles RP Town Builder:

Build your towns with Npc Vendors.

Lanterns & Torches Galore:

Adds various useful and decorative lantern and torch structures to the game. Lanterns and Torches can be set to Turn on/off automatically for day/night time. Light intensity and colors are adjustable.

Peachy Ship Decor:

This mod was created for RolePlayers (RP) who want additional Decor and furniture. The majority of the items are already in the game I have just made them place-able. All items can be picked up and do not require foundations to place.

Atlas Transfer\Pickup Gun:

This mod adds in a Transfer Gun which allows you to transfers Resources from one inventory to another. And a Pick up Gun which allows you to destroy or pick up items and structures.

Snapping Shipyards:

Adds a Small shipyard with one snap point at the rear that can snap to foundations, is unlocked alongside the vanilla small shipyard And a Large shipyard with one snap point at the rear that can snap to foundations, is unlocked alongside the vanilla large shipyard.

Regenerating Ships:

This mod regenerates the health of all player-owned ship structures, including planks, sails, guns, and all attached structures such as walls and ceilings. We use it on our private server, and it was created to alleviate the chore of manually repairing every structure that the crew won't repair. The default settings repair 200 health every 10 minutes (600 seconds), which will repair most medium ships within about 4 hours.

Enhanced Navigation:

This mod bring a little direction to your life while sailing. I have added a compass in the top left corner of your screen when you are using the Ship Steering Wheel and/or the Lieutenant Command Podium. This is intended to help the ones that are tired of looking at the map while driving or directing the driver which way to turn. All items can be crafted in the vanilla smithy, the folder structure is "Structures, Enhanced Navigation, Ship Construction". You have to learn the "Enhanced Navigation" skill which can be found under the "Seamanship" tab.