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Beginners Guide to Atlas by Nooblets

Sailing the Sloop by BLUF Gaming

NPC Crew Basics by Firespark


A1 is the Freeport Section and usually is heavily populated. White colored islands are Snow biome Green colored island are Moderate or Jungle Biomes. Brownish colored islands are Desert Biomes. Black areas are undersea areas. B2 in the center of the map is a battleground for an end boss. You will encounter more SoD here than many other places.

OUR ATLAS Resource Guide created by @Renae

PSA - Ships Stop Gaining EXP Early - Manufactured in Shipyards from Blueprints.

When ships are created from a shipyard built from a looted blueprint/Mythical Blueprint, their level cap seems to be lowered to the amount of levels that shipyard would add to their natural cap. Example: A galleon made in a journeyman shipyard capped out at level 4. It is .1 exp from level 5, but will not gain any additional experience. Sailing around, looting flotsam, smashing Ships of the Damned, nothing seems to allow it to gain exp. A schooner made in a mastercraft shipyard capped out at level 11 with the same issues as indicated above. Ships created in normal shipyards, or ships loaded by the spawn command do not seem to have this issue. The Only solution that I can find for our servers is to ask that players not use any Mythical shipyard to create a ship. This is a DEV Bug and Server owners can not fix this.

PSA - Decay Timers:

It is the responsibility of the Player to make sure they refresh all timers on the servers they play on. If you do have a situation occur where you need help, please think about getting a tribe/clan mate. Otherwise you may ask help of a Server Admin. Keep in mind we are busy and may not be able to help you. UnOfficial Atlas Server Decay timers are in effect: 8 days for Tames, 15 Days for buildings Claim Flags and Settelment Flags are changed.

Interesting FAQ's Around the WEB for ATLAS.

By Adam Earlston How to kill the whales easily, and how to avoid doing 0 damage to them.

By RudeZuo All skill trees with descriptions from Atlas game

By Mighty Phil Learn how to control your ship and manage your crew. Why use 40 NPC on your Brigantine and waste valuable level ups, when 15-20 can do the same? This guide is a tutorial how to raise the effectiveness of your ship, by adding additional firepower but reducing the crew and as such upkeep cost.

By xcreisx Short guide about sails painting

By Adam Earlston Quick guide with all the useful info to solo/duo the Kraken boss :P I couldn't find any good info online so i'm making this guide to help others on their 1st kill.

By General Kerberos Now in this guide I'm gonna tell you most of the ways you can get discovery points.