Age of Calamitous Content

Information compiled from The AoC Content Guide - By- Epsen Johansen. The World Anvil Map of The Age of Calamitous, The Age of Calamitous Discord group, & The Players of The Pack Gaming.
Age of Calamitous Clip art by Epsen Johansen.

The Age of Calamitous:

Age of Calamitous is a mod that serves as a complementary expansion to the main game, introducing new content, feats, lore, systems, and much more! Dive into an adventure where the barbaric lands of Conan meet the medieval world of the Age of Calamitous.

Six different playable Factions, each with at least one sub-faction Additional Character Creation Options Attributes re-balanced for AoC UI modifications Hundreds of new Decorations, Props, Items, Weapons, etc Many new Crafting Stations, Feats & Recipes New Level Cap 120 Special Content and Lore Elements from The Age of Calamitous

Feats and Level Requirements for AOC:

Sub factions may require lvl. 80 in some cases to join. Factions do not require a lvl. to join. But some feats may have lvl. requirements. Magic has Faction, Feat, and level requirements, all of which have been added to the spell charts.

Feats & Level Required for Animal Farming:

Art of the Craft: LVL 1, Currency Exchange: LVL 15, Farmer: LVL 30.

Feats & Level Required for Mines:

Art of the Craft: LVL 1, Prospect Of wealth: LVL 40,

Feats & Level Required for plant growth:

Art of the Craft: LVL 1, Gardener: LVL 13. (Recommended: Currency Exchange: LVL 15, Market Trading LVL 15, Specialty Farming.)

Faction Content

Six Unique Factions. Each typifying a different Race that is lost in the age of Conan. Three Races of Humans, Two elven, and One Giant.

Faction Content is expanded bi monthly with new additions of Sub factions and other lore that impacts the world of Conan in many ways, and extends the game play extensively.

Three Factions are arms based and three factions are magic based or have a sub faction or alliance that is capable of using magic.

Faction Hall - The Dregs (D4 The Aqueduct )

Dregs Entrance with the AoC Faction Hall warp.

The Alliance of Stormhold

The Kingdom of Stormhold is built on relationships with Noble Houses and Kingdom Alliances. These include The Kingdom of Anour Hill, The Kingdom of Arkanvail, and House Galeran. Unlike other Factions, Stormhold has a combination of 3 merged Factions, which gives them more variety and cosmetic options. This Faction brings: Oak (T3) and Marble(T6) building Pieces. Stormhold has many decorative furniture's, and two decorative pets. Stormhold faction has some especially useful Utilities in the Metal Torch (Wield-able Light Source with no fuel cost), and Wilderness Stew (A powerful food source to fill both Food & Water to max while also apply a great healing effect). This Faction is not Magic based.

Where to Find Stromhold Camps:

Stormhold Warfront: D5 (Edge of the Unnamed City near the break in the wall nearest to The Dregs) Stormhold and Vanghoul conflict area. Stormhold and Vanghoul Captains can be captured here. Several Gold or 1Skull Generals appear here which are a good source of Gems and Tin Coins. This is a area with lots of AoC ore nodes including TIN, COBALT, and COPPER.

The Stormhold Camp- The Unnamed City (Just east of the Warfront in E5)

Stormhold Outpost - Top corner of G7 on the bank of the River. Across from the Bonepicker Vista point.

The Cold Embrace

Founded on betrayal and vengeance, the Cold Embrace is a shadow organization that is spread across the world. This faction is ruled on the fundamentals of fear where its leaders rely on a firm and stringent code. The ultimate punishment is carried out even for minor deviations. This Faction brings: Scourged (T3) Building Pieces, and Kronyx (T6) Building Pieces. The Cold Embrace Decorative and utilities include many banners, beds, statues and light sources. Including a Flask of Blood (Food Source). This Faction is Magic Based with the following Sub-Factions with spell casting Ability.

Sub-Faction - Sanguis

This female unit was established as a private army to Errynaya Anarious. The soldiers of this unit are trained from an early age as highly regarded assassins of the Cold Embrace. Each individual is handpicked between the age of 5 to 15 and is brutally trained to serve Lady Errynaya.

Sub-Faction - Knights of Empyrus

This unit was established as a private army to the Anarious family. They are the elite guards of the city of Empyrus, as well as soldiers trained for tactical combat. Formed by Lord Anarious, Empyrus Knights are highly decorated soldiers who are hand-picked by the Empyrus General.

Where to Find The Cold Embrace Camps:

The Cold Embrace Camp - The Unnamed City C5 Outpost with Captain, Smelter, Fighters, Archers thralls to take. Eveiari Ore to mine.

The Felgarth Order

The scholars of the ancients. Felgarth was established as a final sanctuary for the spiritual circle. Their agenda is to seek out and protect the remnants of the past. Their The temple became a place of solitude where scholars from all over the world could study its history and discover its true mysteries.

Members of the Felgarth prefer to live completely off the grid from civilization, and employ no known form of currency for their wealth resides with knowledge and wisdom.

This Faction brings: Oak (T1) Building Pieces, Slate (T2, T3, & T4). The Felgarth Order has a bit less of the decorative and utility Items, but one most noticeable, the Orb of Light (Wield-able Light Source with no fuel cost), is very valuable. This Faction provides the player with the ability to conjure several nice resource items.

Sub-Faction - Holy Syndicate

Sub-Faction - House Stormcaller

The House Stormcaller Sub faction statue.

Where to Find The Felgarth Camps:

Temple of the Air - C12 just above the Frost Giants camp you get Ymir at.

Hall of the Archivist - C6 within the map room in the Hall of the Archivist.

The Vanghoul Clan

The outcasts of nature. The first Vanghoul, Zhogat Wolfskull, was Born as a hybrid experiment and is fueled with hatred for the living, This hybrid formed his own race, using an elf as his mate and formed his own clan of ravaging Vanghouls. The Vanghouls operate as a brutal force that destroys anything in their path.

Based on the Akachena, the Vanghoul's share various similarities, but the overall body shape is greatly deformed. This race is prone to build extreme muscle mass that can cover the entire body. Their height is on average above 2 meters for males and roughly below 2 meters for females. This race also has multiple skin tones.

Kelgorions (Half-breeds) Having a similar look to the Vanghoul's, the Half-breeds share more of the human resemblance with lesser muscle mass and normal heights. This race also has the same skin colors as the Vanghoul's.

Where to Find The Vanghoul Clan Camp:

Vanghoul Camp - Northwest corner of I7 in the edge of the Jungle.

The Elven Covenant

The major faction of the Akachena elves. Their agenda is to restore balance in the natural world. Unlike the human kingdoms, the elves have a strong connection with the beasts of nature and rely on their assistance for mobility and warfare. Today, Ni’rosh rules the Elven Covenant as the High Elder of the Akachena elves. Because of the horrors of mankind & Vanghouls, Ni’rosh has become hateful towards other species.

The Shadaerion Dominion is a forsaken part of the Elven Covenant, they were originally one of the major parties within the alliance. However, after the tragic aberration that created the Vanghoul's, the Stryth elves were banished from the Covenant & their own homeland. Within the world of Conan Exiles, they have rejoined their elven brethren.

This faction has some of the most gorgeous decor and items to be found in the AOC mod. As well as some special items with very special perks needed to traverse the lore of the AOC enhanced Conan legend.

Sub Faction Silver Coven High Elder Ni’Rosh and the Akachena elf race. This race shares the most resemblance to humans and their only difference is their pointy ears that grow after they come of age.

Sub Faction Shadaerion Dominion Stryth Elvanor race This race shares the same characteristics as Akachena, but are known to have multiple variants of colored skin. Additionally, their eyes have a glowing effect, which allows them to see even in the darkest of areas. This sect of the Elvanor tend to dabble in the ancient arts and some can in fact cast magic.

Where to Find The Elven Covenant Camps:

Silver Coven Unit - Canopy Overlook, L8 Here you will find Malagan the Celestial.

Silver Coven Unit - This unit is small and guards the land bridge here in M6.

Shadaerion Dominion - Small group of soldiers and officer overlooking the Cold fish Camp. G10.

Shadaerion Dominion - Small unit of soldiers and officers hiding in the snow in the opening to the Ice Spire Chasms off the lake above the dam. G11

The Order of Elvanor

The Sacred Order of the Guardians. Their agenda is to guard and protect the ancients of the realm. The History of the elvanor is ancient, and includes The original families of, Acastok, Aeran'thil, Anarious, Reeves, and Quan'thus.

In recent times these families have formed a secret council in the shadowlands. This pact was known as the Order of Revelation and would serve as a covert operating force that could protect the world from the Empire. The Order of Elvanor would form branches that would serve as a way to handpick new members for the organization. In recent years, Theron Kin'thalos holds the position of leader on the council of Elvanor.

With a mix of Elven & Human culture, Elvanor has magnificent and unique structures while dressing in elegant outfits. Allianced with The Elven Covenant, and The Felgarth Order, they are at war with The Cold Embrace.

Where to Find The Order of Elvanor Camps:

Temple of the Air - C12 just above the Frost Giants camp you get Ymir at.

Hall of the Archivist - C6 within the map room in the Hall of the Archivist.

Temple of Frost - Frost Temple (D-E 14) on the same level or below the Forge area approximately near where the frost dragon used to be. Small group with Alyssa Mirth. Guards and Archers mostly.

Temple of Frost - The Frost Dragons lair.

The Order of Elvanor Base camp in the Undead City in E6.

The Second half of The Order of the Elvanor base Camp in the Undead City with the White Tiger needed for a quest.

Sub Factions Quests:

The Order of Felgarth: House Stormcaller or Holy Syndicate

Tome of Starlight: Xalthur's Retreat - Up behind boss of dungeon on some planks there. J7 Tome of Storms: On rock past Air orb at Outcast Camp back south corner of the retreat. C12. Tome of Volcanic Flames: Next to Fire Orb in Dragonmaw Passage North East E12 Tome of Life: Next to Arcane Tome Magus in Underwater Cavern G11 Tome of Retribution: In the Library next to Cartographer Unnamed City Archivists hall. D6.

Cold Embrace: The Knights of Empyrus

The quest is given by Lord Skyre Anarious in the Cold Embrace Faction Hall Section. With in the Dregs D4

Sarod the Heinous- You can find Sarod the Heinous at the very edge of D5 and D6 in the Buildings in the south of the Unnamed City. Kill him to get the Heart you need to deliver to Skyre. Health: 22,500 Exp. Gained: 1,250,000

Cold Embrace: The Sanguis Unit

The quest is given by Lady Errynaya Anarious in the Cold Embrace Faction Hall Section. With in the Dregs D4

Lord Gorethorn You can find Gorethorn at The Cold Embrace Camp - The Unnamed City C5.

Vanghoul Clan: The Forsaken Vanguard or The Bloodhawks

Given by Nekada. Within the Vanghoul sub-faction area, go down the stairs by the lava pit, Nekada is standing next to the Bridge there. You may have to spam E on the NPC to get the quest.

Nekada Bloodfist

Alyssa Mirth: She is found in the Frost Temple (D-E 14) on the level below the Forge area approximately near where the frost dragon is. Health: 25,200 Exp. Gained: 650,000

Alyssa Mirth and her guard of Covenant Guards.

The Elven Covenant: The Silver Coven or Shadaerion Dominion

Sub quest given by: Night Commander Shenarah Alury Found in the Sub faction hall of the Elvanor to the right of Malagan The Celestial.

Shenarah Alury
Elvanor Sub Faction Quest

To find Kurokumo Enter the pathway out of The Barrows that leads to the Mouth of the Volcano in sector D12. You will find the bear in a small hallow just off the trail after the J shaped hill. Health: 20,100 Exp. Gained: 75,000

Kurokumo in his hallow.
Conan Exiles Map with Kurokumo marked on it. Sector D12.

Bobby's Sanctuary-


Bobby is a unique vendor who offers special items as well as the option to hire Sir Lanis Brunhild and himself as personal merchants. You can also choose to fight Bobby and Sir Lanis by stepping in the portal behind his throne.

He can be found in an Underwater Cavern that is hidden in the passage between the North and the Jungle in G11.

Bobby's Sanctuary.

Underwater Cave Navigation

(TAKE Adequate TORCHES or light sources and LOTS of Breathing potions, the new elvanor mask is also a great boon for this trek.)

The Lake by the Landing from the North.

You will need to dive down in the first lake next to the steps platform and TRUST when you reach the floor of the lake. (You will "Harry Potter" the lake bottom)

You will enter into a new underground (water) labyrinth of several caves with mostly harmless but still scary looking sea creatures.

Entrance to the Underground Passage.

Inside this first cavern you want to swim forward hugging the left upper wall until you come across a big collection of circling Eels. Swim further in through them and continue.

Circling eels.

You will be in the middle cavern now. Keep swimming straight forward. When you come across the big mosasaur/"whale", look for a large spire of rock.

Mosasaur and the Spire in the Center Cavern.

Surface and get on the small beach at the base of the ruins. Climb the side and you will find the Magus and one of the tomes.

Spire of the Magus

Here is where the Magus of Arcane Arts, and a magical tome, are located, look around the floor for the book. It is on the back right side of the platform. Stand on the book and look away from the camp, in direction of arrow looking edge of the rock. Jump off that arrow of stones back into the water.

Location of the Magus and Tome in the ruins.

Jumping down and swimming to the bottom of the lake, you will see an entrance almost directly in front of you. Go forward and at a random rock separating the passage go on the left side to avoid the spikes. There will be three more spikes in front of you but you can see those more easily and swim above them or avoid them.

Entrance to the Cave of the Face.

You will see a gateway that means you are entering the Large central cave. You will always see glowing goop on the left side of the cave wall so if you don't like the dark, follow that.

Glowing plants.

Going straight forward from the entrance you came in from you will see some mosasaur bones and ruins.

Mosasaur Skeleton
Ancient Ruins (has spear traps inside)

When you see the rock wall to the right of the Ancient Ruins, just past the Skeleton. Swim between the Ruins and rock wall. You will see a Face looming out of the gloomy water.

Looming Face.

You will surface just before the cave that holds the Face. There will be a beach and a monolith wedged into the wall on that beach. This is the Monolith of Electrical Burst.

Monolith of Electric Burst.

Once you have acquired the knowledge from the Monolith. You will dive back into the water and go straight down. Find the Face again, and this time swim directly under the chin into the cave behind it. Here you will see a Ruin with a doorway.

Doorway with in the Looming Face.

Once you have found the doorway enter and turn to the left immediately to see the Monolith of the Felgarth.

Monolith of the Felgarth.

Swim out of the doorway and out of the small cave holding the Looming Face. Now directly to the right and follow the wall to an opening with a mosasaur vertebrae in it.

Mosasaur Vertebrae.

Swim in over that and turn to the right. Now swim until you see a small opening with a stone spire in the middle of it.

Opening to the Last Cavern.

You will want to swim to the left of the stone spire and then on into the ruins on the other side. Swim straight through the ruins (good place for ore hunting later on). You will see a pair of circling sharks, and a massive ships hull.

Very close behind the massive hull to the right (You may not see it) you will come across massive ruins that looks like structure from the sunken city. Inside you find the Arcane altar still underwater.

Temple of the Arcane Altar.

Swim inside and you will find the Arcane Altar itself and can attune your magics here.

Arcane Altar.

Swim out from the room with the ORB and above that boat hull that is directly in front of the entrance, swim straight up over the boat hull and there will be a strip of land and Bobby's sanctuary, and his portal.

Beach with Bobby's Sanctuary.

So unless you want to retrace your steps back through the underwater caves. The portal behind Bobby's Altar is the only way out. (The green swirl next to the Sanctuary).

Bobby's Portal.

If you walk through the portal you will want to just jump down the middle and fall safely in water next to the exit, or leap towards the walls to grab onto it and slide down safely.

Bobby's Arena.

Stopping to fight Bobby is a challenge and he WILL attack you if you stay around for too long. There is a stair to the right of the center well. If you are fast enough, or brave enough you can run down this to the bottom floor and dive into the lake you entered the Underground Passage way from.

Other Specialty Vendors:

Nathan Galeran (Honor Vendor) George McWillan (Farming Recipes) In a cottage near the Elven Faction in the Unnamed City Camilla Redwood (Certificate of Exotic Animals) In a cottage in the Stormhold encampment Ferenrenth (Endgame Weapons) - Top Floor of one of the Guard Towers at the Warfront D5. Loyalty Vendor- This unique vendor offers Loyalty items that can be bought with Loyalty Tokens. Keep in mind that the Admin on a server would need to distribute these Tokens before you can buy from this merchant. She can normally be found inside the Archives in D6. (Currently on our server she is at our ACC)

Scourge Creatures, Bosses

Normal AoC Creatures:

- Scourge Rabbit Health: 20 Exp: 7,200
- Scourge Hound Health: 5,000 Exp: 51,200
- Zynarus Health: 12,050 Exp: 30,000
- Vanghoul Grunt Health: 10,250 Exp: 49,500
- Scourge Undead Health: 5,500 Exp: 16,200
- Scourge Ghost Health: 1,000 Exp: 12,100
- Blood Hound Health: 5,500 Exp: 19,350
- Corrupted Vanghoul Health: 12,750 Exp: 66,500
- Scourge Dweller Health: 700 Exp: 13,500
- Scourge Reaper Health: 7,200 Exp: 70,000

Mini Bosses:

- Scourge Snake Health: 25,000 Exp: 320,000
- Scourge Dragon Health: 54,500 Exp: 500,000
- Scourge Mammoth Health: 26,200 Exp: 303,250
- Kurokumo Health: 30,100 Exp: 1,175,000
- Scourge Wraith Health: 28,450 Exp: 84,500
- Scourge Gargoyle Health: 14,500 Exp: 52,500
- Scourge Crocodile Health: 17,000 Exp: 62,500
- Scourge Spider Health: 20,600 Exp: 75,500
- Scourge Rhino Health: 17,000 Exp: 99,500

Raid Bosses:

These Quest NPC's are usually a three skull boss and far harder than any you have encountered in the Core game play and most of the other encampments of AoC NPC's. You will need to take them on with a group more than likely. This is the same for all the Raids below.

Ashira the Ethereal - E5 the Undead City Health: 25,200 Exp. gained: 650,000

Spawn of Scargath (Scourge Bear) A11, A12 border with B11, B12. North West of the Barrows

(Dungeon) Bobby's Arena-This is a small arena in which the player is tasked to defeat Bobby the Skeleton and Sir Lanis Brunhild. The arena can be accessed through a portal next to Bobby himself at the Sanctuary.

Nekada Bloodfist (Raid Boss)- Vanghoul Camp - Northwest corner of I7 in the edge of the Jungle. Health: 92,590 Exp. Gained: 1,200,000

Nekada Bloodfist is the Tall one next to the Tent.

- Malagan Health: 27,200 Exp: 650,000

- Keldora Health: 36,000 Exp: 362,000

- Gathon Health: 250,000 Exp: 2,670,000

Crafting in Age of Calamitous:

Automatic Stations

Automatic crafting stations will generate minerals and resources over time. These are placed outside your build or in a special area you designate for them. Some will require a stream or water source nearby.

  • Crab Trap (Oyster, Fish, Crab)

  • Fishing Stand (Oyster, Fish, Crab, Unappetizing Fish, Savory Fish, Exotic Fish, Unappetizing Shellfish, Savory Shellfish, Exotic Shellfish)

  • Goat Corral (Dung, Exquisite Meat)

  • Kudu Corral (Savory Flesh, Thick Hide, Dung)

  • Ostrich Corral (Egg Surprise, Egg, Feather, Dung)

  • Rabbit Corral (Savory Flesh, Hide, Dung)

  • Reptile Corral (Exotic Flesh, Leather, Thick Leather, Reptile Hide, Dung)

  • Silkworm Pen (Fat Grub, Gossamer)

  • Reptile Terrarium (Bonemeal)

  • Lumber mill (Wood + Process Wood for Bark & Branches)

  • Resource Mine (Stone, Ironstone, Coal)

  • Grand Resource Mine (Stone, Ironstone, Coal, Silver stone, Brimstone, Tin Ore, Copper Ore)

  • Legendary Resource Mine (Stone, Ironstone, Coal, Silver stone, Brimstone, Tin Ore, Copper Ore, Cobalt Ore, Eveiari Ore, Uncut Ruby, Uncut Sapphire, Uncut Emerald, Uncut Topaz, Gold stone)

  • Watermill (Bone)

  • Improvised Windmill

  • Windmill (Resin)


These stations have normal crafting recipes. They Operate like your current work shop benches/tables.

  • Alchemy Desk

  • Coin Forge

  • Corn Farm

  • Wheat Farm

  • Bitter Crinila Garden

  • Blue Bell Garden

  • Dragonfern Garden

  • Indoor Planter

  • Outdoor Planter

  • Brewery

  • Construction Platform

  • Enchanting Table

  • Cooking Stove

  • Gem Crafting Bench

  • Master Furnace

  • Plague Furnace

  • Iron Smithy

  • Sewing Station

  • Woodworking Bench

  • Cage Pen

  • Drying Shack

  • Compost Box

  • Forge of Keldora

Some stations require different fuel sources to function. These are:

  • Plague Furnace (Uses Unstable Substance)

  • Corn & Wheat Farms (Uses Bucket of Water)

  • Corrals (Uses Corn)

  • Construction Altar (uses Sapphires)

New Magic Stations:

The Altar of the Sun The Earth Altar The Tempest Altar The Shrine of the Harbinger The Arcane Sanctuary The Crescent Shrine Malagan's Twilight


Merchants allow you to buy, sell & exchange coins and/or specific currency for clothing, resources, weapons, etc. You create them from recipes and add them to your base shop area.

  • Attire Dealer (Cosmetic Clothing Store)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Banker (Sell your high-value minerals for currency)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Bobby (Sell your unneeded resources for a small profit)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Bobby’s Sanctuary (Special Items Store)

    • (found in the Underground Waterway, see instructions for Bobby above)

  • Feregreth Sorrowhill (Honor Emblem Trader)

    • (found in the UnNamed City in the Stormhold Camp, and in the ACC)

  • Fraya Aeran’thil (Prestige Emblem Trader)

    • (found wandering in the UnNamed City in the Stormhold Camp, and in the ACC)

  • Nathan Galeran (Honor Token Vendor)

    • (found in the UnNamed City in the Stormhold Camp, up in the Guard post top level, and in the ACC)

  • Santa Claws (Winter Holiday Event Vendor)

  • General Store (Decorative Store Vendor)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Hrothgar Doombringer (Bonus Merchant who buy worms)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Ingredients Trader (Seeds and Ingredients Vendor)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Loyalty Vendor (Loyalty Token Vendor)

    • (found in the UnNamed City in the Archives which is a new Felgarth Camp, and in the ACC)

  • Master of Coin (Currency Exchange Vendor)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Shepherd (Corral Vendor)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Sir Lanis Brunhild (Human Flesh Vendor)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Waiter (Eatable Food Source Vendor)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Weapon Dealer (High-Quality Weapon Store)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

  • Sub- Factions Vendor (Sub factions items and gear)

    • (attained in your inventory, can be used in your base)

Advanced Crafting Resources


Some of these specific plants require the Specialty Farming Feat obtained from George McWillan. To grow any of these following mentioned plants, you will need to gather or buy these seeds from the Ingredients Trader. Then take the seeds to a AOC Planter and combine with Potent Compost and watered using Buckets crafted in the AOC woodworking bench and filled at the well just as you fill orbs or water skins. Once you have the plants, you can grind them to dust.

Bitter Crinila Harvest: found in - True Indigo Blue Bell Harvest: found in - False Mandrake Dragonfern Harvest: found in - Grey Flower Lupine Aurora Herb Harvest: found in - Aloe Vera Plants, Yellow Lotus Plants, Purple Lotus Plants Widow’s Leaf Harvest: found in - False Mandrake, Grey Flower Lupine, Widow’s Leaf Herb (Found in the Unnamed City) Calathuia Plant Harvest: found in - Algae, Coral Lunar Hemp Harvest: found in - True Indigo, Midnight Blue Flower Mystical Plant Harvest: found in - Coral, Glowing Algae, Midnight Blue Flower, Purple Lotus Plants Firebloom Harvest: found in - Golden Lotus

The Following Can not be Harvested and must be bought from Ingredients Trader

  • Apple Seeds

  • Beet Seeds

  • Cabbage Seeds

  • Cauliflower Seeds

  • Chili Pepper Seeds

  • Corn Seeds

  • Grain Seeds

  • Grape Seeds

  • Green Pepper Seeds

  • Mushroom Seeds

  • Potato Seeds

  • Red Cabbage Seeds

  • Strawberry Seeds

  • Tomato Seeds

  • Tree Sapling Seeds

  • Yellow Pepper Seeds


Use the Highest Quality Pick you can manage to get. Star Metal or Kronium. Onyx Harvest: found in - Iron Nodes 2%, Star Metal Nodes 80% (x5), Obsidian Nodes 7%, Onyx Nodes (Found in the Unnamed City) 80%, Plague Meteor Nodes 80% (x30) Tin Ore Harvest: found in - Iron Nodes 12%, Tin Ore Nodes (Found in the Unnamed City) 80% (x12) Copper Ore Harvest: found in - Stone Nodes 1%, Brimstone Nodes 25% (x4), Copper Ore Nodes (Found in the Unnamed City) 80% (x2) Eveiari Ore Harvest: found in - Brimstone Nodes 35% (x5), Eveiari Nodes (Found in the Unnamed City) 80% (x8), Plague Meteor Nodes 50% (x30) Cobalt Ore Harvest: found in - Star Metal Nodes 75% (x40), Silver Nodes 8%, Obsidian Nodes 95% (x13), Cobalt Nodes (Found in the Unnamed City) 100% (x15), Plague Meteor 50% (x30) Arsenic Harvest: found in - Crystal 15%, Iron Nodes 5%, Brimstone Nodes 25% (x2), Onyx Nodes 30%, Rocknose King Molten 25% Quartz Harvest: found in - Crystal 10% (x2), Stone Nodes 1%, Brimstone Underwater 30%, Obsidian 10% (x3), Copper Nodes 15%, Eveiari Nodes 30% (x2), Onyx Nodes 30%, Rocknose King 15%, Rocknose King Boss 50% Vanadium Harvest: found in - Crystal 9%, Iron Nodes 3%, Star Metal Nodes 40% (x4), Plague Meteors 25% (x5), Rocknose King Molten 50% (x5) Aluminum Harvest: found in - Crystal 15% (x2), Tin Nodes 60% (x7), Onyx Nodes 50% (x10), Rocknose King Boss 80% (x10) Carbon Harvest: found in - Coal Nodes 25% (x2) Titanium Harvest: found in - Silver Nodes 15% (x2), Tin Nodes 5%, Plague Meteors 50% (x10), Rocknose King 10%, Rocknose King Molten 30%, Rocknose King Boss 60% (x3) Kronyx Harvest: found in - Coal 10%, Star Metal Nodes 70% (x5), Obsidian 10% (x3) Cobblestone Harvest: found in - Rock 5%, Coal 15%, Star Metal Nodes 75% (x20), Brimstone 20% (x3)


Ruby Harvest: found in - Crystal 15% (x2), Copper Nodes 6% Sapphire Harvest: found in - Crystal 13% (x2), Coal 2%, Starmetal Nodes 10% (x5), Obsidian 3%, Cobalt Nodes 100% (x15) Emerald Harvest: found in - Crystal 12% (x2), Plague Meteor Nodes 70% (x5) Topaz Harvest: found in - Crystal 14% (x2), Eveiari Nodes 5% Amethyst Harvest: found in - Star Metal Nodes 20%, Silver Nodes 1%, Onyx Nodes 5%, Cobalt Nodes 1%, Plague Meteor 25% (x5) Diamond Harvest: found in - Plague Meteor 100%, Star Metal Nodes 40%


Coins can be either harvested, looted or crafted at the Coin Forge. Coin Harvest: found in - Any of the AoC Humanoids only. Loyalty Token: Unlike other currency, the Loyalty Token can ONLY be spawned in by an Admin. These tokens can be exchanged in for unique rewards at the Loyalty Vendor. This merchant is automatically obtained via the Exclusivity Rewards feat that is unlocked upon character creation. Honor Token: This token is awarded for special acts of bravery. Honor Tokens have a chance to be dropped from elite mod creatures, such as the Cursed Undead and Bosses. These tokens can be traded in for unique items at the Honor Vendor (Nathan Galeran) at the Stormhold Warfront. Honor Emblem: An Emblem is a Faction specific currency that allows the player to exchange emblems for Legendary Weapons. The Honor Emblem is obtained from Feregreth Sorrowhill at the Stormhold Warfront. (All Factions are able to unlock this Emblem). Prestige Emblem: An Emblem is a Faction specific currency that allows the player to exchange emblems for Legendary Weapons. The Prestige Emblem is obtained from Fraya Aeran’thil at the Stormhold Warfront. (All Factions are able to unlock this Emblem).


Onyx Core This core can be crafted at the Volcano Forge. Elarikan Core This core can be crafted at the Frost Temple Smithy. Kronyxium core This core can be crafted at the Frost Temple Smithy. Sanguis Schematics These schematics can be used to craft the Sanguis Outfit and Daggers. To obtain these you have to defeat Errynaya Anarious (Boss) for a chance to acquire the Blueprints. You can meet the Sanguis Unit in a Purge around the frozen north (west area). Note that the Purge Difficulty needs to be at level 6. Arcane Essence is "crafted in (station) Studies of the Ancient Arts"

Special Fuel

Some stations require different fuel sources to function. These are:

  • Plague Furnace (Uses Unstable Substance)

  • Corn & Wheat Farms (Uses Bucket of Water)

  • Corrals (Uses Corn)

  • Construction Altar (Sapphires)

  • The Altar of the Sun (Topaz)

  • The Earth Altar (Emeralds)

  • The Tempest Altar (Sapphires)

  • The Arcane Sanctuary (Amethysts)

  • The Shrine of the Harbinger (Rubies)

Journey Steps

The Exiles Journey is a progression method within Conan Exiles. It can be accessed by pressing the J key (PC). The next three steps to be completed are displayed at the top-right of the screen. Click here for a more complete listing of the AOC Journey Steps.

The Age of Calamitous adds journey steps to the Normal ones provided by Conan Exiles. They are added to Chapter 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. For access on the JOURNEY STEPS included in Age of Calamitous.