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Pack Races and Job Classes

Pack Races/Jobs Classes {utilizing Professions Mod}


This guide will list each race as well as their attribute bonuses and the abilities each race provides. It will also detail the different job classes that are available, along with the feats, recipes and abilities of each profession. There is supplemental information, such as biographies of the races and jobs, included as part of this guide that is provided should players wish to use it.
This Guide has been amended from the original Maelstrom Server Professions Guide and Fitted to the Lore for The PACK's Isle of Siptah, and Savage Wild's Server. The Original Guide written by @Keket (Klyaphae/Onoskelis) Of the Maelstrom RP Server can be found here:
Basic commands for players - to turn night vision on and off use the ‘9’ key. If you have a French keyboard you may need to use F9 to activate it.
To display your race and class use the windows key and \ - your race and class will display on the right side of your screen. If you see “Bugris” it means you have no class selected.