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Conan Mod Collection

General Description of Each of our Chosen Mods:

Features: New Chat System for all players. A Kit System that provides players with items in a kit you can purchase with Pippi coins. An in Depth Command System for Server Admins allowing for much better Admin/Player interaction. A new and improved Announcement System. A Warp System set up by Admins that Allows the Players free movement about the map. Dynamic Rank System allowing Clans to set ranks. Mushi System set up by Admins for vendors of Kits and other items across the map.

Glass Constructions - Recycling Smelter, Great Furnace, Great Carpenter's Saw Bench Campfire Grill, Great Tannery, Greater Fire bowl and more ...

Fashionist v3.0.2 (1.0 and DLC compatible) -

Wear the armor that matches your current situation and give it the look you like best. Copies the appearance (including colors) of any armor parts to your current armor. The values of the equipped armor remains unchanged. Supports all DLC armors. Hint: to wear DLC armor or to use it for the style you don't have to own the DLC. It is enough to know someone in the game who can craft the armor/weapon pieces. New: separate warpaint style slot for head, torso, arms and a slider to choose the color that fits best to your eyes ;)

The Less Building Placement Restrictions mod, or LBPR for short, is intended to make building and placement easier. It offers a wide, and ever growing list of features that can make your building dreams come true. From having a Green Arrow give directions on which direction a wall is placing, to creating a bigger window using a custom Overlap Exception for Doorways and Fences, to being able to merge placeables together via overlapping them together to create unique shapes, to quality of life fixes or improvements, to easier Thrall placement, to decorating a cave or even taking over your favorite NPC camp and turning it into your own. If you are a building fan at all, you will find enjoyment with this mod.

Craftable Power Stones that when carried cause the Exile's Bracelet Gem to glow. Other than the basic Stone, the icons for the Power Stones show a glowing Exile's Bracelet, because I think it looks nice :) They work while carrying anything, wielding 2 handed weapons or with a shield, and underwater.

With this mod you're able to pick up all the things you've placed - simple as that! :-)

A customized female body mod that adds a detailed 3d private area , with physics . This mod changes the shape of the females body and adds in specific details that were missing from the private area. Some edits to the skin textures for better blending in certain areas. Also includes some skimpy and braless armor sets.

This mod serves as a complimentary expansion to the main game, introducing new content, feats, systems, and much more! Dive into an adventure where the barbaric lands of Conan meet the medieval world of the Age of Calamitous. Here is a list of some additions to the game: Five different playable Factions. Additional Character Creation Options. Stacks increased for Items & Resources. Weight changes for Items & Resources. UI modifications. Hundreds of new Decorations, Props, Items, Weapons, etc. Many new Crafting Stations, Feats & Recipes. New Level Cap 120 (Ascension 101-120). Special content from The Age of Calamitous. And much more!

Features: Simplified Main Menu, Improved UI, Appearance Designer. NPC Appearances, Physics Sliders. Slider to change the duration of blood fade time. Re-mappable keybinds in settings menu, Mod settings saved to file. See the Keybind Instructions in the Conan FAQ section.

The ultimate stack size and weight mod. The configuration can be opened from any placeable with an inventory (admin only). Also supports items from other mods and all DLC items

PIPPI CHAT /Commands

Player Commands


/act <name> -Speaks as the specified name instead of your character (/act -disables)


/afk -Toggles AFK status


/buildinfo - shows information about your buildings


/channel join - allows you to join the VIP and UBER VIP chat channels

VIP and Uber VIP

/channel leave - allows you to leave the VIP and UBER VIP chat channels

VIP and Uber VIP

/currency -View details about currency settings


/customize [or /customise] -Brings up the character editor for your character


/flip -Flip a coin


/heatmap - displays a heatmap for your builds and thralls.


/help <#> [/h <#>] -Displays the page block of help


/home -Teleports you to your home


/kill -Kill yourself


/kit -Opens a new window to view and purchase kits


/kit <name> -Gives you the contents of the specified kit


/list admins -Lists all the admins online


/list clans –List clans that have members online


/list kits -Lists the available kits


/list mute -Lists the players you have muted


/list players -Lists all the players online


/list warps -Lists the available warps


/me –Displays action in 3rd person context


/mute <player> -Mutes the player


/pay <playername> <amount> <type> -Pays the specified player the provided amount and type providing you have the amount in your wallet


/pvp -Toggles PVP status


/reply [/r] <message> -Replies to last received whisper


/return -Returns you to the position before you teleported


/roll -Roll the dice


/rules - displays the list of rules


/sethome -Sets your current location as your home


/shout -Shouts a message


/tpaccept [/tpa] -Accepts a teleport request


/tprequest [/tpr] <playername> -Request to teleport to a player


/unmute <player> -Unmutes the player


/vote -Vote for current vote


/wallet -Displays amount currently in your wallet


/warp <name> -Teleports you to warp


/whisper [/w] <player> <message> -Whisper to player



Our Server is set up with warps for everyday use as well as the World map in the ACC. As an added bonus our Patreon players may use special warps created for them, and have the ability to request the teleport of friends to them to speed up movement across the world. /list warps

All Players

Adult Community Center Warp - /warp ACC near the Black Galleon in the Mid Desert. The Spawn Point - /warp SPAWN our only spawn point on the Broken Highway. The West - /warp WEST far to the west at the edge of the map in the mid 8 longitude. Factions - /warp factions Takes you to the AoC Faction Hall. Trader - /warp Trader Takes you to the Player Market House beside the ACC. Colosseum - /warp colosseum Takes you to the new Colosseum in the deep desert.

VIP Warp Privileges:

The North - /warp NORTH at the base of the Aqueduct middle support Jungle - /warp JUNGLE midway down the river in the Jungle The West - /warp WEST far to the west at the edge of the map in the mid 8 longitude Starmetal - /warp Starmetal Takes you to the valley of the Meteorites. Warfront- /warp warfront Takes you to the Gate of Stormhold in front of the warfront. Passage West- /warp passage-west Takes you to the entrance of the Underwater Passage from the North.

Uber Vip Warp Priveliges:

Volcano - /warp Volcano The Well in the Volcano Frost- /warp Frost Frost Giants home in the Glacier Elven- /warp Elven The Elven Camp in the Warfront Elvanor- /warp Elvanor The Elvanor and Felgarth Factions in the Libarary ColdEmbrace - /warp Coldembrace Takes you to the Coldembrace camp in the UnNamed City Felgarth- /warp Felgarth Takes you to the Remote Felgarth camp above the Glacier in the North. Vanghoul- /warp Vanghoul Takes you to the Vanghoul Emperyus Coalition Village in the Jungles. Stormhold- /warp Stormhold Takes you into the Stormhold Village Mountaineer- /warp Mountaineer Takes you to the top of the peak with the Mountaineer. Bobby - /warp Bobby Takes you to Bobby's Retreat inside the Underwater Passage. (TAKE Breath potions with you!)


Our Conan Server provides players with a daily payday of Pippi coins, these coins are used for purchasing items called Kits. Below you will find the current list of kits available on the server. /list kits

Current KITS for purchase:

/kit starter For those level 0 to 30 provides some starter gear and items.

/kit loyalty 100% chance to get 1 loyalty token and a 25% chance to get a second one. Can be used daily every 24 hours.

/kit music The MusiqBox - For 7 Gold receive a music box to place in your base. One time use.

/kit wallpaper For 1 Gold receive a pippi wallpaper that your can use anywhere in your base. 6 hour cooldown.

/kit flag For 1 Gold receive a pippi Flaggi that you can use anywhere in your base. 6 hour cooldown.

/kit heal For 50 Silver receive 50 Aloe soups for an instant heal and use in battle in an emergency. 1 hour cool down.

/kit repair 1 Gold gets you 1 weapon repair kit and 4 armor repair kits. 6 hour cooldown.

/kit legendary_repair 5 Gold gets you 1 Legendary repair kit and 4 Master Armor repair kits. 6 hour cooldown.

/kit faction_dyes 5 units of each Faction Dye available. 50 Silver each set. 48 hour cool down.

/kit vanilla_dyes 5 units of each rare dye. 50 Silver each set. 48 hour cool down.

/kit emotes 5 special emotes only available from the pippi mod. 20 Gold. Single use.

/kit female_glam 2 pieces of low grade armor that are for glam purposes. 5 Gold. 10 day cooldown.

/kit male_glam 2 pieces of low grade armor that are for glam purposes. 5 Gold. 10 day cooldown.

/kit climbing Two climbing items. 10 Gold. One time use.

/kit coins AoC coins - 1000 Tin, 500 Copper, 250 Silver, and 10 Gold all for 5 Pippi Gold. Once per 24 hour period.

/kit cobblestone AoC resource - 5000 Cobblestone for 1 Pippi Gold. Once per 24 hour period.

/kit cookie Cookies!

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