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The PACK PvE Shard 3xXP 3xH 15xT - (v100.54351) - BattleMetrics
Dark and Light Steam Connect: steam://connect/

Spread sheet with a map and several detailed locations for Creatures, Bosses, and Points of Interest. For the Shard of Light.
Here you will find a cool way to increase your Graphics Quality and make it look Trailer-Like and even a little bit more better!
Dark and Light - Taming Spreadsheet Divide the feed rate by 15 since it's 15x taming speed on this server

This is one of the best guides I have found for the Archos map. And most of it will cover the Gaia map too. Shame that its not being updated anymore.

Just some things to get you started in-game and answer some of the more popular questions.
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Trailer Quality Graphics, HDR Activation & ARK Keybindings
The complete Dark and Light Hints and Cheat Guide - By Luna plays
Dark and Light: The Compendium Guide and FAQ - By [HdF] Almut Grete.