Dark and Light Walkthrough

Hello Fellow Adventurer. Welcome to Dark and Light.

How to Play Guide

Once Dark and Light is installed, the player can join the game and must select a server. Next step is to select a faction: Talos, Estel or Ironfast. When this is done, the Character Creation with its detail adjustments will come up and the player can create an avatar, he/she will move around in the game. The Game starts with a short tutorial to learn the basic skills, schematics and how the Inventory and the interface works. Basically, moving in the game is done with W A S D. Skills are split up into adventuring, magic and architecture. First thing the player will learn is to harvest. First items, which can be harvested with bare hands are wood, blueberries, straw, grass and magic shards. Hints: Follow the tutorial Harvest materials with your hands (whacking grass) Build near a water source Don't build near a meteorite drop (Darkness spawns there)


  • Refrain from killing your own race within the starting city. Let's keep things civil, you don't have to, but you should. People remember names and soon there will be kings(yes kings) elected to the city thrones who can throw you in jail(yes you can be jailed). Best to avoid making enemies. Dwarf on dwarf violence never solved anything.

  • There are no "/whatever" commands. "/sleep" isn't a thing, sadly.

  • If you're going to bring a monster back to a player populated area, try getting it in the way of the guards so they can clean it up.

  • Once you finally get a horse and start running free as your heart desires, remember you and the horse weigh a lot. When you run too close to players you'll knock them back. This falls under not being a troll.

  • Don't steal peoples stuff from a campfire, builds or other storage items. I mean, do what you want but don't expect forgiveness.

  • Some times a person might hit you, especially in the starter area. Cooler heads prevail, a lot of the time it's really just an accident, no need to lose your shite over it.


Basics to survival at start are water, food. You can use your hand to gather resources, and this will lvl up many of the basic survival skills. You will need to learn how to make basic weapons for combats and basic survival harvesting tools, and learn to make a campfire, and a structure to living in.

Each tool will gather different materials at different rates. Sword: Flowers & Grass Staff: Magic Shards (Must use Draining spell - hit trees and rocks with it) Throwing Knife/Iron Knife: Hide Axe: Wood & Stone Pickaxe: Twine & Sulfur Scythe: Fur & Apples & Seeds for crops

  • Sprinting burns hunger and thirst faster. keep that in mind when you're dying of thirst and sprinting to get water.

  • Foods - Hit trees and barrels for apples, hit bushes for blueberries. These are great survival foods. The best place for players to gather starting plant materials is the river right outside the starting area. You can get a ton of blue berries there.

  • Water - You can drink water simply by jumping on water or diving in, or when it rains your water need will fill up. Later on you will be able to make a water bottle which you can drink out of and refill.

  • Eat pink flowers to regain focus - You really need to sleep in order to regain it but that's hard task apparently(lvl10). So far only way to sleep and regain focus I can see is with bedrolls that you get at player lvl10.

  • Deaths - Don’t venture too far from town, because that’s where you resurrect at. The levels of the beasts outside the starter area vary WILDLY. You will die and you will DIE MANY TIMES. When you die your water/food/constitution are reset to full, and you can go back to where you died and pick up all your stuff. Your beacon is a short reddish beam with a halo body in it. And bodies that have died will only last a short period of time about 10mins.

  • Make friends and learn names, the more friends you have the easier it'll be to kill the elites later on.

  • Do. not. underestimate. the. goblins. If seeing them for the first time.

  • The higher in elevation you go the colder it gets, try to learn leather-working first because just the warmth spell you get at the beginning isn't enough.

Filling Focus

Focus is food for mana, but filling it back up is a pain until level 10 when you can craft and use a bedroll. Flowers slowly fill it, and the best way to get flowers isn't mentioned very well. You use a Stone Sword on well, flowers, to harvest them. Toss them on your hotbar to eat them without going into your inventory. Highly recommend grabbing the first food vendor upgrade so she sells focus potions, and buying those from them (36 gold each) as they work way better than flowers, and gold is pretty easy to come by.


Skilling up - You will need to gather enough resources to level up your skill (look for the tab for Knowledge in the top right of your inventory). In your inventory screen on the left it shows all the mats that you have gathered and on the right what you can make. If you see something that you have on your quests be sure to click and activate the quest and then build the item. Do not worry about excess resource that may weight you down at this point, just click on the item and press D (to drop item). At this stage of the game you should drop all un needed items, and once you have a little base then begin amassing resource storage.


  • If your on Gaia, you can not finish most of the quest lines. You can bypass the Pan and Gorgon quest and still get the first level Pan and Gorgon by finishing the second quest that opens in those quest lines.

  • If you are on Archos, most quest lines are working mostly. Some have a few glitches.

  • Always make sure When you get the "O" message to chose a new quest that you click the accept button.

  • Also make sure to click that damn button if you are hopping through quests completing small steps in many. You will encounter many instances of Duplicated steps.. Like 4 mortal and pestles total among 4 Quest lines. Just place the extras down and then break for 60% return of your materials.


Gold can be found in breakable barrels through out the maps. Harvest all the barrels in an area and then return in about 30 mins and they will have respawned and you can harvest them again. Harvest basic resources, and sell them to the NPC merchants this will also return you gold and get you merchant points. You will need full 'sets' of items (30 to 100) in order to sell them off. Do this to get at least a couple hundred Gold.

More on Merchants - Donating gold to Merchants gives them more and better items. And can be pretty cheap (20 gold gives the first upgrade, this probably scales, but I have not tested.) I recommend upgrading the food vendor, so that she sells focus potions and more. Merchant upgrades seem to reset every day, or possibly every 24h since donation. As such, you may just want to donate the 20g it takes to get the food vendor to sell you Focus Potions, and then maybe invest in a city house if you want one, and there is an unclaimed plot on your server.

Early Crafting

You can craft Iron & Copper Items in the main cities BEFORE you have unlocked the Schema's to craft them yourself. So, if you find Iron or Copper ore to mine, grab it, and use it to grab better tools, weapons, and armor WAY earlier than you could otherwise! From the Elf City main entrance, you can walk in a (largish) circle around and into the mountains where there is Iron in abundance. Just be careful of the flying meanies and spiders. You can agro both into any Kebos or Boars around to get them off of you. If you have a horse, you are fast enough to outrun most enemies, but if you are hooofing it, keep a close watch out for neutral animals to use as agro bait and keep you alive! More Info Crafted gear will "always" be of "Grey" quality. While gear dropped from monsters(Skeletons) are usually "White" and above. Gray Crafted Wood Bow = 55 dmg White Wood Bow = 64 dmg There's also Rare & Epic, But not many have found a weapon version of them yet to compare them with. Attack Only increases melee damage, so Bow & Arrow & Magic is unaffected by it. In general I recommend running around your starting city gathering and selling until you have the cash to buy some basic adventuring items - a set of armor, small stack of food, a ranged weapon or spell (Bow+Arrow or Fire Ball) and a decent understanding of the slightly odd targeting/combat. Lots of things want to kill you and eat you, or make you look like a noob, by knocking you out and stealing everything you own, leaving you naked and unconscious in the middle of the road... IE: Goblins.


There are houses for rent cheap - however, they don't seem to actually let you in yet, at least for the small hovels. So at this point, I'd grab one mostly to invest gold before adventuring, thus giving you the claim on the house for when it gets fixed. However, you may also want to upgrade vendors before staking out a broken house (plus, you can build your own house out in the world!) Dev confirmed there are some bugs with housing that will be dealt with but are not high priority. Other players have had success using the Radial Menu on the Sign or the Door (sometimes one or the other, usually sign) will let you open the inventory of the house, and provides 300 slots of storage. Building houses - Currently the meteorite spawns are in specific locations, and when they fall, they also spawn enemies, skeletons and wraiths. These are able to smash straight through straw faster than a big bad wolf chasing pigs. And will kill you quite handily. Since the spawn locations for the meteors is a set location I recommend finding a place that doesn't have one landing next to your first house. Once you can build a straw foundation, venture out of town and find a flat piece of land (This is not your permanent base but just a starter small cabin). Place your made foundation tiles by equipping them in you hotbar and hitting the number they are under. All building pieces are used in this manner. Building is another Knowledge tree, and skilling in building in better and better materials levels this up.

How to tame an animal

To tame an animal it requires hook shots, a bow, a trough, and their preferred food. You hook shot an animal a number of times until it wears out by breaking the lines, dependent on the animal and level. At which point you give it a trough to eat from. After it eats food for a while it'll become tamed.

  • Having no food in the trough will cause taming to quickly reset. You can place any kind of food in to "save" progress.

  • sheep give you fur for grass

  • Horse's run people over and can jump, boars can charge with a speed boost and are good at gathering organics. Each animal has their own special abilities.

  • there are variants on the animals, albinos, elites, and regulars.

  • Apples help with taming faster and keep wildness high. You want to keep all the bars high. High wildness means you can boost the animals level once it becomes tamed.

  • Don't freak out if at night your animal makes a strange noise and falls over. They're more than likely sleeping.

It appears Herbivores prefer Grass < Berries < Apple < Lucky Clover < Herbivore Feed And for normal Carnivores Cooked Meat < Raw Meat < Raw Fine Meat < Carnivore Feed But some have special ones like the Vrock & Bargesh who prefers rotten meat

What Animals Do What?

Sheep = Fur (just feed them grass) Boar = Good for farming seed and mushrooms Treant = Your crops grow faster if near the Treant Kebo = Mining rocks (Bonus stone and iron etc) Bahamut = Mining rocks (Better then Kebo) Elephants = Bonus Wood, Grass, Berries LongHorn = Bonus straw Grut Stag = Bonus Twine and Grass Bargesh = Bonus Hide, Bones and meat Panther = Not as good per hit as a Bargesh but faster and more hp so better over all Ice Imp = 50x rot timer (acts as a fridge) Fire Imp = Walking Forge/Fireplace/Lightsource Water Imp = Waters your crops


Each starting town has a stable, and you can buy your first mount. Horses price scale based on level. The low seems to be about 65g for a horse under level 10, to over 1200 for a horse at level 110. Once you buy it, open the inventory, and drag the saddle that it comes with, into the saddle slot on the lower left side! They eat grass from their inventory, so toss all that grass you collected getting gold to the horse so it has some food. BE CAREFUL around town! Running close to a guard will knock it back, and anger it! (Same with all NPC's and Players! So in town be slower and more careful, so you don't piss a bunch of guards off and lose your first horse!) Horses have a pretty good weight capacity, so they can hold a lot more than you. You will want to have one for adventuring to store loot on (as well as get you around quicker) and for crafting, as it can hold a bunch of whatever base item you need. You may want to tell it to be more passive than aggressive, press and hold 'E' while looking at it to bring up a radial menu that will let you change it's stance, and other options. That same mechanic works on all Tames, and most objects as well (Locking doors/chests, etc). There are Multiple Tiers of Horse, the lowest cost being 65G. At least in the Human city. THERE are some bugs with horses randomly disappearing Due to this, use the storage room of your horse sparingly, don't store things that are important on them! NOTE: Only Gaia has horses.


  • Instead of using "E" for literally everything, you can use "R" to quick access the inventory.

  • Can't find a barrels? Well, either wait it out and they'll respawn, or go out and find some in other starter areas!

  • Horses lvl up fast, get a cheap one and spend time with it to lvl it up into a stallion. Also make sure to up the stats of your horse when it levels. To do this go into it's inventory(search).

  • Reapers have awesome loot on them, if some manage to die around you jump on that opportunity.

  • Use the pickax to gather vines (Rattan) more efficiently from trees.

  • No map? there is one, but it takes magic to get. It creates a holographic display of the world which is cool. Remember where you go because it could be hard getting back.

  • You can prone is this game! just go to your key bindings and assign it, by default it's set to nothing.

  • Water fronts such as rivers and lakes are amazing areas for gathering. They have lots of all the starting resources and respawn quickly. You can gain levels fast with this and crafting.

  • You can use a sloped straw roof as stairs when building early on.


  • As of right now one of the tasks has a glitch making it impossible. It is the one where you have to make 100 gold off of selling items. just move on to the other tasks by bring them up and clicking on a different set from the left.

  • Don't get off your horse while galloping and jumping, this will cause it to run forever in a straight line. No more horse

Information above from Dark and Light Wiki and from u/Xenoit and u/cool_fox on Reddit.