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Outlaws of the Old West PvE-P Server

Server Currently Shut down for a Second Vanilla Valheim.

We will be back after the Data Center update. Coming Summer 2021.

Game Features:

Outlaws of the Old West is a massively multiplayer survival MMO with a huge world, thousands of items and a modular building system. Multiple biomes and changing weather affect not only the types of resources you can harvest, but also the animals you encounter. The scale of the environment and harsh climates will challenge the player's knowledge of the land and ability to survive. Launching with an initial massive play area of 144km^2 that will only get larger it's easy to get lost in the wilderness. What is travel in the Old West without a horse? Find a desirable mount and tame it to make it your very own. With a real-time day to night cycle, temperature, and changing weather, one must be prepared to endure the elements. After the sun sets, nocturnal wildlife and lower visibility make for a fun and different experience. Enjoy leisure time with some good old-fashioned fishing. Try your luck with a rod or fish traps, but you will most likely need some bait first! Build your very own cabin in the woods or a ranch for you and your posse. The land to build on is boundless, any area you can walk on can be a perfect place for your new home or business! Trade with other players to create a thriving community. If you trade through the Auction House, you may end up having a bidding war with fellow players. Gain experience through your actions in the game and level up your character's stats to become the toughest in the west. Careful of your actions they will affect your player's morality. You may become wanted and NPC bounty hunters will be on your tail.

Our Server Settings:

Decay of Builds is set to 28 days. Player EXP: 1.5 Horse EXP:1.5 Harvest: 2.0 Plant growth: 2.0 Crafting Cost: 0.75 Stacks: 500 on most items (You will need to hold right shift and clik mouse button to transfer full stacks) 15 man server (15 online at one time). Please contact an admin for the Password.

This is an experimental server and at the moment limited to 15 players at a time. When testing ends and we go full public, the server will have the password removed and the player count limit.

How to find our server:

Please join our discord for a copy of the password!

FAQ's and Wikis found on the WEB.