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Patreon Memberships

A Bit About Our Community!

With our supporter contributions, we currently run a public cluster of all original ark maps (Island, Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration and Extinction, Valguero), as well as several modded maps(Crystal Isles, Ebenus Astrum, Hope, Olympus, Amissa, Event Map). 13 ark maps in total as a cluster! All of our ark servers run 7 mods to improve the quality of life for our players. When becoming a patreon supporter you can earn several perks! As well as our ark servers, we run a modded Conan serv​er, 7 Days to Die, Both maps for Dark and Light, and a Minecraft server is on its way.

Our Conan patreons receive patreon perks, check out the various tiers for what best fits for you. Perks for Patreon's on other platforms are in the works so check back here regularly.

You can support us by:

  • Playing on our servers and hanging around in our Discord! Without you there's no community, so thank you for being there!

  • Donating a monthly amount to our Patreon page. You'll help us with covering monthly server costs and growing our community by reaching new goals. As a bonus you get rewards.

Further support includes expanding the Ark servers, but also running servers for other games. Thank you so much for your support!