The PACK Gaming

A21 | 150% XP | 150% Loot

For those that want to try out our PVE | 150% XP | 150% Loot | A21 | QOL MODS, it has boosted rates to enhance QOL for our players, 150% XP, 150% Loot, and you do not lose your stuff when you die. Friendly fire is disabled if you're in a party with another player to make group play more enjoyable. With a unique set of Server based mods, so players do not have to download mod pacs, our Server offers a Hardcore version of play on 7DTD. We also offer a unique map that no other Gaming group has, created for our server by funtimes, Ozoxuya_Mountains aka PACK_CUSTOM!

PVE | 150% XP | 150% Loot | A21 | QOL MODS SERVER SETTINGS

PVE | 150% XP | 150% Loot | A21 | QOL MODS SERVER SETTINGS
Claim Size = 121 Blocks; Claim Deadzone = 40 Blocks; Claim Duration = 21 Days No Claim Decay Infinite Claim Health While online or offline. With 0 time ORP. Bedroll Deadzone = 15 Blocks, Bedroll lasts = 45 days Difficulty = Survivalist; 24 HR cycle = 60 min.; Daylight length = 18 HRS; Blood Moon Count = 8 Enemies Zombie Day Speed = Run Zombie Night Speed = Sprint Zombie Feral Speed = Nightmare Zombie Blood Moon Speed = Sprint Zombie Feral Sense = Night Max Zombies = 90 Max Animals = 100 XP Multiplier - 150%, Party Kill Shared Range = 200m. Show Friends on Map yes. Player Block Dmg.; AI Block Dmg.; AI Blood Moon Block Dmg. All 150%. Loot Respawn Time = 7 game days. Days Chunk Reset Time = Disabled No Drop on Death or Quit Air Drops = Every 3 Days and they are Marked.
A21 | QOL MODS | All of our mods are Server Side!
Funtimes Mods, Faster Vehicles, 96-slot Backpack, 12-slot Crafting Queue, 3-slot Forge Input, Lockable Inventory slots, Stack Size Tweeks, Longer Loot Bags, Food and Water HUD, Enemy HP Bar, Pick up Plants, Craftable Deco - Storage - Working - Building Stuff, Nightvision Effect Change. "FunBot" Server Manager(CSMM - CPM), Allocs Server Fixes.
How to get VIP? - A21 | PACK_CUSTOM
  • Sign into the Shop with your Steam ID.
  • Once you're logged in via steam, you will see an option on the top right bar for a link to your profile.
  • Open your profile settings, now you can update/link your discord ID.
  • Once you have done these two things, The server should auto tag you with VIP.


The following must be typed into any of the chat channels. They must have the slash in the front of them.
/starterkit - Kit of Starter Items! (NO COST, ONE TIME USE)
/help - Get some help!! /seen <playerName> (or /ls) - Check when a player was last seen online. Ex. /ls funtimes
Our players can earn the Server Currency "FunCoin" and spend on Items in our Shop, Trading with other players, /Gimme, /Teleport System! There are a few ways to earn, Playtime and Zombie Kills.
  • VIP's earn more and also get Discounts in the Shop and on the cost of the /Commands as part of our Patreon Perk System!
  • VIP's will need to link thier Discord profile to thier CSMM profile to get the Ingame [VIP] Roles assigned to them!
/shop (/store) - Ingame shop! /claim - Claim items you have bought in the Web Shop! /balance (/ bal, /wallet) - Check how much FunCoin is in your wallet! /pay <playerName> <amount> - Send some currency to another player! Ex. /pay funtimes 9999999 /gimme (or /gimmie) - Gamble and receive a random item from a Loot Table! 20 minute cooldown. Cost: 50 FunCoin
There is a Cost to use the Teleport System. It has a Default Delay of 10 seconds, and Default 2 Minute Cooldown.
/vip - VIP Kit with a Cooldown!
/cc - Teleports you the The PACK Community Center!
/tpa - Teleports you to a player, must be allies! Ex. /tpa funtimes /teleset (/settele) - Create a teleport location. Ex. /settele home /tele (/tp) - Teleport to a set location. Ex. /tp Vandals Super Secret Loot Room /listtele (/telelist) - List of personal teleport locations. /listtele public - List of public teleports. /teleprivate (/telepriv) - Make a teleport private. Ex. /telepriv Funtimes Garage /telepublic (/telepub, pubtele) - Let everyone on the server teleport to the location. Ex. /telepub Vandals Dungeon /removetele (/deltele) - Remove a teleport location. Ex. /deltele Funtimes Old House /renametele - Rename a teleport location. Ex. /renametele Funtimes New House
Teleports lost or stuck vehicle to you. Vehicle must be in a chunk rendered by a player on the map.
/bicycle /bike /motocycle /jeep /gyro /drone

Unique Map, Ozoxuya_Mountains aka PACK_CUSTOM, designed by Known Vandal.