Conan Exiles PvE Server Rules

All rules found here will pertain to all of our current and future Conan Exiles Servers. Please read and familiarize yourself with them.

#Rules are subject to common sense!

These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement.

Failure to follow these rules will result in being removed from the community! Please follow all of the RULES found HERE: as well as the below specific rules!


Do not bully, disrespect, or grief ANYONE. Racist remarks, or things that can be construed as sexual harassment are TABOO, in server global chat. Do not trespass into a base not your own, unless by accident. Nor visiting or hanging around in a base NOT yours. If someone asks you to leave, DO SO. Do not steal any thrall that someone else is in the process OF knocking out , or One they point out that they are about to take. Same for taking thralls from other teams that are actively fighting the denizens and Mini bosses at a Ley Point or Surge Shrine, or in a Vault encounter. Our admin team considers all the above actions types of Griefing or Harassment. If reported to admins you can be temp suspended for 5 days. Continued Griefing of this type will lead to a Organization Server wide Ban.


Both of our Conan Exiles PvE Servers are an ADULT SERVER (IE. AGE 18+). Anyone who joins has to understand that there will be FULL NUDITY, as well as coarse humor, and rough language, and some sexual content. If this is not for you, Thank you for your interest, but we may not be the BEST FIT for you.


When you see a base with <name> (ADMIN) this is an admin from one of our game platforms. If the base has <name> (OWNER), this is one of the Gaming Server Owners. ONLY ADMINS APPROVED BY The PACK Server Owners are allowed to have Admin in their Tribe name. Admin/Owner bases, builds, tribes are OFF LIMITS to being Claimed/Demoed out. This also includes Community Builds on any Server. Please do not destroy/remove parts of ANY marked Admin/Owners base, EVEN IF DECAYED! You will be banned. If you are unsure that the tribe you are looking at is an ADMIN/Owner tribe. Join our Discord and ask in RULES AND SUPPORT SECTION - #admin-support.


Admins do not interfere in inter-tribal or Tribal business ever! Inter-Tribal - Where members of a tribe are disagreeing, or some other internal conflict in a tribe. Tribe owners kicking someone, or conflicts over ownership of tames. Tribal Business - Where two or more tribes are having some sort of issue. If you and your best bud neighbor are fighting, we won't assist until the situation gets out of hand, and or becomes griefing, or Impacts others play.


If you do not understand how to Merge, OR Join your tribes ASK! ADMINS CAN ASSIST, and or give valuable information to help you prevent loss of tames, or buildings.


Do NOT LEAVE your Thralls permanently in a Dungeon, Vault or other battle ground on any of the two SERVERS. Thralls do get lost sometimes but complaints of abandoned fighter thralls in a dungeon, or vault will result in its removal.


We will NOT assist you to recover your bags or corpses. Server Crashes - Funcom- Patch related OR Mod Patch related. We will attempt to find or help you find your character, but if it is erased in such a crash you will have to remake a new character. We will force you back into your tribe. We can not replace quality items that were crafted from your crafted or blueprints, etc. Nor thralls and pets lost in the patch. Admins can provide such items out of personal caches if they feel the case warrants it. Server Crashes - The Pack Server related Server crashes determined to be a physical reason within our data center, We will replace thralls/pets (Tier 4 or lesser) of up to 15 thralls and pets total, and base gear, 1 full suit of armor of Tier 3. If you base was removed or damaged, The Pack will provide a small Starter base of 10 x 10 box build of Tier 3, and smithy, woodworking, and forge equipment to start you back up. Please contact an admin.


All land claims in Conan Exiles reach from the Map Ceiling to the Below ground Axis in a 100 foundation wide arc outside the edge of your base. Which means your builds can and will block spawns in caves under your builds, as well as those under the shadow of the walls of your base or in the air. So restrict your building to prevent loss of large groupings of resource nodes, NPC camps, Ley lines, Surge drop areas, Surge Altars, POI's, and Creature/Boss spawns.

General Conan Limits: A Wheel and 15x15 foundation place with a bedroll may be placed near a NPC village or a Wild Surge spawn point. Do not block resource nodes or creature spawns while doing this. Easements can be given for unusual shaped bases on our server. Please see an Admin concerning Easements. Exiled Lands: ONE MAIN BASE of 200 x 200 foundations max, One (1) OUTPOST base of under 50 x 50 foundations. Isle of Siptah: ONE MAIN BASE of 100 x 100 foundations max, One (1) OUTPOST base of under 50 x 50 foundations.


Exiled Lands: Do NOT Build on The tops of the Mini-Boss Caves: Bin-Yakin's Seal, Jhil's Roost, Lockstone Cave, The Scraps, Weaver's Hollow, Skittering Cavern. Do NOT Build in any NPC camp or block the spawn of any Key Quest NPC's. Do not build above the NPC camps or in caves below a NPC camp. Isle of Siptah: Do not build on or near the VAULTS. (Within 100 foundations of the Vault building. You may build on the cliff tops around the vaults that have such natural constructions.) NOTICE: ALL THE FOLLOWING COUNT AS YOUR OUTPOST! ONLY ONE BUILD PERMITTED AT A TIME. Ley Shrines - use of single foundations to create a fighting deck is permitted (25 x 25 and only one extra build permitted) near the Ley Shrines. Though removal after the Surge event you summoned is a requirement. Builds that are not removed in these areas, or those that block others use of the Ley Shrine will be removed summarily. If clans continue to violate the rule, clans can be subject to build wipes. Wild Surges - Do not build in such a way that the area under a Wild Surge is blocked from other players use to capture thralls. You may make a platform for them to fall onto, but do not fence or gate this in preventing others access to the area. If this is separate from your base it is limited to (25 x 25 and only one extra build permitted) Violators will have the whole build removed summarily. Building within the Maelstrom - You may build within the maelstrom. The rules are (25 x 25 and only one extra build permitted) and they must decay naturally with the Maelstrom cycles. Do not continue to maintain your build for longer than 7 days. All of the above are considered outposts. Except for the Wild Surge and if you use your base. NPC Villages - A Wheel and 15x15 foundation place with a bedroll may be placed near a NPC spawn point. Do not block resource nodes or creature spawns while doing this. (Please note as we progress with the Isle of Siptah other changes may be added.)


Do not Block the way to Resource Nodes, POI’s, Beach fronts, Mission Areas, Boss Arenas, and Pathways to other parts of the Server Maps. Do not block large groups of resources (5 or more nodes)(any game platform) Any type of a building foundation, fence foundation, or place-able item within 10 blocks of the resource/spawn will kill the spawn area. Beach Fronts, River edges, Pathways that lead to a new map area: Please make sure there is enough room for others to pass your property, either make a path through your base or make sure there is sufficient area surrounding your fences for others to pass to the new areas.


It is the responsibility of the Player to make sure they refresh all timers on the servers they play on. If you do have a situation occur where you need help, please think about getting a tribe/clan mate. Anything that is claimable/demo-able can and will be cleared up by the other residents of the Servers.

Connecting more and higher-quality building materials will increase the total available decay timer, up to a maximum of 15 days(shows as 360 hours). To share in the decay timer, structural pieces must be connected. Equipping a repair hammer or pressing Tab will allow a player to view the remaining decay time on a structure. (360 hours divided by 24 hours = 15 days [this is Real LIFE time]). Isle of Siptah - Things built within the arc of the Maelstrom will decay at twice the rate normal items do. No replacement for any buildings or followers left in the Maelstrom.