These Rules Cover all our servers! Where things are specific to one game platform or another, they will be divided up In the text of that rule for each Differing Platform.

Rules are subject to common sense!

These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement.

We work on a "Three Strikes You're OUT" basis.

Strike One: You and your Tribe/Clan get a warning. This can be Slept tames to Us removing the offending objects or tames. And a Sign informing you of the offense.

Strike Two: We have to talk to you about a new rule or you broke the same one again. You can be Dino wiped, Pets removed or builds removed up to a Temp BAN.

Strike Three: We are done and you are Perm Banned. Strike Three: We are done and you are Perm Banned. Furthermore, If someone is a participant of our Discord, and/or a Player on our Servers, A ban on Discord may also be pursued on the Server Cluster.


We are all adults here, and know how to act. Let's make a happy safe place to enjoy games to play!


Do not bully, disrespect, or grief ANYONE either in any game or in our Discord. Racist remarks, or things that can be construed as sexual harassment are TABOO, either in server global chat or in our Discord. Do not trespass into a base not your own, unless by accident. Nor visiting or hanging around in a base NOT yours. If someone asks you to leave, DO SO. Our admin team considers all the above types of Griefing. Conan - Isle of Siptah - Taking thralls from other teams that are actively fighting the denizens and Mini bosses at a Ley Point or Surge Shrine, or in a Vault encounter, will be considered Griefing. If reported to admins you can be temp suspended for 5 days. Continued Griefing of this type will lead to more serious reprimands.


The Conan Exiles PvE Is an ADULT SERVER (IE. AGE 18+). Anyone who joins has to understand that there will be FULL NUDITY, as well as coarse humor, and rough language, and some sexual content. If this is not for you, Thank you for your interest, but we may not be the BEST FIT for you. Our ARK Cluster, Dark and Light, 7Days, Last Oasis servers are NC-17. Be aware that Cussing or other rough language, less than tasteful tribe/clan/house/company/ IGN names, are tolerated.


When you see a base with <name> (ADMIN) this is an admin from one of our game platforms. If the base has <name> (OWNER), this is one of the Gaming Server Owners. Alpha Dinos and Bosses (excepting the alpha anky) are only Tameable by Admins and Owners. Most times this proves a base is an ADMINS/OWNERS. Admin Alert Paras and signage are also signs you are in an Admin/Owners base. Admin/Owner bases, builds, tribes and tames are OFF LIMITS to being Claimed/Demoed out. This also includes Community Builds on any Server, and the ARK EVENT MAP. If you claim admin tames, and or destroy/remove parts of their base, you will be banned. If you are unsure that the tribe you are looking at is an ADMIN/Owner tribe. Join our Discord and ask in RULES AND SUPPORT SECTION - #admin-support.


Admins do not interfere in inter-tribal or Tribal business ever! Inter-Tribal - Where members of a tribe are disagreeing, or some other internal conflict in a tribe. Tribe owners kicking someone, or conflicts over ownership of tames. Tribal Business - Where two or more tribes are having some sort of issue. If you and your best bud neighbor are fighting, we won't assist until the situation gets out of hand, and or becomes griefing, or Impacts others play.


If you do not understand how to Merge, OR Join your tribes ASK! ADMINS CAN ASSIST, and or give valuable information to help you prevent loss of tames, or buildings. If you have merged or joined and lost your builds, Unfortunately we can not assist with recovering most buildings ownership.‌


Do NOT leave any tame creature on AGGRESSIVE. Any tamed creature found on AGGRESSIVE/WANDER, and MOVING outside of your base will be destroyed. ARK:Titans are NOT to be transferred off of the map they were captured on, and must be left on passive when not in use. ARK:You may leave a dino on Aggressive and Turret mode under these specific instructions, It must be encumbered to the point it can not walk in any direction. You may not use a hitching post for this setting (it stops the dino from defending) and a dino leash will NOT stop them from moving outside the ring during a server reset.


In most cases, Admins will not replace gear, items, tames, etc. If it is a Server crash we can replace tames (base lvl. not bred level) and base gear. We can not replace quality items. If your character is lost, by copying over by mistake or other Steam Cloud issues. There is not much we can do to help you. New "Death Barriers" - Many of the ARK modded maps we are using are employing the "Death Barriers", as Skybox and boundary walls that cause instant death when you or your tame collide or phase them somehow. We will NOT assist you to recover your bags or corpses. Admins will be deleted as well.


ARK: ONE Main Base Build: of 80 foundations by 80 foundations by 36 walls tall, ONE outpost base of 20 x 20 foundations by 36 walls tall, per ark server. Easements can be given for Cave Dwellers, and for unusual shaped bases on some servers. Please see an Admin concerning Easements. Ocean Rafts- if they are One of your two allowed bases, and are no more than 40 x 40 foundations. Mobile Bases (Platform Saddles & Rafts) are acceptable to use for farming and other tribal needs but when NOT in use they need to be parked near the Tribes Main base or Outpost. Absolutely NO Pillar/foundations spam in claiming land rights. Gacha Farms (ARK): We have set limits of 10 gavagers and 50 crop plots per tribe/per map. You will be unable to add more gavagers or crop plots when you hit your limit. You may construct temporary buildings for various reasons (taming/teleports/etc). However please tear it down as soon as you are done. If buildings are found over 48hrs they will be demolished upon discovery.

CONAN Exiled Land: ONE MAIN BASE of 200 x 200 foundations max, One (1) OUTPOST base of under 50 x 50 foundations. Easements can be given for unusual shaped bases on our server. Please see an Admin concerning Easements. CONAN Isle of Siptah: ONE MAIN BASE of 100 x 100 foundations max, One (1) OUTPOST base of under 50 x 50 foundations. A Wheel and 15x15 foudation place with a bedroll may be placed near a Wild Surge spawn point. Do not block resource nodes or creature spawns while doing this. Easements can be given for unusual shaped bases on our server. Please see an Admin concerning Easements.

DARK and LIGHT: ONE Main Base of no more than 100 x 100 normal foundations. {Manor building tiles are 4x4 of the normal tiles, therefore will be limited to 25 x 25 Manor Foundations}. ONE OUTPOST of 25 x 25 in either Normal or Manor Blocks Per DNL Server. Easements can be given for unusual shaped bases on some servers. Please see an Admin concerning Easements. You may make a temporary taming place. This may be a 15 x 15 normal foundation area with a logout place. This is a temporary site and should be removed as soon as the tame/s have processed Within 24 hours in most cases. Please be courteous and pick up/demo your campfires, sleeping bags, and taming feeding troughs.

7DtD Alpha 19 10k Map: Players only have one land claim block. Which is 121 blocks big (that's huge!) All claims must be at least 80 blocks apart unless players are in Alliances. 7DtD Alpha 19 - 12k map: Players may have up to 2 Land Claim blocks concurrently connected. This constitutes ONE BASE. You may have Only one such base on the map. All claims must be at least 80 blocks apart unless players are in Alliances.

ATLAS: One Full sized base of 100 x 100 foundations. ONE small base(20 x20) with a small raft/dinghy small pier, OR TWO Ships with BEDS in each non-Permanent Shard. Easements can be given for unusual shaped bases on some shards. Please see an Admin concerning Easements.


Ark Cluster: ANY ARTIFACT CAVE, or the Pathways to the Obelisks. Island: Penguin Island, Hidden Lake. Center: Floating Island SE: All Oil or Water wells should be open or in an admins tribe. Aberration: Keep the waterways clear for Boat traffic & leave gas collectors open. Ragnarok: The giant beaver dam & metal cave, OIL WELLS must be left unlocked or Owned by an ADMIN. Extinction: Sunken Forest Beaver Lake, Do not block the spawns in the middle of the lake. Build back from the water's edge. Any city terminal must be treated like a public transmitter. DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS TO THEM. you may enclose in a base but that area must remain accessible to the public via a gate system. Valguero: Any Cave that leads to the Fertile Chamber area. Any Cave that leads to the Underground Ocean. Within 10 Foundations of a Deinonychus Nesting Area. Genesis: Caves in the Lunar Biome and The Volcano caves, DO NOT BLOCK PATHWAYS and TRAILS IN THE SNOW BIOME! Ocean Metal Overlooks - Marked as NO BUILD with ADMIN BILLBOARDS. Crystal Isles: LEAVE the OIL WELLS OPEN 61.26 -49.79, SILICON PEARL AREA 41 x41, RARE FLOWER AREA 57 X 24, SULFUR AREA 48.1 X 57.2, Do not block the Metal nodes. Crystal nodes are not included in this map. Do not build within 10 foundations or use a S+ tek trough near the Crystal Wyvern Nesting area. Fjördur: The Shimmering Halls (Do not Build area - Dungeon) Lat. 08.9, Lon. 62.6 The Old Kingdom (Do Not Build Area - Dungeon) Lat. 86.2, Lon. 5.3 The Frozen Fortress (Do Not Build Area - Dungeon) Lat. 8.7, Lon. 24.5 Hyrrhel Dungeon (Do Not Build Area - Dungeon) Lat. 21.2, Lon. 57.5 More areas as we identify them. If the cave has an artifact its a safe bet DON'T build in the cave. Ebenus Astrum:____ Hope:____ Olympus:____ EVENTMAP: Players may not build on the Event Map. Also do not Claim any claimable dino left on the map.

Conan Exiled Lands: Do NOT Build on The tops of the Mini-Boss Caves: Bin-Yakin's Seal, Jhil's Roost, Lockstone Cave, The Scraps, Weaver's Hollow, Skittering Cavern. Do NOT Build in any NPC camp or block the spawn of any Key Quest NPC's. Do not build above the NPC camps or in caves below a NPC camp. Conan Isle of Siptah: Do not build on or near Ley Lines, or Surge mounts, & VAULTS. Do NOT build more than 100 foundations into the MAELSTROM ZONE. The default settings prevent building within the deep Maelstrom. (Please note as we progress with the Isle of Siptah more prohibited areas may be added.)

Dark and Light: The Path: Do not build on the Floating Islands. The Shard: Do not Block the Walkways with builds.

7DtD Alpha 19 - 10k map: Please DO NOT do massive Damage to the buildings, IE blow them to rubble. DO NOT BUILD IN CITY or POI building areas.

7DtD Alpha 19 - 12k map: Please DO NOT do massive Damage to the buildings, IE blow them to rubble. DO NOT BUILD IN CITY or POI building areas.


Do not Block the way to Resource Nodes, POI’s, Beach fronts, Mission Areas, Boss Arenas, and Pathways to other parts of the Server Maps. Do not block large groups of resources (5 or more nodes)(any game platform) Any type of a building foundation, fence foundation, or place-able item within 10 blocks of the resource/spawn will kill the spawn area. Beach Fronts, River edges, Pathways that lead to a new map area: Please make sure there is enough room for others to pass your property, either make a path through your base or make sure there is sufficient area surrounding your fences for others to pass to the new areas. Restrictions for Conan Exiled Lands & The Isle of Siptah All land claims in Conan Exiles reach from the Map Ceiling to the Below ground Axis in a 100 foundation wide arc outside the edge of your base. Which means your builds can and will block spawns in caves under your builds, as well as those under the shadow of the walls of your base or in the air. So restrict your building to prevent loss of large groupings of resource nodes, NPC camps, Ley lines, Surge drop areas, Surge Altars, POI's, and Creature/Boss spawns. POI's include, NPC villages, Quest NPC's, Lore Notes, Artifacts, Glyph monuments, Ghosts, Books or Tomes, Vista Points, Ley lines, Surge Drops, and Surge Altars, & Vaults. Do not build in, on, or within 100 foundations of any of these items.


It is the responsibility of the Player to make sure they refresh all timers on the servers they play on. If you do have a situation occur where you need help, please think about getting a tribe/clan mate. Anything that is claimable/demo-able can and will be cleared up by the other residents of the Servers. Or residents can send a message to the admins for a removal of a demo-able claim. Only ADMIN or OWNER claims are off limits.

ARK; Augmented ARK Decay timers are in effect, including Dino tames, which means your wood and adobe times out the same time as your Dino does. A Dino times out in 12 days. S+ Thatch building pieces timeout in 4 days auto decays in 6. S+ Adobe building pieces timeout in 8 days auto decays in 12. S+ Wood building pieces timeout in 8 days auto decays in 12. S+ Stone building pieces timeout in 12 days auto decays in 18. S+ Greenhouse building pieces timeout in 15 days auto decays in 22.5. S+ Metal building pieces timeout in 16 days auto decays in 24. S+ Tek building pieces timeout in 20 days auto decays in 30.

CONAN EXILES (Both Servers): Connecting more and higher-quality building materials will increase the total available decay timer, up to a maximum of 15 days(shows as 360 hours). To share in the decay timer, structural pieces must be connected. A small building (especially if T1) will not get the full 15 day timer. As soon as possible build with T3 and up items. Altars provide a massive boost to decay time (both limit and time left) on smaller buildings. Placeables will share the timer of a nearby structure if they are within 1 meter. (the width of one foundation block) They do not have to be on foundations. Equipping a repair hammer or pressing Tab will allow a player to view the remaining decay time on a structure. (360 hours divided by 24 hours = 15 days [this is Real LIFE time]) After the decay timer has elapsed (decay will read 0:00, the state listed in the event log is called "abandoned"), a 24-hour grace period will begin. During this time, any player may activate it and select "demolish" to destroy the structure. After 24 hours, the structure will disappear. Isle of Siptah - Things built within the arc of the Maelstrom will decay at twice the rate normal items do. We have prohibited building deeper within the Maelstrom than 100 foundations from the outer edge, due to this mechanic. You have been warned, no replacement for any buildings or followers left in the Maelstrom.

DARK and LIGHT: Admins have tested and are UNABLE to change the vanilla decay rate. Sorry guys, We tried! Framework - 3 days or 72 hours Straw - 3 days or 72 hours. Wood - 4 days or 96 Hours. Stone - 5 days or 120 Hours. Iron - 7 days or 168 Hours. Manor - 15 days or 360 Hours.

7DtD Alpha 19 12k Map: Land Claims last for 14 Days and are fully protected during those 14 days, At 14 days decay begins and then claims are unprotected.

7DtD Alpha 19 10k Map: Land Claims last for 21 Days and are fully protected during those 21 days, At 21 days decay begins and then claims are unprotected.

ATLAS: Land Claims last for 7-12 days.


Rules are subject to common sense!

These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement.

Failure to follow these rules will result in being removed from the community! Please follow all of the RULES found HERE: as well as the below specific rules!

#1. This is PVE-P.

Player VS Environment - vs other Players with a Mutual Agreement to War. ORP- Online Raid Protection which also applies to any walker or build left on the map when the player is OFFLINE. We play as an alliance of several small tribes. With a Mutual Aggression Pact (See #2) Currently there is no way of turning off player damage, so please don't attack each other (ORP), UNLESS YOU HAVE A M.A. Pact.


Mutual Aggression is where two or more clans have officially agreed to WAR. HOW WE ARE DOING THIS: Two or more tribes agree to WAR, they will make a written agreement in the Global or Discord channel. If in Global they need to SCREENSHOT the agreement and post in the DISCORD #finding-the-last-oasis Channel.

#4. High Quality spawns.

No one tribe or player owns any HQ location. Do not block everyone from farming them. Take turns and help each other protect them. You are encouraged to, but not required to share their location. Marking a spot with a small crate or a fire-pot is allowed. JUST DON'T block the site for other players. We have a map with most locations known posted in the links section below.

#5. Proxy Walkers:

ARE allowed. Do not block quality resources, Do Not block POI or the TRADER.

#6. Ancient Fabricators:

Stealing fragments/tablets from the Fabricator is prohibited.

#7. Reporting Players:

Please bring all reports To @The PACK ADMIN TEAM via the Support form, Prior to reporting Players on the Donkey Crew System. Allow our team to Decide if the player requires us to handle the transgression LOCALLY or if need be take it to the OFFICIAL SYSTEM.


  1. YOU MUST SCREENSHOT OR PASTE THIS INTO THE #finding-the-last-oasis Channel in our Discord.

  2. Your clans are allowed 24hours for war.

  3. Clans will receive a 24 hour period of ORP where NO other Clan can propose war with you.

Rules are subject to change as the game and game play changes. Admins Reserve the right to change the rules as needed.


1.) Events timing are solely at the discretion of the Supervising Admin.

2.) Please Plan ahead and have the Event Map downloaded and your "toon" on the map at least 15 mins in advance of the stated start time.

3.) All event tames are Neutered/spayed so please refrain from attempting to breed them.

4.) Please do not try and remove the Event tame from the area or map that you are participating in an event on. Doing so is a Server kick up to a 3 day ban. Any one caught in possession of an event Tame given out during an event, but taken from the event, or hidden, will be Tame wiped. A second offense is a Full BAN.

5.) Always listen to the ADMIN in CHARGE and any other Admins or Patreon Adjuncts assisting with the event. Do not talk over them in voice channels. Anyone that pushes the limits with behavior can be Server Kicked, Discord Muted, and/or a 3 day ban on that map.

IN CLOSING: We are doing this to show, you our Supporters and our Players how much we appreciate you being here. Please show us you care for our admin team by behaving at the events we plan for you.