Directory for all the different Rule sets for each of the different platforms.

Rules are subject to common sense!

These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement. Failure to follow these rules will result in being removed from the community!

We work on a "Three Strikes You're OUT" basis.

Strike One: You and your Tribe/Clan get a warning. This can be Slept tames to Us removing the offending objects or tames. And a Sign informing you of the offense.

Strike Two: We have to talk to you about a new rule or you broke the same one again. You can be Dino wiped, Pets removed or builds removed up to a Temp BAN.

Strike Three: We are done and you are Perm Banned. Strike Three: We are done and you are Perm Banned. Furthermore, If someone is a participant of our Discord, and/or a Player on our Servers, A ban on Discord may also be pursued on the Server Cluster.


We are all adults here, and know how to act. Let's make a happy safe place to enjoy games to play!


Do not bully, disrespect, or grief ANYONE either in any game or in our Discord. Racist remarks, or things that can be construed as sexual harassment are TABOO, either in server global chat or in our Discord. ANY OF THESE ACTIONS will be considered Griefing. If reported to admins you can be temp suspended for 5 days. Continued Griefing of this type will lead to more serious reprimands.


Our Conan Exiles PvE servers are both an ADULT SERVER (IE. AGE 18+). Anyone who joins has to understand that there will be FULL NUDITY, as well as coarse humor, and rough language, and some sexual content. If this is not for you, Thank you for your interest, but we may not be the BEST FIT for you. Our ARK Cluster, Dark and Light, 7Days, Subsistence, Outlaws, Valheim servers are NC-17. Be aware that Cussing or other rough language, less than tasteful tribe/clan/house/company/ IGN names, are tolerated.