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The PACK Gaming!
We are an adult gaming community, and enjoy finding quality players to join our gaming adventures.

Welcome to The Pack Gaming Group.

We are an adult gaming community, and we are looking for quality players to join our adventures. We have an active and friendly Admin Team to assist your gaming endeavors. We currently Host an ARK PvE Cluster of 15 maps, Conan Exiles/Isle of Siptah PvE, Dark and Light - The Shard and The Path, Two different 7 Days to Die Alpha 19, Outlaws of the Old West PvE, Valheim PvE-P, and Subsistence-PvE-P .
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We offer a cluster of 16 maps of varying styles all for your ARK Play style. INCLUDING the NEW Genesis 2! Our cluster is Beginner friendly! With a Helpful and active admin team! We are modded for the best QoL. We have added true Structures Plus. Death Recovery as well as recovery at an Awesome Teleport pad, so you can find your lost gear. With Jp's ARK Tweaks we can provide a customized stack and weight for our improved harvest rates, a flyer buff and colored dinos. JP's provides some new dinos, A breed-able wild Alpha Ankylo, Tek Giga, tek mosa, tek triceratop, and Brachiosaurus, Styracasuarus, and Stygimoloch. Three special dinos, the Yunicorn, Royal Otter, and Jenari Jerboa! Artifact and Element transfer and Super Spyglass comes with this extended mod. Eco's RP Decor for the homey touch in your cabin. Awesome Teleporters an improvement on the normal and S+ teleporters. As well as providing our players with chips that when used on a dino make them able to be returned to base when lost. You will be able to cross transfer to any map in our system. We also provide Ascension 4 All, so you may make a tonic to Ascend.
Our ARK Survival PvE Cluster
The PACK Gaming


We have both Exiled Lands, and Isle of Siptah.

Our Exiled Lands Server is PVE, is 3x exp, and harvest, and has custom teleport/warp system, to assist in getting around the Exiled lands faster. We provide helpful starter kit for new players. We have custom dancing thralls and various types of music at our Community center. You keep your stuff when you die! Our Level Cap is 120. Most items stack to 10k. And we use the Age of Calamitous to provide more endgame content.
Our Isle of Siptah will have a different set of mods to allow for QoL play. The Server is PVE, has 1.5x exp, and 3x harvest, and has custom teleport/warp system, to assist in getting around the Island faster. Stacks will be 1000k. Less building placement issues, Specialized glass building set, and fashionista for vanity purposes. We have added a Level progression mod and Pippi Kits for the custom points. Our new level is 300 max with a total of 620 att./630 feat points.
Conan Exiles PvE Servers
The PACK Gaming

7 DAYS TO DIE ALPHA19 Servers:

Our 7DTD Alpha 19 10k servers, Mega City and Circle City, have boosted rates to enhance QOL for our players. It has 200% XP, 200% Loot, and you do not lose your stuff when you die. We offer two unique maps that no other gaming group has. Friendly fire is disabled if you're in a party with another player to make group play more enjoyable.
7 DtD Alpha 19 PvE Servers
The PACK Gaming

Dark and Light PvE WITH both The SHARD and The Path available.

In this fantasy sandbox survival MMORPG, players will have the power to change their claimed land and ecosystem with magic. Our current rates are 2x Experience, 3x Harvest, 15x Taming. Specialized weight for both tame and player. Current MOD Pack is posted on the platforms page, this is subject to change as we experience more of the game and define what we feel is the best gameplay.
Dark and Light PvE Servers.
The PACK Gaming

Our Partnership: DomiNATION Atlas 3x3 PvE Server.

This is a PVE server with 9x70 slots, with an Auto Updater to keep the mods up to date, and Daily Restarts at 6am Eastern. The Server offers: Custom Item Stacks where most items stack to 5k, the weight is down by 90%. Your personal crafting items can be built in the Better Smithy as well. Make your own town and Rp area with Chronicles RP Town Builder and Peachy Ship Decor. And Light it up with Lanterns and Torches Galore. For the Ship builders: there is Snapping Shipyards, Regenerating Ships and Super Weight sails to make any voyage better.
The PACK Gaming

Subsistence PVE

Subsistence is a sandbox, first person, multiplayer, PvE/PvP open-world survival game. Using Alpha 54 settings. You will struggle to build a base and gear-up in the hostile environment. Defend yourself from wildlife and AI hunters - enabled with no revenge attacks, (who also build bases in the world). Progress your base technology for advanced item crafting and upgrades. Difficulty is set to Easy here, with a year passing in 24 hours Real time.
The PACK Subsistence PvE-P Server
The PACK Gaming

Outlaws of the Old West

Outlaws of the Old West is a massively multiplayer survival MMO with a huge world, thousands of items and a modular building system. Multiple biomes and changing weather affect not only the types of resources you can harvest, but also the animals you encounter. The scale of the environment and harsh climates will challenge the player's knowledge of the land and ability to survive. Launching with an initial massive play area of 144km^2 that will only get larger it's easy to get lost in the wilderness.
Outlaws of the Old West PvE-P Server
The PACK Gaming


Explore ~ A beautiful, procedural-generated world awaits you. Venture into deep dark forests, climb snow-peaked mountains and marvel at lush valleys. Take to the seas on a mighty longship, but be wary of sailing too far...
Build ~ Raise your own viking mead halls, houses, castles, and more with our powerful construction interface. From knarrs to imposing warships, build legendary vessels to conquer the seas and discover new lands.
Conquer ~ Battle the mythical beasts of the tenth world and animal wildlife in punishing dodge & block based combat.
Valheim Modded PvE-P Server
The PACK Gaming
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