Conan Exiles - Savage Wilds PVE

Savage Wilds is a passionately detailed full-size map mod that offers an expansive land for players who wish to explore, build, and adventure. The map houses roughly 29 square kilometer of playable space Vs. Exiled Lands (about 31), and is approximately 1.3GB in size. Among the map features, players will find a new fast-travel system, better purges, new NPC factions, RP-support locations, and a mercantile system, and full recipe availability with the exception of Map-rooms and some Siptah recipes. There are also three new factions to encounter, conquer, or overcome: the Hyperboreans, Hyrkanians, and Clan Culann.

All recipes from the Exiled Lands (except for the Map-room) are available on The Savage Wilds map. In addition, most of the Siptah recipes are as well!

Shima the Caravaneer will grant you access to different key locations on the map, as long as you have the money to pay for it. Discover all her locations for a fast-travel-fiesta!

The purges on the Savage Wilds are guaranteed to have thrallable humans in them. No animal-only purges.

Be it imp-raids on NPC settlements, meteor storms, sunken wrecks or lost kittens, events in the Savage Wilds give an extra flavor to the map. These events are an opt-in system and have to be activated in order for them to run. In addition to this, seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas are available.
Spear-Fishing system:
Grab a javelin and collect fish through active gameplay rather than waiting for fish-traps to collect them for you!
Hazards system:
Off by default, this allows server-admins to make their servers a bit more dangerous by having random heatwaves, freezes and a variety of destructible hazards placed in the world.
Gate system:
Savage Wilds is self-sustaining in the teleportation department, allowing admins to place their own gates and define a target location for them.

The Delving system from Siptah is active in the Exiled Lands as well. You may find Eldarium in rare chests in camps to use towards this purpose.

Meet the Hyrkanian Outriders, the Hyperboreans and Clan Culann. One of these is friendly. And it's not the Hyperboreans. The savage Hyperboreans have claimed large parts of the northern territories, and you enter their domain on pain of death. Louhi, the Witch-queen rules her warriors with an iron fist. The Hyperboreans are much too Savage to be thralled. The Outriders of Hyrkania have claimed parts of the western part of the map where they search the surrounding area for foals for their warriors. The Cimmerians of Clan Culann have been forced out of their home. Where they have gone, only few know. The Crimson Tide is group of pirates that are ravaging the very south of the Savage Wilds.

The Savage Wilds extends support to RP communities by having dedicated areas for admin-buildable spaces.

The Savage Wilds features a Dungeon Hub accessible from Shima. This location is a large area where players can explore dungeon content.

Vendors in The Savage Wilds accept all manners of coin for their wares and will automatically give you change back. No need to have the exact amount of change in your inventory. Corrupted Stone is a separate recipe on Savage Wilds. You can learn it for free.

The Savage Wilds houses four themed adventure locations. These are not dungeons and can be built in. Shima has also set up shop in or near these locations. Explore the Savage Wilds to find them all. The locations are: The Volcano The Last Refuge The Ruins of Xun'Sha The Lost Valley

No Mans Land is an open playable (but not buildable) space where you can explore, find secrets, fight powerful bosses and of course, get new recipes and loot. This dungeon hub grants access to a number of dungeons, as listed below: The Sunken Forge The Blackblood Crypt The Lost Atheneum The Engineers Prison The House of Vala The Halls of the Voidforge You can access the No Man’s Land area through Shima, who will escort you there in exchange for Bronze Coins. In addition, Savage Wilds has a number of caves and instances that you might call dungeons, such as the Tomb of the Atlantean King spread across the map.

Conan LOGIN Issues Connect to the server by using the 'Direct Connect' button in the in-game server browser, and providing the following address:

Conan Exiles :: Savage Wilds

Community Center is on

PvE VAC Protection Enabled. Inventory kept on death. Only the owner can loot the corpse. Non Persistent Character (No loss of inventory). Restrict PVP Building Damage Off. Player structures are indestructible. Experience 1.5 Harvest 3.0 Durability 0.7 Stamina 0.8 Resource Respawn 2.0
Our Savage Wilds Server is PVE, with 1.5x XP, and 3x Harvest, our Level Cap is 300. Attribute distribution is 1 for every 4 levels starting at level 60. Must be level 300 to fully cap out all attributes. Feats are infinite with the use of Power Fragments. Most items stack to 10k. You do not persist in the world after log out and no loss on death.
We try to provide the best environment to build the base of your dreams. So we have chosen a limited but satisfactory grouping of QoL mods that provide the best overall playing experience for your CONAN Exiles experience, but also balanced with the knowledge that load times are important too!.
Included with Savage Wilds is a custom teleport/warp system, we have also added warps to assist in getting around Savage Wilds faster. We provide a helpful starter kit for new players. We offer a schedule of events monthly for fun and enjoyment. We have added a Level progression mod and Pippi Kits for the custom points.

You, our patreon’s will still have your tags on this server. And we have created a web of Player and Patreon warps. You will still be able to call or teleport others to you as per your patreon tier level.

Steam Workshop::The Pack Savage Wilds PVE Server
Created by Joshtech ID: 880454836 Version : 3.9.1 Update Notes > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= =======
ModControlPanel Created by hades Discord Link[] Mod ID: 1823412793 > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= =======
Stacksize Plus v1.8.0 (DLC compatible) Created by Testerle Mod-ID: 1396310739 > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= ======= The ultimate stack size mod. Configurable stack size, also for DLC items and items from other mods!
Sand and Stone 3.0.0 Created by shogakusha > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= ======= Sand and Stone introduces additional warm weather insulated build sets for players to explore their build imagination!
Northern Timber 3.0.0 Created by shogakusha
> DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= ======= Northern Timber is a 90 piece Tier 1 build set designed to be a better visual fit in the northern areas. It offers minor Cold Insulation. The set is designed to allow upgrade from Sandstone T1. Now includes a Snowy Thatch Roof option!
Immersive Armor (3.0) Created by Cookiejar
Join our DISCORD [] to stay up to date with development, ask questions or request help with any issues! > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= ======= The Immersive Armors mod adds a total of 400+ new items to the game, varying from armor, epic armor, weapons and a totally new concept to Conan Exiles: accessories and jewelry. We have quivers for the archers, civilian clothes for the civilians and some heavy armor with horns for the edgelords! Immersive Armors attempts to stay true to the Conan lore and aesthetics and almost all weapons, armor and accessories of the mod is created or inspired by original assets from the game. This way, the mod size and server load stays low.
Purely Cosmetic All armor and weapons in this mod are from here on out purely cosmetic. They will have no stats or weather benefits. New Crafting Table There's a crafting table called Illusionist Bench. You'll be able to craft all items of this mod in it and put illusions on your armor and weapons, too. New Reagent In order to craft the new armor, weapons etc. you will require Illusion Residue. This reagent is crafted in the new crafting table with stone and plant fiber. In order to craft any armor/weapons, you will require a wooden wand, also craftable for 200 wood. Staves Age of Sorcery introduces staves to practice sorcery. I've added several staves and a wand and will be adding more in the future. My staves are purely cosmetic, they do not cast sorcery. In order to cast sorcery with them you need to put them on the Arcane Staff as an illusion. They will still give the hold staff animation, which just looks cool. Dye Maps Funcom decided to change things to materials again. Unfortunately this means that I've had to re-map all dye maps. This means that sometimes if you dye leather, you'll also dye plate and vice versa. Full List of Items Here
Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded - v2.3.7 Created by Multigun > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= =======
Beyond Stations Created by Cateyes > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= ======= This is a mod I decided to make because of the struggle with multiple stations we encounter in game.-In this mod, you will find a total of 20 stations for now.
Fashionist v4.3.2 Created by Testerle Mod-ID: 1159180273 > FEATURES <=============== ============= =========== ========= =======
Improved Quality of Life 3.4.7 Created by Emberlight Mod ID: 2275543723 Questions? Feedback? Join us on Discord! > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= ======= Welcome to the Steam Workshop home of the Improved Quality of Life mod, also known as IQOL
LBPR - Additional Features - v7.1.7 Created by Multigun > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= =======
Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.32 Created by Multigun > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= =======
Decay Away v1.9 Created by Wyntr Witch
> DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= ======= ADMINS: No-Decay/Damage PlaceablesPLAYERS: Max Decay Timer Placeables
Unlock Plus 1.5.3 Created by Testerle Mod-ID: 877108545 > FEATURES <=============== ============= =========== ========= ======= Locking Capabilities
Savage Wilds 1.4.1 Created by WildCypher Mod ID: 2377569193 > DESCRIPTION <=============== ============= =========== ========= =======

The below is a universal copy of the MOD ORDER modlist that goes into the MODS folder in Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah sandbox file. Please see instructions here:

Where in Hyboria are the Savage Wilds located? Like the Exiled Lands, the Savage Wilds map is technically too small with the spread of biomes to fit on any "real world" map. The lore of the Savage Wilds was kept non-specific to allow server admins and storytellers to make their own lore
Can I capture the Hyperboreans to use as thralls? No, they cannot be captured. They would have a terrible time getting through doors and narrow passages.
Where can I find the <NPCs/items/recipes/etc> on the map? Can I find <xxx> resource on the map? All resources from the base game can be found on the map. There is an interactive map created by Otterly pinned HERE. Finding some things will still come down to good old exploration.
Why am I seeing Wrong Version when I try to log onto the server? Both the server and the client need to be updated after an update for the game or any mod. If Steam has successfully updated on the player's account, the server needs to be updated. Please let your admin know and give them time to update their server.
The Vendor shows "Out of stock" for the item I want to purchase. When do the Vendors restock? Vendors check to restock approximately each hour - but that's when the next "random chance" happens. It may take longer. For example: A vendor might have a 15% chance of selling a Steel Pick, and if it's not available, the next hour, there'll be another 15% of it coming into stock.
Does the Savage Wilds map have less life / variety / npc camps that the exile land map? There are 8 human tribes on the Savage Wilds map (not counting the unthrallable Hyperboreans), which is the same amount as the Exiled Lands.
We have 95% of the wildlife from Exiled Lands and in addition a fair amount of the Wildlife from Siptah, so variety-wise Savage Wilds has much more variety than either one of the FC maps.
However - it's absolutely true that Savage Wilds is less densely populated than Exiled Lands - this is on purpose. It's much easier for admins to put extra population into the map than to remove it.
Mobs on Savage Wilds seem to be giving out huge XP rewards Funcom also has a built-in limiter to cap Level Gains to a max of 2 levels from any single XP source. This may be broken by some Level Cap Increase mods, allowing for unanticipated rapid level gains.
Awarded XP is also divided among the players and their thralls involved in the fight. You solo, get all XP, you and thrall, each get 50% of the XP.
Are there dungeons on the Savage Wilds map? When it comes to dungeons and bosses...:
We have the bosses from the Exiled Lands (minus the Winecellar endboss and the Dregs boss) but they're either placed in the world, or placed in what some people would call Dungeons, but personally, I think of them more as smaller combat areas. For example, we have a place called the Tomb of the Atlantean King, that has two bosses in it, but it's not as large as the dungeons on Exiled Lands.
There are now a number of dungeons available within a complete Dungeon Hub area where you can explore, find secrets, fight powerful bosses and of course, get new recipes and loot.
The Dungeon Hub, which we call "No Mans Land", as an homage to Icy and his community is where you can find the following unique locations:
  • The Sunken Forge, by Snowhunter and Icy
  • The Blackblood Crypt, by WildCypher
  • The Lost Atheneum, by WildCypher
  • The Engineer's Prison, by WildCypher
  • The House of Vala
  • No Man's Land dungeon-hub, by WildCypher
Each of these areas provide lore, challenges and encounters - we hope you enjoy No Mans Land - bring a big sword!
How do I get to the No Man's Land Dungeon hub? & Is there a map of the Dungeon Hub? When I hit 'M' I get nothing useful The No Man's Land dungeon hub is accessible from Shima. Like the Adventure Zones, there is no map available for the Dungeon Hub. Consider it part of the challenge!
Can I build in the No Man's Land Dungeon Hub zone? Nope, no building, thralls or bedrolls can be placed within the Dungeon Hub. There are internal respawn points in the event of death.
I have killed a handful of Bosses and looted their keys, yet I have not found a chest for the keys near them. Are these chest located else where? Or am I just blind? On Savage Wilds, all the chests are in the Queen's Tomb, so it's a single location to stop people from accidentally stopping the chests from spawning by building close to them.
What are the Adventure Zones? Adventure zones are special hidden areas that have encounters and secrets and treasures and stuff in them, but they're typically much bigger than your average dungeon.
In total there are 3 adventure zones (The Volcano, The Ruins of Xun'Sha and the Last Refuge), and there are a number of caves and other locations like the Atlantean Tomb and the Cistern that can be explored for more dungeon-style content, and other locations suitable for bosses like the Graveyard.
Where is the Volcanic forge? and the Forge Of the First Men? The Volcanic Forge is available inside the Sunken Forge dungeon. Now that the Volcanic Forge exists within the confines of No Mans Land, the recipe for smelting Composite Obsidian in your base Furnace is no longer available on Savage Wilds. The Volcanic Forge on Savage Wilds can also be used to craft recipes that would normally require the Forge Of the First Men!
Where are the Scourgestone, Tears of Two Races, Shining Trapezohedron, Star of the Champion, Mask of the Witch Queen, Diadem of the Giant Kings? Petrusco the sandstorm maniac, The Jagged Scourgestone piece, The Shattered Scourgestone piece, The Broken Scourgestone piece can now be found on Savage Wilds
This is because there are now used for the completed Scourgestone on Savage Wilds
Louhi drops the Mask of the Witch Queen.
The remaining items are not within the Savage Wilds map. Those are all items specific to the lore of the Exiled lands.
Is <Named_Thrall> on the Savage Wilds map? Savage Wilds uses the base game spawn tables so NPCs available in base game should have a chance to spawn on Savage Wilds. If you are looking for specific details on location you should check out the INTERACTIVE MAP
Check the Conan Exiles Wiki for base game thrall info or to verify if the thrall you are looking for is base game. OFFICIAL CONAN EXILES WIKI Another good site for thrall information is
Do player Foundations or Builds stop Savage Wilds Events from triggering? No, player Foundations and Buildings will not prevent Savage Wilds Events from triggering.
Event locations on Savage Wilds were set up in what should be 'no player build' areas, like defined NPC encampments. This was both to minimize impact to existing player structures and to reduce the chance of player builds interfering with the Event.
Are the Eldarium-reinforced Chest or Eldarium-reinforced Brazier recipes on Savage Wilds? Those recipes are not on Savage Wilds. They are actually DLC specific content and so not available to us as modders. They are available in specific Loot drops created by your Admin team via Pippi.
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