Dark and Light ~ The PATH
The Sacred Path
"The shattered remains of the mother planet Gaia float in stark contrast against the sky on nearby satellite planet, Archos, serving as inescapable evidence of the dark forces surrounding the world. As a lone explorer in the wilderness, you must learn to understand the terrain, natural resources, as well as how to domesticate the local creatures and build a home. You will need to harness and control the magical energy that courses through the planet, or you risk being consumed by the looming darkness that permeates throughout the planet."
The Sacred Path ~ Map
The Sacred Path ~ Resource map

This Mod adds spawn points on The Sacred Path for many of the creatures from the Shard of Faith DLC, and adds new hunter vendors in the cities where you can purchase the saddles and suppression stones for them. Also, you can now additionally harvest Crimson Ore from Darkstone Nodes.

Snowfoxes and Piglings - Spawns near the 3 main cities. Piglings can be scattered through several of the forests near the cities as well. Uillip - Spawns in the ruins near the 3 main cities as well as the ruins near the Snow Mountains. (The ones near the human city like to run down to the beach and play with Rabbits) Kasha - Spawns in many of the forests and can also be found on the plains as well. Bufo - Spawns in rivers scattered throughout the map. (Currently their spawn has been reduced and can be found mostly in deeper rivers) Dharkhu - Spawns in the mountains, the higher you go, the more there are. (Spawn rate is slightly lower than originally set) Overseer - Spawns in the forests (near cities as well) and in the lower mountains. Scarab - Spawns on the beaches and some cliffs near the ocean. Boglord (Withered Treant) - Spawns in and around the Moors. (Mushroom forest) Spectre - Spawns in Death forest and The Shipwreck. Pretty much anywhere reapers spawn naturally. (Spawn rate is reduced on the main continent and increased at the shipwreck) Ice Golem - Spawns almost everywhere Earth Elementals spawn. (Half of the current Earth Elementals have been converted to Ice Golems to ensure balance) Dune Threshers - Spawns near the beaches and the base of Volcano Island. Owl - Spawns near the base of mountains and near most Unicorn spawn points. (Currently slightly low) Ice Dragon - Ice Dragon Spawn has been added to the top of the Largest Snow Mountain as a Rare. (Please keep an eye out for any overpopulation since they do tend to wander and allow more to spawn eventually.)

The hunter Vendors have twins now that sell the suppression stones for Uillip and Overseers. As well as the saddles for Bufo, Kasha, and Dharkhu. They sell the saddles at roughly the same donation amount as Panther Saddles. -Hunter Vendors have been updated to sell items required to Revive Uillip and Overseers. (Tetrachromat Beads, Shade Essence, Crystalline Eye Beam, Smoldering Core) The vendors also share Development status with the current Hunter Vendors. So if you donate to either one they both will receive the development towards purchases. (The new vendors do not purchase any items, they do sell some of the same stuff as the originals, extra feed and the such) The new vendors look like the current hunter vendors and are very close to their originals so they are easy to find.
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