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Dark and Light ~ THE SHARD

The Shard of Light

"The first expansion to Dark and Light, Shard of Faith, features Adventurers’ expedition to Ganareth’s Shard for the purpose of stopping the corruption that encroaches mother planet Gaia. Adventurers will uncover new power of mysterious Faith, and fight against the forces of darkness with the help of ancient God and deities."

The Shard

Shard of Faith provides a entirely new map: Garaneth’s Shard ● With the cross scene and cross plane feature, it expands and supplements the larger universe of Dark and Light. (Currently Cross Plane is unavailable due to difficulties with duplicate abuse) ● New races are brought in. As adventurers build up a relationship with these races, they will be able to model after the esteemed heroes amongst these races, and use their heroes’ abilities. ● A new magical taming system allows adventurers to tame and summon creatures with magical circle. ● Improvement on the core system, including Quest system, Knowledge system, as well as optimization and adjustment to character death drop.

The Shard ~ Resources