How to Support The PACK!

Support our Community!

A Bit About Our Community!

With our supporter contributions, we currently run a public cluster of all original ark maps (Island, Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero, Crystal Isles), as well as several modded maps(Ebenus Astrum, Hope, Olympus, Amissa, Fjordur, and our Event Map). 15 ark maps in total as a cluster! All of our ark servers run 7 mods to improve the quality of life for our players. Our Ark Patreon's receive generous perks while in game.

As well as our ark servers, we run a pair of modded Conan Exiles servers, our Conan patreon's receive patreon perks of special warps, and thralls/or pets, check out the various tiers for what best fits for you.

We also have other platforms, Two 7DtD Alpha 19 10k maps, Dark and Light - both map and DLC, an Atlas 3x3, a Last Oasis server, and a discord Pokemon Go Club.

You can support us by:

  • Playing on our servers and hanging around in our Discord! Without you there's no community, so thank you for being there!

  • Donating a monthly amount to our Patreon page. You'll help us with covering monthly server costs and growing our community by reaching new goals. As a bonus you get rewards.

Further support includes expanding the Ark servers, but also running servers for other games. Thank you so much for your support!

Our Patreon Perks!

Prohibited creatures.


Alpha Predators which include the Heir Crystal wyvern.


Brute Creatures


Corrupted Creatures


Enraged Creatures


GachaClaus or other Holiday event type dinos.



Large Ferox (Wild)




Reaper Queen

Bosses and Overseers

Any specific dinosaur spawned in by the bosses.

Any dinosaur spawned within Genesis Missions.

Specific Nontameable dinosaurs found in the following caves:

Most cave dinos are at a 2x base or higher. Therefore unavailable as a patreon dino.

Swamp Cave

Snow Cave (e.g. Yeti)

Tek Cave

Old Tunnels

Grave of the Tyrants

Ruins of Nosti

Old Railway Cave (Excluding Glowtail)

Hidden Grotto

Elemental Vault

Desert Cave

Forest Cave

Ice Cave


Bat, dolphin, Whale (Blue Whale, Sperm Whale)

Anglerfish • Catfish • Eel • Manta ray • Marlin • Sea Bass • Shark • Tuna

Cobra • Crocodile • Rattlesnake •

Cyclops • Drake • Fire Elemental • Gorgon • Hydra • Kraken • Leatherwing • Mermaid • Rock Elemental • Abominable Snowman • Yeti

Army of the Damned • Commodities Vendor • Cosmetics Vendor • Crew Recruiter • Ferryman • Shipyardsman

Conan Exiles:

No Mini Bosses, No NPC Merchants, No NPC Standard Thralls No AOC Mini bosses, No AOC NPC characters.

Dark and Light

NO elite creatures, No Mystical creatures. List is a work in progress.