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Valheim PvE-P Server Rules

All rules found here will pertain to all of our current and future Servers. Please read and familiarize yourself with them. UPDATED 5/10/2023
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1. General Server Guidelines!

The PACK Disclaimer and Players Notice!
These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement. Failure to follow these rules will result in being removed from the community! Please follow all of the RULES found here!
We reserve the right to modify these rules in any way we deem necessary and at any moment, at our own discretion, it is your responsibility to check for them. We endeavor to Update in game and in Discord when there are significant updates.
❝Your presence in this server implies accepting these rules, including all further changes. We reserve the right to modify these rules in any way we deem necessary and at any moment, at our own discretion, it is your responsibility to check for them. ❞
Personal Responsibility & Tribal/Clan Membership
Please read through and consider the spirit of the rules, not just the specific wording. And make sure your clanmates are also aware of them as their actions can affect you. Any infraction by a player will most likely have repercussions for the entire clan. If you’re not sure your clanmates will abide by the rules you might want to reconsider your membership in that tribe/clan. And if you do not plan on playing on a specific server any more it is often best to also leave your tribe/clan there.
Admin Involvement in Tribal Affairs
If you do not understand how to Merge, OR Join your tribes ASK! ADMINS CAN ASSIST, and or give valuable information to help you prevent loss of tames, or buildings. If you have merged or joined and lost your builds, unfortunately we cannot assist with recovering most buildings ownership.‌
Admins rarely get involved in intra-tribal(things going on inside a tribe) issues and or inter-tribal(things between two tribes) issues. UNLESS the altercations escalate to the stage of griefing or harassment.
Hacks & Exploits

Hacks and exploits are not tolerated. This is a BAN first, ask questions later mater.

Real-Money Trading (RMT) - GAME items, creatures, or services must only be exchanged for other items, creatures, or services within the game. Trading for real-world currency (real money) is not an accepted form of trading and is forthwith prohibited on our cluster.
Hacks are uses of third-party programs that inject code and modify aspects of the game to provide unfair advantage against other players. Utilizing such will lead to action taken against your access to our servers and flags added to your Steam ID.
Exploits are uses and abuses of game mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players including creating a detrimental play experience through reduced server or game performance.

2. Infractions

We work on a "3 Strikes Method"
  • Strike One: You and your Tribe/Clan get a warning. This can be Slept tames to Us removing the offending objects or tames. And a Sign informing you of the offense.
  • Strike Two: We have to talk to you about a new rule or you broke the same one again. You can have creatures or buildings removed up to a Temp BAN. Temp Bans are 3 to 5 days without access to the servers.
  • Strike Three: We are done, and you are Perm Banned.
Furthermore, If someone is a participant of our Discord, and/or a Player on our Servers, A ban on Discord may also be pursued on the Server Cluster. We do not issue warnings ahead of Admin intervention. Hacking, or using Exploits and other situations deemed as extreme will be met with a permanent ban on the first offense.
Reporting Infractions
  • Our team will get back to you using the private thread provided. Please make sure you provide the best information you can at the time of your report. This means relaying as much information as you can to help our team investigate. This includes, but is not limited to, screenshots, videos, timestamps, names of characters and guilds, and a good description of the issue. To get a "CCC" use the command /whatsmyccc in any Discord Channel. You will receive a message with instructions.
  • We won’t be able to refund or return any loss of property caused by an infraction.

3. Harassment - Griefing

Treat others as you would like to be treated.
If you experience Harassment / Griefing / or observe inappropriate content in-game, please be aware that there are tools in some games to help you improve your experience such as muting. If your game does not have Muting, please fill out a ticket in our Discord (#Support-Tickets)
We Allow coarse humor, rough language, and or content. If this is not for you, Thank you for your interest, but we may not be the BEST FIT for you.
There are some offensive and defamatory chat and user-created content of racial, overtly sexual, hateful, illicit, Terrorist and criminal glorification, or of other nature DEEMED NOT PERMITED. This extends to character names, guild names, in-game signs, any other type of communication in Server.
Personal threats, doxing, stalking. Please also make sure to get in touch with the local authorities in such similar cases.
Our admin team considers all the above action types of Harassment . If reported to admins, you will receive up to a 5 day ban . Continued Harassment of this type will lead to a The PACK Gaming Server wide Ban.
Do not trespass into a base not your own, unless by accident. Nor visiting or hanging around in a base NOT yours. If someone asks you to leave, DO SO.
Do NOT, join a tribe or ask others to merge with you, for the sole purpose of stealing from the other player.
Do not take body bags not your own! If you are working in co-op with another player you may pick the items up for safekeeping, but give them back immediately upon the other players return to the area.
Do not shoot or take any creature kill, or interfere in a Boss Shrine Raid, that someone else is in the process OF killing, or doing , or One they point out that they are about to kill.
Do not KITE any Boss or high level creature into anyone else's build. Reports of such behavior will have an automatic 3 day server ban.
Our admin team considers all the above action types of GRIEFING . If reported to admins, you will receive The PACK Gaming Server wide Ban.

4. Auto-decay and Claiming

It is the responsibility of the Player to make sure they refresh all timers on the servers they play on. Anything that is claimable/demo-able can and will be cleared up by the other residents of the Servers.
Decay is Different for Valheim. Please read here: Building | Valheim Wiki | Fandom
DO NOT destroy/claim/or remove parts of ANY ADMINS, OWNERS, or Community Buildings, EVEN IF DECAYED! You will be banned. DO NOT DEMO -CLAIM A BASE NAMED any of the following variations: <name> (ADMIN); <name> (OWNER); <name> {Owner/Admin}; The PACK {Community Building}
Community Builds:
The Main PORTAL hub at the spawn point is a protected build. Please do your best to avoid any Events happening there. If they do gather any broken resources up and place in chests left there for that purpose. Contact @Narco in Discord about repairs.

5. Server Building Restrictions

Please remember that there are other players sharing the server with you. Restricting others’ access to content is not allowed beyond of course grabbing a spot for your base. This includes using building items to provide yourself with an unfair advantage at claiming loot crates, artifacts and OSD's. If you wish to reign supreme on the map and hog all the resources and enemies, please consider single player.
Building Regulations:
All Building rules are designed around a Solo Player Or a multi-player tribe. No personal bases to those that are tribe members allowed. Unless you are a solo player, and they must abide by the next two rules.
One MAIN Land Claim of no more than 100 x 100 foundations. Portals and such may be built in a building outside your claim block, no larger than a 40 x 40 block area.
Up to 4 Outpost Claims of an area of 40 x 40 Foundations will be allowed.
No Massive constructions (lets not build the Tower of Babel so something like that) or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side. Please don't overuse the hoe or pick, and create huge lag spots of disturbed terrain.
No building within RENDER range of another players build. All claims must be at least 100 blocks apart unless players are in Alliance with another clan.
No Blocking of content in the game, such as caves, dungeons, obelisks, resources and other areas of the game such as lore notes.
No Abuse of the claim system where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other players’ access to resources and building spots.
Building Specifics Allowed:
Building in/on Ruins IS allowed but do not block any entrance to other Areas. Please stay as close to the allowed base/outpost size as possible. Please do not kill every Ruin you come across, others are playing the map with you!
Cave building - IS allowed but do not block any entrance to other Areas. Please stay as close to the allowed base/outpost size as possible. Please do not kill every Ruin you come across, others are playing the map with you!
Time will not be spent to carefully remove only offending pieces. All constructions belonging to the owner (player or clan) will be destroyed. There will be no refunds of materials or inventories.

6. Valheim Server Specific rules

As the game allows for the use of loot from Single player transferred into our Server. Owners would like to ask you to please keep this withing your own guild please. We don't mind sharing between guilds but Lets attempt to let different guilds get to endgame at their pace. Thank you from the Owners.
Please be considerate of other players and do not rush through the Bosses. Game progression is tied to ALL players of a server. Not just you. Please see the below infographic for understanding.
We ask that players do Yagluth on thier own worlds, and gather the items there for progress in the MISTLANDS, as defeating Yagluth unlocks Fulings to spawn at night in the Meadows, Black Forest, and Mountain.
SEE Below Infographic on Events and Bosses they are tied to.

7. #PVE-P.

Player VS Environment - vs other Players with a Mutual Agreement to War.
ORP- Online Raid Protection which also applies to any build left on the map when the player is OFFLINE. We play as an alliance of several small tribes. With a Mutual Aggression Pact (See #Mutual Aggression Pact) Currently player damage is toggled in your inventory screen with the Straight/Crossed Swords, so please don't attack each other if you have not mutually agreed to Aggression!, (ORP).


Mutual Aggression is where two or more clans have officially agreed to WAR. HOW WE ARE DOING THIS: Two or more tribes agree to WAR, they will make a written agreement in the Global or Discord channel. If in Global they need to SCREENSHOT the agreement and post in the DISCORD #valheim-chat Channel.
  1. 1.
    YOU MUST SCREENSHOT OR PASTE THIS INTO THE #Valheim-chat Channel in our Discord.
  2. 2.
    Your clans are allowed 24hours for war.
  3. 3.
    Clans will receive a 24 hour period of ORP where NO other Clan can propose war with you.