Ark Survivor PvE Cluster Rules.

All rules found here will pertain to all of our current and future ARK Servers. Please read and familiarize yourself with them.

Rules are subject to common sense!

These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement.

Failure to follow these rules will result in being removed from the community! Please follow all of the RULES found HERE: as well as the below specific rules!


Do not bully, disrespect, or grief ANYONE. Racist remarks, or things that can be construed as sexual harassment are TABOO, in server global chat. Do not trespass into a base not your own, unless by accident. Nor visiting or hanging around in a base NOT yours. If someone asks you to leave, DO SO. Do not shoot any tame that someone else is in the process OF taming , or One they point out that they are about to tame. Our admin team considers all the above actions types of Griefing or Harassment.


When you see a base with <name> (ADMIN) this is an admin from one of our game platforms. If the base has <name> (OWNER), this is one of the Gaming Server Owners. ONLY ADMINS APPROVED BY The PACK Server Owners are allowed to have Admin in their Tribe name. Admin/Owner bases, builds, tribes and tames are OFF LIMITS to being Claimed/Demoed out. This also includes Community Builds on any Server, and the ARK EVENT MAP. Please do not destroy/remove parts or tames of ANY marked Admin/Owners base, EVEN IF DECAYED! You will be banned. If you are unsure that the tribe you are looking at is an ADMIN/Owner tribe. Join our Discord and ask in RULES AND SUPPORT SECTION - #admin-support. ​


Admins do not interfere in inter-tribal or Tribal business ever! Inter-Tribal - Where members of a tribe are disagreeing, or some other internal conflict in a tribe. Tribe owners kicking someone, or conflicts over ownership of tames. Tribal Business - Where two or more tribes are having some sort of issue. If you and your best bud neighbor are fighting, we won't assist until the situation gets out of hand, and or becomes griefing, or Impacts others play.


If you do not understand how to Merge, OR Join your tribes ASK! ADMINS CAN ASSIST, and or give valuable information to help you prevent loss of tames, or buildings. If you have merged or joined and lost your builds, Unfortunately we can not assist with recovering most buildings ownership.‌


Do NOT leave any tame creature on AGGRESSIVE. Any tamed creature found on AGGRESSIVE/WANDER, and MOVING outside of your base will be destroyed. Titans are NOT to be transferred off of the map they were captured on, and must be left on passive when not in use.You may leave a dino on Aggressive and Turret mode under these specific instructions: It must be encumbered to the point it can not walk in any direction. You may not use a hitching post for this setting (it stops the dino from defending) and a dino leash will NOT stop them from moving outside the ring during a server reset. No other setting is approved for Aggressive setting.


We will NOT assist you to recover your bags or corpses. The PACK employs two different mods that have Death Recovery properties as well as Dino recovery items. Awesome Teleporter Mod, has a option in the "E" wheel to recover items. As well as an option if you use the dino recovery chip to recover your dino. Death Recovery Mod has a headstone that can be placed in your base and used to recover the contents of your body on death. It does have a 5 min cooldown. Both are recommended to be in use in your bases for recovery of items. Anti Meshing Barriers (Skybox - Ground mesh layer-etc.) This includes the deaths while using a teleport er, Client Crashes that result in death. These incidents will not produce a bag or recoverable items in the death recovery system. Server Crashes - Wild Card - Patch related OR Mod Patch related. We will not replace gear, tames, or bases lost in a Patch related incident. We will attempt to find or help you find your character, but if it is erased in such a crash you will have to remake a new character. We will force you back into your tribe and assist with a up to five "Imprint" transfers for the new character. Admins can provide such items as they wish for helping you out of personal caches if they feel the case warrants it. Server Crashes - The Pack Server related Server crashes determined to be a physical reason within our data center, We will replace tames (base lvl. not bred level) of up to 15 tames, and base gear, 1 full suit of armor of Riot or Base Tek dependent on Character Level. If you base was removed or damaged, The Pack will provide a small Starter base of 10 x 10 box build of Metal tier with 20 gates and smithy, S+ table, Fabricator, electric generator equipment to start you back up. Please contact an admin.


ONE Main Base Build: of 80 foundations by 80 foundations by 36 walls tall, ONE outpost base of 20 x 20 foundations by 36 walls tall, per ark server. Absolutely NO Pillar/foundations spam in claiming land rights. Easements can be given for Cave Dwellers, and for unusual shaped bases on some servers. Please see an Admin concerning Easements. Ocean Rafts- if they are One of your two allowed bases, and are no more than 40 x 40 foundations. Mobile Bases (Platform Saddles & Rafts) are acceptable to use for farming and other tribal needs but when NOT in use they need to be parked near the Tribes Main base or Outpost. Absolutely NO Pillar/foundations spam in claiming land rights. Gacha Farms - As of February 15th. 2021, no base will be grandfathered, and all must comply with the Gacha Farm rules. We have set limits of 10 gavagers and 50 crop plots per tribe/per map. You will be unable to add more gavagers or crop plots when you hit your limit. DO NOT USE the S+ table to convert plots to vanilla to CIRCUMVENT our RULES. Those found with excess crop plots will be considering breaking a rule, enforcement of this rule goes into effect 15 March 2021 Awesome teleport pads and S+ teleport posts - are restricted to 3 per tribe of each. Please be wise in your use of teleporters. You may construct temporary buildings for various reasons (taming/teleports/etc). However please tear it down as soon as you are done. If buildings are found over 48hrs they will be demolished upon discovery.

Caves On maps we count as BOTH your BASES: Will get the Co-ords for these in the next day or so. Island - No caves you can build in. Center - The Underworld caves. (There are three of them.) SE - No Caves you can build in. Aberration - Ragnarok - The Lighthouse cave, The Double Sided cave above Buccaneer Bay. The Cave in the Mountains near the Volcano, Extinction - Valguero Genesis Crystal Isles

Photo courtesy of @KnownVandal

For Demonstration purposes, this is a Titanosaur with a platform saddle and 80 foundations in a row.

This image is of a base made on four of the 40x 40 ocean platforms. It is exactly 80 x 80.


Do not place a Teleporter or Bed/Foundation near ANY ARTIFACT CAVE, or the Pathways to the Obelisks. (Exception Extinction and Aberration Obelisks). Do not place a Teleporter or Bed/Foundation in any loot crate zones. Map Specifics: Island: Penguin Island, Hidden Lake. Center: Floating Island SE: All Oil or Water wells should be open or in an admins tribe. Aberration: Keep the waterways clear for Boat traffic & leave gas collectors open. Ragnarok: The giant beaver dam & metal cave, OIL WELLS must be left unlocked or Owned by an ADMIN. Extinction: Sunken Forest Beaver Lake, Do not block the spawns in the middle of the lake. Build back from the water's edge. Any city terminal must be treated like a public transmitter, you may enclose in a base but that area must remain accessible to the public via a gate system. Valguero: Any Cave that leads to the Fertile Chamber area. Any Cave that leads to the Underground Ocean. Within 10 Foundations of a Deinonychus Nesting Area. Genesis: Caves in the Lunar Biome and The Volcano caves, DO NOT BLOCK PATHWAYS and TRAILS IN THE SNOW BIOME! Ocean Metal Overlooks - Marked as NO BUILD with ADMIN BILLBOARDS. Crystal Isles: LEAVE the OIL WELLS OPEN 61.26 -49.79, SILICON PEARL AREA 41 x41, RARE FLOWER AREA 57 X 24, SULFUR AREA 48.1 X 57.2, Do not block the Metal nodes. Crystal nodes are not included in this map. Do not build within 10 foundations or use a S+ tek trough near the Crystal Wyvern Nesting area. Fjördur: The Shimmering Halls (Do not Build area - Dungeon) Lat. 08.9, Lon. 62.6 The Old Kingdom (Do Not Build Area - Dungeon) Lat. 86.2, Lon. 5.3 The Frozen Fortress (Do Not Build Area - Dungeon) Lat. 8.7, Lon. 24.5 Hyrrhel Dungeon (Do Not Build Area - Dungeon) Lat. 21.2, Lon. 57.5 More areas as we identify them. If the cave has an artifact it's a safe bet DON'T build in the cave. Ebenus Astrum:____ Hope:____ Olympus:____ EVENTMAP: Players may not build on the Event Map. Also do not Claim any claimable dino left on the map.


Do not Block the way to Resource Nodes, Beach fronts, Boss Arenas, and Pathways to other parts of the Server. Any city terminal must be treated like a public transmitter. DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS TO THEM. Do not block large groups of resources (5 or more nodes). Any type of a building foundation, fence foundation, or place-able item within 10 blocks of the resource/spawn will kill the spawn area. Beach Fronts, River edges, Pathways that lead to a new map area: Please make sure there is enough room for others to pass your property, either make a path through your base or make sure there is sufficient area surrounding your fences for others to pass to the new areas.


It is the responsibility of the Player to make sure they refresh all timers on the servers they play on. If you do have a situation occur where you need help, please think about getting a tribe/clan mate. Anything that is claimable/demo-able can and will be cleared up by the other residents of the Servers. Or residents can send a message to the admins for a removal of a demo-able claim. Only ADMIN or OWNER claims are off limits. Extended ARK Decay timers are in effect, including Dino tames, which means your wood and adobe times out the same time as your Dino does. A Dino times out in 12 days. S+ Thatch building pieces timeout in 4 days auto decays in 6. S+ Adobe building pieces timeout in 8 days auto decays in 12. S+ Wood building pieces timeout in 8 days auto decays in 12. S+ Stone building pieces timeout in 12 days auto decays in 18. S+ Greenhouse building pieces timeout in 15 days auto decays in 22.5. S+ Metal building pieces timeout in 16 days auto decays in 24. S+ Tek building pieces timeout in 20 days auto decays in 30.