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Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal. (EEWA)

This mod serves as a complimentary expansion to the main game, introducing new content, feats, systems, and much more!
EEWA, as most of you have now come to know, this mod is short for Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal. EEWA made its debut on the Steam Community on May 6, 2019 and was created by Hosav.
On top of a vast array of unique weapons, armors and items with great power and different utility, there is a number of new systems and features introduced with EEWA.
Make your character your own! In EEWA there are several features that will allow you to build your character the way you see fit.
One such feature is the Trait system, which will offer numerous different traits you can level up by performing actions related to the trait, like Barbarian that increases one handed weapon damage, you need to damage enemies with one handed weapons to level the trait. Or Demonologist which will increase your Sorcery damage which you may level up by damaging enemies with sorcery!
There is also the Gem system, which will offer a vast array of options to increase your characters power, whether it be utility, defense or offense. These can be dismantled, traded or even upgraded so you can make a build that truly fits your character.
There are a plethora of other features as well including quests, Constellations / Ascension, Waypoints, Configurable Events, Outposts that give rewards over time, Corruption Gates, Skelos Challenges, New Dialogue NPCs with Custom Dialogue menu and tons more...
Blade & Sorcery Without sorcery, Conan is not really blade & sorcery. So with EEWA there is a lore-friendly way to obtain the knowledge of Sorcery, with some races, like Stygian gaining additional trait bonuses to benefit sorcery.
Once you have obtained the knowledge to cast sorcery you may do so at the cost of mana, which is a fast replenishing resource which you need for most Sorcery.
Known Mod issues in EEWA
  • Attributes for players are still on pre-3.0 values, so you may notice you have less max HP/stamina/etc than is normal. Current workaround: admins can manually adjust attribute values in the EEWA admin settings. *Has been set by a PACK Admin*
  • Nunu's quest that requires the Witchdoctor feat cannot be completed. I suspect this is due to Funcom changing the actual feat ID#. Current workaround: admins can manually complete the quest in the quest tracking, Find NO NO she will complete it for you.
  • EEWA benches cannot be picked up, so are therefore unable to be turned in for quests. Current workaround: admins will need to implement merchants or Pippi thespians to give players the EEWA benches directly, or they can install a pick up mod on the server. Pickup mod is Currently on the server.
  • Some debuffs, such as the burning debuff from weapons (Burning legendaries, etc) are dealing much less damage than expected.
  • EEWA armor buffs/attribute bonuses have not been adjusted to 3.0 values yet. You may also notice some other things throughout the mod that also have not yet been adjusted, such as certain augment gems.
  • Mitra's Virtue no longer removes corruption.
  • Lamplight Aura does not produce light for some players. Notes: it feels random who is effected, multiple players on a single server can have different results. It feels as though the character model is blocking the light, as some players get partial light, etc.
  • Jhebbal Sag Constellation gives accuracy with light armor, which no longer exists.
  • It appears that healing spells like Mitra's Virtue and auras will apply to hostile targets if you have "No Ownership" checked in server settings. This also causes debuff auras to not apply. (thank you Burton for figuring this one out)
  • Reminder that EEWA necromancy sorcery is currently disabled, as Funcom disabled the core functionality with how it spawned entities, meaning it will need to be rewritten.
  • We are aware that Mek Kemosis is, sadly, no more
    Unfortunately, that means the quest line associated with him is now unavailable, bear with us while we figure out a new way to implement those quests.
  • Some people crash when interacting with waypoints.

EEWA Guides

EEWA’s Awesome Community Manager @Stormy, has made several in-depth guides of the different aspects of the EEWA Mod. Her guides are listed below.

EEWA Community made Guides

EEWA’s Discord Moderator Sage Wayren, has made several in-depth guides of the different aspects of the EEWA Mod. His guides are listed below.



All information is gathered from the EEWA discord ; Stormy's Guides; the Conan Exiles Wiki; and other players experiences shared on other inter-web sites!

EEWA Map Highlights!


EEWA Systems Explained in detail:

EEWA Feats Listing
EEWA feats are now divided into Tiers. Tier 1 through 3 for EEWA and offer additional bonuses depending on their tier. This also gives the player the flexibility to learn the feats they want for the weapons of their choosing. Certain feats will still have requirements before you can unlock the next feat, however with this system it means that you don't need to learn each feat in a linear progression.
You will always be required to learn Star Obsidian Arsenal, this is your base feat. This is considered your Tier 0 feat and it can be unlocked at level 80 (unless modified by a server admin). You speak to Erond the Legendary Blacksmith at the Perilous Valley (E11) with 25 Handheld Ymir Totems. Once you have this feat unlocked, you are well on your way to getting your EEWA experience underway!

Listed below are all the feats for EEWA

Unlockable Feat ?

Master Explorer = Can be unlocked from your feats window at Level 60

Auto-Unlocking Feats

Exiled Business = Automatically unlocks upon entering the exiled lands Mysterious Ways = Automatically unlocks once Exiled Business unlocks Secrets of Ymir = Automatically unlocks once you defeat the Aspect of Ymir for the first time

Arsenal Feats = All by Tier.

Star Obsidian Arsenal = Tier 0 = Requires the vanilla feats: Cartographer, Star Metal Tools and Obsidian Tools Scourgesteel Arsenal = Tier 1 = Requires Level 120 & Star Obsidian Arsenal Condemned Arsenal = Tier 1 = Requires Level 120 & Scourgesteel Arsenal Imperial Lemurian Arsenal = Tier 1 = Requires Level 120 & Scourgesteel Arsenal Meruvian Jade Arsenal = Tier 2 =Requires Level 200 & Ancient Knowledge Varvaryan Arsenal = Tier 2 = Requires Level 200 & Ancient Knowledge Oblivion Arsenal = Tier 3 =Requires Level 300 & Ancient Knowledge. Also teaches Silent Legion Oblivion Armor

Armor Feats

Crystalbreaker Armor = Requires Level 120 & the vanilla feat Exiled Epics Scourgebreaker Armor = Requires Level 200 & the vanilla feat Exiled Epics Meruvian Armors = Requires Level 195 & the vanilla feat Exiled Epics Council of Wolves Armor = Requires Level 255 & the vanilla feat Exiled Epics Cimmerian Bear Shaman Armor = Requires Level 300 & the vanilla feat Exiled Epics

Sorcery Feat

Ancient Knowledge Upon defeating the Scourge Demon King in the Ancient Cave. Has a chance to drop the Demonic Horn of Secrets. Once consumed teaches this feat. Requires Level 200 & Scourgesteel Arsenal

Legendary Feat

Legendary Assembly = By completing the quest given by the Shadow Legion Commander Hosav in the Perilous Valley

Unique Feat

Bloody Sanction = Requires Level 300 & Legendary Assembly. Also teaches Hemoglob Armor
The Aspect of Ymir Explained
The Aspect of Ymir boss spawns at random intervals in 5 preset locations in the north. Once Ymir has spawned, he must be defeated within 80 minutes of his spawn time or he will disappear, granting no rewards. When Ymir appears - a Global marker will appear on the Conan map to pinpoint his spawn location. You must be in close proximity to Ymir however to receive the seal upon defeating him, you will also unlock the feat - Secrets of Ymir. Ymir spawns with a default 1.05 million health. Ymir does not fight alone however so be weary of this.
Secrets of Ymir Feat = These are the items you can obtain after first receiving the Feat: All created at the Exalted Altar of Ymir Frozen Planes = Ice magic (dmg - 400); Ymir's End = Ice AXE (dmg 59); Elixir of Frosted Veins = Grants temperature immunity and bonus damage to all your enemies over a longer period; Elixir of Lifesteal = An elixir making you regain health from damaging enemies with your melee weapons; Icebreaker Armor = Cold Resistant Heavy ARMOR. Full set grants block of ice, granting you temperature immunity, bonus stats and penalties
The Courage System Explained
To gain courage stacks - players will need to hunt down and kill 1 skull and 3 skull bosses around the Exiled Lands. The courage stacks will continue to stack even on death in the means of removing your bracelet or using the /k command with pippi, or being killed by another player in PvP - falling off a cliff all those kinds of death
Courage stacks will also remain after a player has logged out and logged back in, give it some time to load your player profile and the stacks will reappear same with on death it allows the code for the courage system to initialize properly.
Default Damage Percent Bonus per Courage Stack is 0.005 = 0.5% If you die to an NPC you will lose all Courage stacks. 1 Skull bosses = +1 to courage stack 3 Skull bosses = +3 to courage stack to a max of 100 stacks. Each stack of Courage grants bonus damage versus NPCs Please note that the courage stack damage should stack with any "weapon" (i.e AoC magic) as an example
The Constellation/Ascension System Explained
To ascend and receive a point to align with any of the 7 constellations you will need to reach the max server level of 300, and have saved 100 scrim. Speak to the Shadow Legion Commander Hosav. Will require you to have all Religions learned to T3
Complete the questline to obtain the dragon stave = Dragon Stave (50% increased Damage/Heal)Dmg - 58 Pen - 23% Tier 3 Stave
List of Constellations: Star of Ymir = Immune to weather negative temperature effects; regenerate 2% health every 5 seconds; Killing non-human enemies will replenish water Star of Set = Immune to cripple debuffs; 20% reduced mana costs on all abilities; Apply crippling poison to enemies with your non-knockout weapons Star of Jhebbal Sag = Stat Bonuses - Accuracy for Light Armor, Strength for Medium Armor and Vitality for Heavy Armor; Bonus 25% damage against non-humanoid, non-undead creatures; Your pet followers receive 50% bonus true damage versus NPCs Star of Mitra = Immune to Corruption; Replenish 50% more mana every second; Increased healing efficiency, healing to allies increased by 50% Star of Yog = Killing human enemies will replenish food; A Witch Effigy follows you around, damging nearby enemies who attack with physical weaponry; Witch Effigy's damage dealt is based on 25% of your Survival stat Star of Derketo = Massive Endurance boost, +30 Grit; 5% increased movement speed bonus; Bonus 30% damage to Undead and applies Specter Coating to them Star of Crom = 10 Bonus Vitality; 350 additional bonus armor; Increased base attributes by 10% as attribute bonuses Star of Zath =
Please note that once you agree to ascend you will be reverted back to level 1. All feats and attributes (except for those learned in dungeons/recipes etc...) will be reset as well. You won't lose any of your items. Once you've agreed to ascend with the Shadow Legion Commander Hosav, the constellation window will automatically open up for you.
To Access the Constellation window you will need to hit "i" to get to your inventory - at the bottom right hand side of the screen beside your number 8 Hotbar key, you will see the Endgame button. Click this and you will find the EEWA Features listed here. Select the Constellations to bring up the constellation window
Now to choose your God to align with. Press & Hold the left mouse button on the God image you wish to align with and wait until it completes filling up. You have now aligned yourself with the Constellation and gained some powers of the Conan Gods! You're one step closer to becoming the ultimate instrument of the Gods.
Upon death or relogging into the game, give your character time to load in to initialize the code before the effects from your constellations will reappear
Consequences of Ascending Even with powers of the Gods, there is always a weakness Negative Status Effects 1 Star Sign = Taking 8% bonus damage from non-thrall NPCs 2 Star Signs = Taking 13% bonus damage from non-thrall NPCs 3 Star Signs = Taking 20% bonus damage from non-thrall NPCs 4 Star Signs = Taking 32% bonus damage from non-thrall NPCs 5 Star Signs = Taking 50% bonus damage from non-thrall NPCs 6 Star Signs = Taking 79% bonus damage from non-thrall NPCs 7 Star Signs = All 8 Star Signs = Taking 125% bonus damage from non-thrall NPCs
Bounties Explained
These boards are where you turn in bounty creature heads to obtain unique crafting items. You may also get other high end items such as Fragments of Power, Dragon-powder etc. You may also trade in the Seal of Ymir at the bounty board to get Frosted Assembly Pieces and other rewards. Bounty mob creatures respawn every hour or so.
Bounties Can be unlocked from your feats window at Level 40 (Various vanilla C.E. heads) Calamitous Bounties Can be unlocked from feats window at Level 50 (See the AOC guides for Bounties) Greater Bounties Can be unlocked from your feats window at Level 60 (See EEWA Bounty Creatures list)
EEWA Bounty Creatures Awakened Giant; Lurker; Crystal Rocknose; Locust Nightmare; Lufk; Hellcat
Outposts Explained
Outposts are located around the Conan Exiles Map and are shown by global markers. Players can conquer these outposts to gain unique rewards in the form of caravan packages every hour (normal outposts)/ half hour (easy outposts). You must defeat all enemies before you can claim the outpost as your own and reap the rewards. Once a player conquers an outpost, it will announce it in the Pippi Chat.
In PvE, when you enter the area - PvP will be enabled by default and you may kill opposing players in the vicinity to claim the Outpost, thereby allowing competition between players for the prime Outposts. You may have the outpost for a minimum of 1 hour before other player's may attempt to Conquer it from you, giving you at least 1 caravan package (normal outpost) or 2 caravan packages (easy outpost) before it falls into the domination of another player. You may hold an Outpost to a maximum of 4 hours before it automatically expires if uncontested.
Players can claim these caravan packages directly from their inventory (the caravan icon located on the bottom right of your hotbar). There will also be a tally of how many caravan packages are available for the player to claim.
The Skelos Shard Challenges Explained
Skelos Shard Challenges are optional activatable challenges that can be activated by players, and if completed, will grant a number of Skelos Shards, which are vital in the making of spells and some high end weapons. When a player interacts with the altar it will activate the challenge. Mobs will spawn in waves and it is the players job to eradicate it. These challenges can be done in groups, the prize will be split upon completion automatically.
If you leave the area, or die the challenge will fail and go into cool down notifying anyone who makes an attempt to interact with the altar that it's been recently interacted with. Upon completing the waves, the player will be rewarded with skelos shards.
The Ritualistic Altar of Hanuman Explained
The Hanuman Altar - Located in the center of K7, just south of Messenger’s Respite. This altar is different from the Hanuman Altar found in the Grotto.
You will craft The Ultra Bosses Corrupted Souls with the recipe shown below, and then take their soul and place it within the Conjuration Pillar.
To access the Altar of Hanuman, you will need Eyes of Hanuman, which may be found on Imps and Hanuman Devotees, beware though, as once you die, the Eyes of Hanuman will be destroyed. You will also need to sacrifice a thrall to the Altar, for blood to fuel the Summoning Ritual. And you will need the Keystone. Depending on which EEWA Boss you wish to summon you will need the final drop from the vanilla boss! Once your have obtained the Soul of your Ultra Boss, you will then traverse the map to The Conjuration Pillar.
The Conjuration Pillar Explained
This is a new boss arena, where you will use the souls you crafted at the Hanuman Altar to summon those bosses to fight! Located beneath the Unnamed City, there are two entrances into this subterranean arena.
The first of which is located inside Deathwhisper ruins in I6, directly behind the Executioner three-skull boss inside the cave.
The Second is blocked by an AOC Terrain change, Exiting the Conjuration chamber from this entrance on the inside should place you on top of the rock outcrop, but be aware that there is a chance that a player may exit within the mesh and be stuck or fall to their death. You will need a Acheronian Sigil Key, which may drop from any of the EEWA bosses, including bounties. Note* if the player dies inside without a bedroll, and needs to re-enter the arena, they will require an additional key each time they enter. Plan for this accordingly.
Once inside, the player will interact with the Pillar in the center of the chamber, and place the corresponding soul within it in order to summon the boss that they wish to fight. Once summoned, the pillar will retreat into the floor and be unable to be interacted with until either the fight has concluded or the timer has expired.
Each boss now has a limited time in which it may be fought. If that time limit is exceeded, the boss will despawn, and the Conjuration Pillar will again rise in the center of the room. Bosses may be summoned consecutively while in the room, but you may not summon more than one at a time.
So what exactly are Ultra-Bosses - they are EEWA's Ultra versions of the Vanilla bosses you've come to know. The Ultra Kinscourge; The Ultra Witch Queen; The Ultra King Beneath; & Ultra Champion Boss; The Son of the Devourer; The Daughter of the Devourer.
The Corrupted Gates Explained
Across the Exiled Lands are Corrupted Gates, these are small monoliths that have sprung up. Use an orb of corruption, (dropped from bosses or crafted in the Witchbowl Cauldron) to activate the gate, which causes strong enemies to start spawning one at a time for a set time, perhaps up to five mins. These enemies have a chance to drop things like keystone fragments and can very rarely drop one of two augment gems. This is the most efficient method of farming keystones for ultra bosses in late game. Take the Corrupted Keystone Shard to the Chaosmouth altar and combined into keystones (requires 3 shards per keystone).
The Rank Points System Explained
Rank Points or RP for short is a system added to EEWA that enables players to earn RP points to rank up. Ranks start at Iron 1 and can be ranked up to Master Conqueror. Players can complete missions that are listed in the Augments Window or by killing mobs throughout the Conan Exiled Lands to earn exp and rank their points up. Players will be able to equip unique particle effects to themselves as soon as they reach Gold Rank and Higher tiers.
There is a leaderboards feature that will allow players to view the ranking system on their server. You will be able to see each persons rank, how many rank points they've accumulated and the rank they are currently at. The Leaderboard can be accessed from the player's inventory by clicking the "leaderboards" button.
With the Rank Points system - there is a death penalty should you die. Lower tier ranks will not suffer from great penalties but as you climb the ranks, the death penalties become greater. Boosted server exp will affect RP accumulation = 1 RP = 1,000 EXP. (Server settings are 3xEXP. so you will earn RP 3 X faster here than other servers.)
Additional Player Customizations: Player's who wish to further customize their own Rank Points may do so by going into their inventory and at the bottom their are 2 boxes that can be check marked. The 2 options that can be selected are: RP Gain in HUD and Ranked UI in HUD - both options must be selected to show in game.
The Ranking System Players will go through the ranking system which is broken down below.
Iron Rank 1 10,000 Iron Rank 2 No Death Penalty Rank 2 10,000 Iron Rank 3 25 RP loss Rank 3 10,000 Iron Rank 4 25 RP loss Rank 4 10,000 Iron Rank 5 25 RP loss Rank 5 10,000 Bronze Rank 1 25 RP loss
Bronze Rank 1 10,000 Bronze Rank 2 80 RP loss Rank 2 10,000 Bronze Rank 3 80 RP loss Rank 3 10,000 Bronze Rank 4 80 RP loss Rank 4 10,000 Bronze Rank 5 80 RP loss Rank 5 10,000 Silver Rank 1 80 RP loss
Silver Rank 1 10,000 Silver Rank 2 175 RP loss Rank 2 10,000 Silver Rank 3 175 RP loss Rank 3 10,000 Silver Rank 4 175 RP loss Rank 4 10,000 Silver Rank 5 175 RP loss Rank 5 10,000 Gold Rank 1 175 RP loss
Gold Rank 1 10,000 Gold Rank 2 400 RP loss Rank 2 10,000 Gold Rank 3 400 RP loss Rank 3 10,000 Gold Rank 4 400 RP loss Rank 4 10,000 Gold Rank 5 400 RP loss Rank 5 10,000 Platinum 1 400 RP loss
Platinum Rank 1 10,000 Platinum 2 1,200 RP loss Rank 2 10,000 Platinum 3 1,200 RP loss Rank 3 10,000 Platinum 4 1,200 RP loss Rank 4 10,000 Platinum 5 1,200 RP loss Rank 5 10,000 Diamond Rank 1 1,200 RP loss
Diamond Rank 1 10,000 Diamond Rank 2 3,000 RP loss Rank 2 10,000 Diamond Rank 3 3,000 RP loss Rank 3 10,000 Diamond Rank 4 3,000 RP loss Rank 4 10,000 Diamond Rank 5 3,000 RP loss Rank 5 10,000 Master Rank 1 3,000 RP loss
Master Rank 1 10,000 Master Rank 2 6,000 RP loss Rank 2 10,000 Master Rank 3 6,000 RP loss Rank 3 10,000 Master Rank 4 6,000 RP loss Rank 4 10,000 Master Rank 5 6,000 RP loss Rank 5 10,000 Exiled Conqueror 6,000 RP loss
Exiled Conqueror Exiled Conqueror 50,000 Conqueror 10,000 RP loss
Conqueror Conqueror 100,000 Master Conqueror 20,000 RP loss
Master Conqueror Master Conqueror 200,000 to fill RP bar N/A 30,000 RP loss
The Aura's System Explained
Auras will reserve 30% of the players mana. You can only have ONE aura running at any given time. And keep in mind that some of the auras will only work for your allies and not on yourself. Before you can activate another aura you must turn the aura that you are running off first (there is a 15 second cooldown period before you can activate a new aura).

The Different Aura's

Brutality Aura = Reserve your mana and cause enemies in the area to take bonus melee damage, damage taken increases with stacks (Damage is based on the weapon you are using). Cleansing Aura = Reserve your mana to periodically cleanse debuffs and corruption from your allies. Does not apply to yourself. Harvesting Aura = Reserve your mana to grant allies massively increased mining speed. Does not apply to yourself. Healing Aura = Reserve your mana to heal yourself and allies around you. Poison Aura = Reserve your mana to periodically apply poison to your enemies. Protective Aura = Reserve your mana to grant armor to you and nearby allies. Slowing Aura = Reserve your mana to slow nearby enemies and damage any non-players. Support Aura = Reserve your mana to grant nearby allies bonus movement speed. Does not apply to yourself. Vampiric Aura = Reserve your mana to grant you and nearby allies 5% life-steal. Light Aura = Reserve your mana to brightly light up the area around you.

EEWA Specialty Vendors

Unique Vendor, Mysterious Obelisk, Explained
You will find the Mysterious Obelisk, a unique Vendor, in the Mounds of the Dead - B11 By killing Spirits in the Area you may gather their souls and bring to this Obelisk to reap rewards. The Mysterious Obelisk accepts many of the unusual items that drop from mobs across the Exiled Lands. Strange and unusual items can be obtained by trading these token items in to the M. Obelisk.
Unique Vendor, Rarity Trader, Explained
Here you may find the Rarity Trader, a unique Vendor, which sells rare items like unique mounts (NOT horses or rhinos!) and more. BUCANEER BAY - N7
Unique Vendor, Bastille, Explained
Bastille, a unique Vendor, can be found in the entrance of the Perilous Valley (E11) Bastille will trade 18 Ymir Handheld Totems for a Box of Goodies (gives you random items), see his list in Stormy's Guides: Guide to EEWA - Vendors.
Unique Vendor, EROND, Explained
You will find Erond, the Legendary Blacksmith, in the Perilous Valley (E11) at the Entrance of the Dungeon. EROND can upgrade a vanilla legendary to an "Erond's Legendary_____" this will grant knockback immunity while attacking. Erond will teach you your first EEWA Weapons Arsenal Feat. Star Obsidian. He also has some special armor patches and items for sale.
Unique Vendor, Egor, Legendary Hunter, Explained
You will find Egor beside his brother Erond in the Perilous Valley (E11). He will upgrade vanilla legendary BOWS to an "Erond's Legendary_____" this will grant knockback immunity while attacking. Egor also has a selection of unusual arrows for sale.
Unique Vendor, Scrim Collector, Explained
The Scrim Collector will only appear in the Perilous Valley (E11) entrance on Weekends (Saturday/Sunday), you will find him by his vault.
Scrim are rare and valuable setite coins used in high level trading by empires, kingdoms and organizations alike. To gain Scrim, you will need to exchange drops from different high end mobs at the Scrim Collector. Scrim is used at Unique Vendor, Shadow Legion Commander Hosav. Here are some farming methods presented here:
  • farming the materials for tokens of choice from the Rarity Trader
  • farming handheld Ymir totems
  • farming events for endgame event tokens
  • or if you can handle fighting daughter, demon king, and/or bat boss their drops are high value exchanges for scrim
Unique Vendor, Shadow Legion Commander Hosav, Explained
You will need to delve yourself into the Perilous Valley Dungeon to find Hosav forever bound to his throne!
Shadow Legion Commander Hosav, deals in Scrim for: Incantation and Consumables; Pieces of the Shadow Legion Armor Set; Unique Sorcery Items; and Auras. (See section on Aura's above)
Unique Vendor, Petrified Tree, Explained
You will find the Petrified Tree in the Shattered Springs.
The Tree REALLY likes MIK fruit and will trade you unique mosses for crafting for the ultra rare MIK fruit! If you ask nicely, the Tree may exchange a special boss token for several MIK fruit (The Tree is VERY HUNGRY)! If you provide the correct ingredients, the tree also can conjure Bloodbreaker Armor for you.