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Empyrion G. S. Rules

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Bear’s Division Gaming Server Etiquette

First and Foremost. The biggest two things we ask do not cause issue to fellow players and don’t do anything that will break the server
Empyrion Store
Please keep in mind that ALL ships and packages are only good to the original purchaser. If said “original purchaser” files a ticket on discord telling us WHO they have relinquished rights of the ship to then it can be transferred.. Please do not give purchased items away without the proper paperwork being done. Otherwise we have no idea where the purchased items came from or if the team should provide support. This is to protect you and to avoid confusion for the admins.
Keep in mind that everything here is considered a “gift for donation” and in no way is it GUARANTEED for any length of time. Please understand that sometimes for either technical reasons, logistics reasons, or changes due to an update, gameplay or game behavior can change at any time. We will do everything we can to keep things fair, but we also have to keep things fair to our administration as well. Please be patient with us. The real key here is keeping in contact with your specific administration and making your voice heard in Discord during meetings and times when it’s required.
Insured for the TIME of one per $10 donated against wipes, public ship bugs, and other types of losses. Must be delivered by an administrator. Limited to 3 respawns per season (Wipes, and bugs exclude this respawn limit).
If you buy something to give it away, file a ticket on discord!!! This way we can have a record of it.
The Different Zones
When you warp into any system simply move away from the landing location to ensure it is clear for other vessels entering the same system.
❝There are PVP Zones. We the Admin team will Not replace anything lost by playing in the PVP zones plus we will not moderate. PVP is PVP .Enter at your own risk. Nothing over size class 5, nothing admin spawned to be used in the Asgard system as outside of Atlantis the entire system is PVP. NO parking at Atlantis station more than a 24 hours❞
No blocking Warp Zones. Any entity (SV, CV, Orbital Base) parked within a warp zone that causes issues for other players (eg: loss of their entering CV, fusing of their CV to another entity, etc) will have that entity deleted along with any contents of the entity.
Leaving items in the warp landing zone will cause other players to lose their own CV’s/SV’s, as well as making the player become stuck in whatever item they fuse with. This results in them needing to wait for the assistance of an Admin to fix the issue before they can resume gameplay. Any player who loses their entity due to violation of this rule, will not be compensated for their loss.
Please DO NOT USE POI’S as a base. POI’s are regularly reset so that resources and elite loot can be replenished. If this occurs and it was your base, you will lose the base and all resources stored in it.
Naming of Structures
ALL structures must be named, or they may be removed from the game by Admins.
A structure includes: Bases, Orbital Bases, SV’s, HV’s and CV’s
REASON – On occasion structures can disappear through game crashes or bugs, the only chance an admin has to find these for you is if they are named something other than the default name. It is also possible for too many structures in an area to cause issues, and any that are deemed unnecessary/unnamed may be removed to improve playfield performance.

Empyrion Admins are as follows:

Head Admins
Helpers/ Builders
Draynor DJDAD FTMagic LiLBear72
Ranubis, Stubob, Nippongamer, Dherban, Wat.