The PACK Gaming


Rules are by Platform Section. UPDATED 11/01/2022

THE PACK GAMING - Ark Survivor Events:


1.) Events timing are solely at the discretion of the Supervising Admin.
2.) Please Plan ahead and have ALL required items ready well before the event time.
3.) Please log in and be on the server the event it being held on at least 15 mins. prior to the event time, in case of announcements or changes to the event schedule.
4.) Please join the appropriate voice channel in our discord. This allows us to better control and handle the event. DO NOT HAVE ANY ADMIN/OWNER MUTED this is grounds for an immediate kick from the event.
5.) In any Event where you the Player Receives a Admin Spawned Tame, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BREED or, any cryopodding of Said Dino is ONLY allowed by an ADMIN. If any player cyropods a dino or attempts a Dino upload with a Admin Spawned Dino. You will be BLACK BALLED from other Events, and will face either a Full Dino wipe or a three day ban. Any one caught in possession of an event Tame given out during an event, and hidden, will receive a 5 day Server Ban, A second offense is a Full BAN.
7.) Always listen to the ADMIN in CHARGE and any other Admins or Patreon Adjuncts assisting with the event. Do not talk over them in voice channels. Anyone that pushes the limits with behavior can be Server Kicked, Discord Muted, and/or a 3 day ban on that map.
IN CLOSING: We are doing this to show, you our Supporters and our Players how much we appreciate you being here. Please show us you care for our admin team by behaving at the events we plan for you.

The Pack Lost Island Traders Village Days.

Please Plan ahead and have ALL required items ready well before the event time. Vendors will have 6-10 PM EST. on the Friday before the event, For setting up your booths and other pre-event activities. SALE DAYS are Saturday 10am. EST to 6pm EST. and Sunday 2PM. to 6pm. EST. Roughly every other MONTH. Admins will be available on Friday night and on and off during the event weekend as their schedule permits.
Only those that are registered as Vendors may build in the confines of the Traders Village Base area. Vendors are encouraged to bring a crafting ALT over to Lost Island to be in your VENDORS TRIBE. Do not Destroy any prebuilt items in the Traders Village unless owned by your Vendors tribe.
Mobile Booths need to be registered the Friday before the event and have a parking Section given to them along the walls of the Large enclosure. Tek Cannons will be Set to control the predation of carnivores that infiltrate the enclosure area. Please be sure to get an Alliance invite for safety reasons.
Please be sure to join the Traders Village Alliance to VEND items and or dinos. All tames being bartered should be CLIPPED and Stored securely before the event starts. You may bring them to the map during the Friday before a Traders weekend. Tames should be removed to your own base or off map within 5 days of the END of a Traders Village. All items being Bartered should be stored securely when no Event is Going on.
The Site is broken into TWO Sections: Pedestrian: The Section with the Lost Island Community Center building. This area is for Shoulder pets only, Any other tame must be in a cryopod. This area is intended for those that are trading in equipment, gear, and resources. Dino Sales: The Section directly across the drawbridge from the Community Center. This will contain the Mobile Booths and some Large game buildings. All dinos on Display Should be either a Taxidermy, or ONLY one of its Kind on a hitching Post. Dinos larger than a REX should be a Taxidermy ONLY, So there is room to park the Mobile Dinos that are booths.
The Village Bank is available for all vendors and players to request a lockbox to place currency for trades and other items in. Do not share your pin# to your Safe deposit box with any other player. Admins do have a list of the dispensed pins. If you loose your code, your box will be locked by an admin until we can get you a new Pin code issued.
Please join the appropriate voice channel in our discord. This allows us to better control and handle the event. DO NOT HAVE ANY ADMIN/OWNER MUTED this is grounds for an immediate kick from the event.
Sales and Deals are solely at the discretion of the Vendor and the player engaged in the trade. The PACK GAMING Admin team is not responsible for loss of items or tames due to any trade or deal made during or after the event.

THE PACK GAMING - Conan Exiles Events:



  • Both contestants must be mounted on a mount. (Preferably a heavy horse or heavy rhino)
  • Both contestants must be wearing full protective armor.
  • Both contestants must have a jousting lance.
  • Both contestants must have a shield of at least a Targe or larger.
  • Both contestants' mounts must be wearing protective armor.
  • Equipment is inspected by a Game Marshall before each tournament.
  • Each match consists of three passes, or tilts, of the knights along the list.
  • Multiple matches are held to eliminate contenders and arrive at one winner.
  • Disqualification can occur if a knight's lance makes contact with his opponent's beast.
  • A knight may forfeit his tilt by riding along the list with his lance lowered.


  • There is a fence running through the middle of the list.
  • Player 1 is positioned on one side of the fence at the Red Banner.
  • Player 2 is positioned on the opposite side of the fence at the other end of the list at the Blue Banner.
  • The fence provides a wall between the two contestants so they are unable to collide.
  • Only the jousting lance will be able to reach over the fence.
  • Before the signal is given, the jousting lance must be held up over the player, so that its point is above their head.
  • Once signaled, the two players will ride down the list.
  • Along the way, the two players will have the opportunity to knock each other off by using their lance(s).
  • The riders will then choose the appropriate time to lower their lance, aiming either for the chest of shoulders.
  • The goal of a jousting tournament is to knock one's opponent off of their horse by using the jousting lance.
  • However, one must also stay on his/her mount for it to be counted as a victory.
  • If one's jousting lance breaks during the match, a replacement will be given to the rider once they reach the end of the fence.
  • If neither player falls off of their mount during the run, the round will continue.
  • The first player to successfully knock their opponent off - of their mount - at least twice, will be considered the winner.
  • If neither rider falls off of their mounts after 3 tilts, the player with the most points wins that match.

Jousting Standard scoring, from highest points given to lowest:

  1. 1.
    5pts. Unseating your opponent
  2. 2.
    4pts. Knight’s lance tip damages the opponent.
  3. 3.
    3pts. Knight's lance tip makes contact with the opponent but does not break.
  4. 4.
    2pts. Lance tip broken off as a single piece.
  5. 5.
    1pt. Lance tip is shattered.
  6. 6.
    Total of three tilts, or 15 total points.

Un-Mounted Melee Combat:

  • A Twice Un-Seated Knight may choose to challenge his opponent to Un-Mounted Melee Combat.
  • If the mounted knight decides to accept the fallen knight’s challenge, he is customarily allowed to set the parameters of the fight. What weapons, and up to five minutes of combat.
  • If a particular joust results in a tie, without either knight being eliminated, then they dismount and engage in Un-Mounted Melee Combat.
  • In this case, “The winner is the first man to knock the other to the ground”.
  • ONLY those that are of the same clan may challenge "To the Death".

Un-Mounted Melee Scoring, from highest points given to lowest:

  1. 1.
    3pts. Knocking your opponent down.
  2. 2.
    2pts. Upper body, torso strike.
  3. 3.
    1pts. Extremity strike.
  4. 4.
    Total of five minutes of combat, or 20 total points.

Rules of Archery

  • Archers will line up in a row across from their respective targets.
  • The maximum time permitted to shoot an end of six arrows is two minutes.
  • Game Marshall's will distribute six arrows at a time to competitors for each flight.
  • Archers are eliminated from further flights if they score under 6pts. in any given flight.
  • Archers may not raise the bow arm until the signal to start is given and penalties can be given – in the form of points forfeits – if the bow is drawn after the official practice has been closed.
  • An arrow cannot be re-shot under any circumstances.
  • An arrow that rebounds or hangs from the target will still score based on the mark it makes on the target face.
  • Arrows that stick – Robin Hood-style – in the nock of another shall score the same as the arrow in which they are embedded.
  • Arrows missing the target altogether do not score at all.

Archery Standard scoring, from highest points given to lowest:

  • 10pts. for hitting the inner ring
  • 5pts. for hitting the middle ring
  • 1pt. for hitting the outer ring