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FROM @COLDGAMESAchievements are independent of any particular profile, so you can work to complete them across multiple profiles. They are also independent from the profile stats currently tracking and viewable in-game while playing any profile. The current (46) achievements are a starting point, and I certainly plan to add more in the future. I'd love to hear suggestions from players on interesting ideas for new achievements.
Wolf Hunter (Novice/Intermediate/Master)Kill 10/25/60 wolf by any means.
Bear Hunter (Novice/Intermediate/Master)Kill 10/25/60 bear by any means.
Cougar Hunter (Novice/Intermediate/Master)Kill 5/15/30 cougar by any means.
Deer Hunter (Novice/Intermediate/Master)Kill 5/15/30 deer by any means.
Moose Hunter (Novice/Intermediate/Master)Kill 5/15/30 moose by any means.
LumberJack: Harvest 100 logs.
Fiber Forager: Harvest 100 fiber.
Establish A Base; Build a BCU (Base Command Unit).
Bowmasters' Bullseye: Kill a deer with a headshot using the bow (recurve or standard bow with any arrow type).
Weapon Service Stars: Achieve 100 large-game or human kills with each main weapon (individual achievement for each weapon).
Loot Locksmith: Unlock 10 locked crates with a lockpick.
Sickness Slayer: Cure an infection with an antidote.
Cuisine Connoisseur: Consume 5 high-end roast meals.
Ultimate Vitality & Stamina Legend: Reach maximum health and stamina stats (health and stamina achieved separately).
Deep Dive Discovery: Scuba dive to discover the underground cave system.
Buzzworthy Bounty: Find and harvest a beehive (found during the summer months).
Double Impact: Kill two hunters with a single hand grenade blast.
Molten Depths: Rock climb down into the deep lava caves.
Fisherman Pro: Catch 10 of each large fish type (Pike, Catfish, Salmon, Bass). Achievements are separate for each fish type.
Frosty Fisherman: Catch 10 fish or any type while ice fishing.
Nest Raider: Steal some pristine eagle feathers from an eagle nest.
Flying High: Fly 500 meters using the hang glider.
Fortress Breacher: Use a breaching charge to break into a hunter fortress.
Base Cracker: Use a BCU Cracker to destroy a hunter BCU.
ATV Mechanic: Craft an ATV at the vehicle construction bay.