A20 | Hardcore Server
For those that want to try out our The PACK PVE | 200% XP | 200% Loot | A20 | Hardcore Server, it has boosted rates to enhance QOL for our players, 200% XP, 200% Loot, and you do not lose your stuff when you die. Friendly fire is disabled if you're in a party with another player to make group play more enjoyable. With a unique set of Server based mods, so players do not have to download mod pacs, our Server offers a Hardcore version of play on 7DTD. We also offer a unique map that no other Gaming group has, created for our server by @KnownVandal.
We are currently testing our mods and other settings for A20. Please be advised that any setting shown in the website or mentioned in the Discord, may at any time be changed. New maps are being designed by our own @Vandal for the 7DTD servers.

If you need help with some Glitch or Graphic issue please see our 7DtD Graphic and PC Enhancement page!

PVE 200x XP, 200x Loot Difficulty = Survivalist 24 Hour cycle = 60 minutes Daylight length = 18 minutes Zombie Day speed = jog Zombie Night Speed = Sprint Zombie Feral speed = Nightmare Zombie Blood Moon Speed = Sprint Max Zombies = 90 Max Animals = 100 Loot Re-spawn Time = 5 days Drop on Death = Nothing Drop on Quit = Nothing Blood Moon Count = 8 enemies Air drops = Marked and occur every 2 days
The Link below is to a higher resolution map than the website offers. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/631505117903847445/961067458289106954/A20_Hardcore_4-2022.png
City Grids are wiped every 24 hours at reset. A city grid is anywhere that is heavily built up with POI and other Quests and City buildings. If you are unsure if you are in a city grid, you can check your land claim/city grids on our live map. Turned off for now.

Players may have up to 2 Land Claim blocks concurrently connected. This constitutes ONE BASE. You may have Only one such base on the map. All claims must be at least 80 blocks apart unless players are in Alliances.
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7DTD The PACK PVE | 200% XP | 200% Loot | A20 | Hardcore Server
Unique Map designed by Known Vandal.
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