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Subsistence Graphic and PC Enhancements

Post of helpful Optimizations and Client side bug fixes for our Subsistence Players:


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Most of the information is from posts made by the community and ColdGames himself. Everything I have learned about this game is from this source and should be taken as a community effort…. I’m just putting it in a single living post as this WILL be updated as new issues pop up. This is not the end all be all of knowledge and should all be taken with a grain of salt as what worked for one persons setup might not work for yours, but might give you insight as to what to try next to fit your issues. Disclaimer: Some of these ideas can damage you’re save game files if you mess things up so “BACK UP YOUR SAVES” before trying some of this stuff. I will mark the ones I know could cause issues or require more in-depth computer knowledge to perform.
This could be caused by a few things and I have three things for you to try. A. UE REDIST Originally posted by ColdGames: Please try running the following file in your Subsistence folder: ....\steamapps\common\Subsistence\Binaries\Redist\UE3Redist.exe This may fix the issue. Please let me know if it doesn't. I hope to reach a final fix for this soon.
B RUN as ADMINISTRATOR Originally posted by ColdGames: Please could you try running the game as administrator: Right-click the game in your Steam Library. - Go to Properties, then to the Local Files tab. - Check the "Run this program as an administrator" box. If that fails, could you also try running the following file in your Subsistence directory: ..../subsistence/binaries/Redist/UE3Redist.exe This should install the necessary packages needed for the game to run.
C. LAUNCH PARAMS Originally posted by ColdGames try this: Right click on the game in your steam games list and go to "PROPERTIES". Then go to "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..." and type: -windowed
D. REVERIFY - REINSTALL GAME Originally posted by ColdGames Ok if that did not work then I would try the following: 1. Verify your game files in steam (right click the game name, Properties, Local files and the last option 2. Uninstall the game and reinstall.
D3D9 Error
This one should be easy to fix. Go to ....\Steam\steamapps\common\Subsistence\UDKGame\Config and make the following change in the DefaultSystemSettings.ini: 1) Fullscreen=False If that did not work change it back and make sure these match your current monitor resolution: ResX=1920 ResY=1080
This is a big one and will take a few sections to answer.
A. Port forwarding is not required for co-op play with Steam friends. To publicly list a hosted co-op game, the host may need to forward their Steam port 27015 (UDP). You will find good instructions on how to do that here: This site lists many routers, so try to find yours in the list and follow the specific instructions.
B. Originally posted by NineInchKnight: Alright buckle up kiddos. To hell with port forwarding, i found an easy way to connect to at least one other player without headache or getting computer aids. 1.) Install Team Viewer (ON BOTH MACHINES) -Free software, from the company's website. It is used on an interprise scale, so if you go to the correct site you will not get viruses or bloatware. 2.) After downloading the installer, run it. -Select advanced installation -Select FOR PERSONAL USE -Click ok -Select TeamViewer && TeamViewer VPN -Install 3.) Open TeamViewer. -Select VPN -Exchange codes and connect to each other via VPN. -A small box will appear with the IP addresses you will need 4.) Start game -CO-OP -Host (only one person does this) -Set up game, Start game 5.) Connect -From the blue box that has the TeamViewer VPN IP addresses, get the hosting machines VPN ip. -Give host machine VPN IP to Other machine trying to join game -At the bottom of the join screen in game there is a box that says direct connect. Put in host machine VPN IP and game password -Click connect 6.) MAGIC
C. If you find that you can’t connect or host a game but you know it can be seen then this might be your issue:. Originally posted by ColdGames: I believe the issue is caused by a particular character used in your MP profile name ("/"). I'm not currently correctly escaping the characters properly, leading to issues reading your MP profiles. I'll include a fix for the next update. For now, naming the profile something else should solve the problem. Please let me know if you still experience issues.
Ok a few things to note here: 1. The issue is with the engine not the game as UNREAL 3 works on IPv4 not IPv6. 2. Make sure you password doesn’t contain any special characters as well. 3. The outside programs might have other issues depending on your system and you would need to contact them for answers
Thanks to WhiteHoler for this one
Ok this normally is an issue with Steam and these steps should help: 1 - Do Ctrl alt delete, click log off, and when it's pops up with the option to cancel, click it 2 - Make sure to RIGHT click the steam icon and click exit 3 - The launch steam again and start up game, it should work WhiteHowler: "I've had this happen many times and I just do this (task manager don't work, the game overlaps it when u launch it)"
Originally posted by Fins:
- try windowed mode (F11 should work), see if the problem goes away. If it does, consider playing windowed for the time being and report your dxdiag and such to Cold Games, etc; - try updating GPU drivers if they are not up to date, or if they are up to date and you have them on auto-update - then try the opposite, manually rolling GPU drivers back to a version which was the latest back when you had no problem playing; - backup your saves and then completely reinstall the game, using default location for both steam and the game. Reinstall steam to default location 1st if it's currently installed into some non-default folder. OR, if you're really tech-savvy - dig into Security settings of any non-default folders if you'll be still having steam and/or game using non-default folders after reinstalling the game, to ensure W10 does not mess with your local account writing access to your game's save files; - open your Task Manager's "Performance" tab and keep it open, then play the game and after experiencing the problem - switch to the Task Manager right away, check CPU load chronology graphs. If you see a spike (or few) to 100% or even continuous 100% - then check your PC for malware (including rootkits), check which processes cause 100% CPU load, and go from there depending on what you find; - if everything fails, Possibly consider separate OS installation on your main machine, using different drive partition.
This one can be simple: update your video drivers or roll back a driver or two...three??? If that did not help this might 1 - Go to your video card driver and restore default values (or make a profile for Subsistence and make sure it's set to the driver default) 2 - In the driver settings make sure DSR is off
3 - Increasing Virtual Memory on your OS.

Method #1 You can compress the installation folder.

Go to the ark directory, find "content" and "seekfreecontent", and enable NTFS file compression from the "properties" menu. It can take an hour or two to complete depending on your CPU speed. Most games come pre-compressed. ARK does not, because the devs are inept.

Method #2 Unsubscribe and clean Mod Files out.

Unsubscribe from all your mods, (while doing this "favorite" any of the mods you do want to keep or you are intrested in, so you do not loose them.) delete all workshop folders in this location: ARK>ShooterGame>Content>Mods Then resubscribe to the mods that you actually use now, and then exit steam and restart it. This should trigger the steam download to start.

Method #3 Using a third party application to compress files.

Use this Third party app if you are on win10: Visual Interface for the Windows 10 Compact Function You can cut a brand new install by 60GB with zero perceptible change by compressing the filesystem (e.g. removing duplication)
So they are all .log files and do not affect the game that I can see or know. You can check yourself by doing the “verify local files” then go to the subsistence folder and in the search area type datemodified: and a calendar will pop you and click today's date. The files that where changed will be on top and all at the same time. Like I said not much there ;-)
”BACK UP SAVES” and “IN-DEPTH COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE NEEDED“ Originally posted by 00 Critical:
1 - Backup your save files - they can be found here:
....\Subsistence\UDKGame\SaveData (just copy the whole SaveData folder)
Make sure you back up all the .sav files (up to 31 if only playing solo or 61 if playing co-op as well)
2 - Ok now go to steam and uninstall the game
3 - Now go and delete the Subsistence folder
4 - Open REGEDIT and delete all the UDK/Subsistence keys (be careful here)
5 - Reinstall the game and start a new game and see if you’re issue is fixed
6 - Now copy your old .sav files back in to the subsistence folder and see if you’re issue is fixed Be very careful when editing your RGEEDIT files as it can really mess up your system. I use this anytime I get an error that is really out there and it has even fixed an FPS issue I had.
Restore Lost Profile1) First backup your existing saves. Navigate to your Subsistence directory and make a copy of your existing SaveData folder by doing the following: * Click on the settings icon for Subsistence in your Steam games library:
* Click on "Properties":
* In the popup window, click "Local Files" (on the left) and then the "Browse" button.
2) Now open the UDKGame folder and make a copy of the SaveGame folder within (right-click on it and click copy). Paste it somewhere safe (like your desktop).
3) Now enter the game and select any profile and start the game.
4) Once you've entered the game, press F8 to make a manual save. Then exit the game. 5) Now (within your SaveData folder) open the ProfileSaves/Sp/ folder, and list the files by "Date Modified":
6) Now replace (overwrite) the .sav file listed at the top (ignore the nodelete.txt file) with one from your backed up SaveData folder (by renaming it to same name). *Don't delete the backups just in case. 7) Enter the game and your old profile should now be visible in the profile slot. //---------------------------------------------------------------------- * You can perform these steps on any of the 5 profiles. Check the dates of the backed-up saves to determine which one to restore. * This can also be done for co-op games, just look in the SaveData/ProfileSaves/Mp/ folder instead. * If you have cloud saves enabled in Steam, you will need to temporarily disable them before launching the game. Otherwise Steam will try to overwrite the files (believing them to be older than the ones stored in the cloud).
The missing health bars is caused by low FPS (frames per second) and there is an easy fix that I have done a video about here:
This is a short video guide that "might" help you get better FPS in Subsistence and other games as well. Now this guide as created using my laptop it applies to desktops as well (depending on your CPU/GPU). FYI: When trying to improve your FPS you should update your GPU’s driver to the newest one. Now sometimes I have found going back two or three steps to an older driver has fixed the issue as well. Hardware note: When building my new system I first went with a Ryzen 1700x and could not get good FDS in most of my type of games (early access). I replaced that CPU with a 7700K and the issue went away. One of my viewers said rolling back the GPU driver helped some.
This one is very common. Originally posted by ColdGames: If you have a gamepad controller plugged in when starting up the game. Please try unplugging the gamepad controller and restarting the game?
Originally posted by ColdGames: The input bindings can be found in ..../subsistence/UDKGame/Config/UDKInput.ini This file is auto generated once you start the game for the first time. Check through and look for: Command="TurnLeft" See what key is is mapped to. You could try removing "TurnLeft" from the command, leaving it as: Command="" Also please try setting that command to blank: Bindings=(Name="Left",Command="")
You can always delete all the .ini files that start with 'UKD' (these are the ones that are auto-generated). They will regenerate the next time you run the game. This essentially resets all settings back to defaults.
Originally posted by ColdGames: Open UDKEngine.ini and look for the following command: AllowJoystickInput=1 Change that to: AllowJoystickInput=0
Not common but is a pain in the butt: Originally posted by ColdGames:
I believe the this occurs when the monitor resolution (or whatever resolution windows is set to) is less than 1920x1080. A temporary fix is to update an ini file with notepad.
The .ini file is: ....\steamapps\common\Subsistence\UDKGame\Config\UDKDefaultSystemSettings.ini Please try updating these following values to that of your native resolution: ResX=1920 ResY=1080 Example: ResX=1280 ResY=720 Then save the file and attempt to launch the game.
The bed spawn requires enough space for the player to spawn this includes side to side and above the bed as well. So move the bed to the middle of the room and it should now work. In co-op all players on the same BCU use the same bed and count towards the spawn cost. If you buy two bed spawns and add your friend to your base and they die twice you no longer have a spawn charge to use.