Expected Release Date: February 25th, 2020

Unique Environmental Features

  • An active volcano.

  • An expansive water biome.

  • An intimidating, snow-based mountain.

  • A lunar biome with low gravity, a thin atmosphere, oxygen vents, Element fog, and solar rays that will kill the survivor if they are exposed to it.

  • A bog biome.


Unique Creatures

Astrocetus, Blade Wasp, Bloodstalker, Ferox, Giant Tortoise, Magmasaur, Moeder

Other Spawns

Genesis will feature new variations of existing Creatures specific to the biomes they reside in. These Creatures have unique skin patterns and stat boosts.

Allosaurus, Bulbdog, Carbonemys, Coelacanth, Ichthyornis, Ichthyosaurus, Iguanodon, Kaprosuchus, Manta, Megalodon, Mosasaurus, Paraceratherium, Parasaur, Pteranodon, Raptor, Rex, Sabertooth, Sabertooth Salmon, Sarco, Seeker, Spino, Stegosaurus, Surface Reaper King, Tapejara, Tusoteuthis


  • Leading up to the release of Genesis Part 1, each month will feature a new Genesis Chronicles which introduces new Skins and Explorer Notes revealing more about Genesis.

  • Genesis Part 1 is the first Expansion Pack to have a massive focus on water.

  • Genesis Part 1 is the third Expansion Pack to have new variants of existing Creatures, the first being Aberration with Aberrant Creatures, and the second being the Corrupted Creatures in Extinction.

  • Genesis Part 1 is the first Expansion Pack to have missions.

  • Genesis is the first Expansion Pack to have 2 parts.

  • The Genesis Chronicles reveals that the Genesis simulation is connected to a place known as Arat Prime.

  • During the countdown reveal of Genesis, PlayStation accidentally allowed users to view the store page for it early and leaked the reveal a day ahead of schedule. Genesis's countdown page was humorously updated to poke fun at this by adding decodable glyphs that translated to "Unexpected PSN Data Detected".

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