Our ARK Survival PvE Cluster
We offer a cluster of 17 maps Of Varying styles all for your ARK Play style.

OUR MOTTO! ALL MAY ENTER HERE WITHOUT PREJUDICE! This applies to All Races, All Creeds, and All Genders. All are Welcome!!!
We are an adult gaming community, and we are looking for quality players to join our adventures. We host an ARK PvE cluster of 17 maps, which is Beginner friendly, with a Helpful and active admin team! We are PVE, and actively discourage PVP style "Raiding and Claiming” within our community. We have chosen a limited but satisfactory grouping of QoL mods that provide the best overall playing experience for your ARK experience, and a structured rule package that enhances Quality of life, and breeding. We offer a schedule of events monthly for fun and enjoyment. And to provide the most sought after engrams. We have a unique and different ARK experience with unusual dinos roaming the maps, structures plus, and durable tools, enhanced flyers, and Death recovery, and Game Ascension options. We strive to create a playing environment that fosters Community, and personal growth. We try to provide the best environment to build the base of your dreams, but also balanced with the knowledge that load times are important too!
Last of all, BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER! We are all adults here, and know how to act. Let's make a happy, safe place to enjoy the games we love to play!

The PACK Gaming Ark Cluster Presents: Cannon Servers Mod Package This is for use on all the CANNON MAPS. To Subscribe to all the mods we use please see the Blue hyperlink above ⬆️!
And Contains all these mods:
  • JPs Ark Server Tweaks - This mod adds: Color Variations for Dinos - Flyer Speed Levels - Stacked Resources - Super Spyglass (Source by Orionsun) - Reusable tools and weapons (Working grapple hook gun) - Super Tranqs (JP's Tranqs Table) - Suicide Potion - Uploadable Element and Trophies! - Leeds/Alpha Leeds don't attack rafts - Additional Dinos - No Sickness Cyropods - Baby manager - Claims, Stops Wander, Culls and Lines up dinos with configurable options, Picks up eggs in range over 1% incubation and incubates to 1% Server management help. - On restarts beehives and beaver dams are destroyed to force new ones to spawn - Wyvern Eggs are destroyed every 6 restarts to reduce chance of spoiled eggs. - Male dinos are set to stop wandering and mating on restart to combat runaway breeding of dinos, exceptions for oviraptors and neutered dinos. For a full list, see the Blue hyperlink above ⬆️!
  • Structures Plus (S+) - This mod provides: Complete Building overhaul including: Unique Building Features found in only a few other mods; Quality of Life Features with automation and other life hacks; Integrated Resource Pulling to make life in the shop easier!; and the list is far greater than the room here so see the Blue hyperlink above ⬆️!
  • Dino Storage v2 - This is a small mod designed to store dinos as items, similar to a pokeball! By removing tamed dinos from the world, it allows you to maintain a large library of stored dinos without hurting server performance! No more lagtastic dino barns or yards! Dino Storage obeys tribe and server tame limits on release, while allowing a large library of stored dinos that do not count against your tame limit. The mod is fully customizable via INI, making it easy to balance for PvP or PvE use! Players Hand Book for all the questions you have!
  • Eventmap
Modded Maps - Are created by Mod developers, and are also additions to the main game by adding whole new worlds sometimes complete with their own lore and storyline.

Harvest = 3x Experience gained = 4x Taming = 8x Egg Hatch = 15x Baby Mature = 15x Server Dino Cap = 5k except on some small maps. SE, AB, GENESIS, and GENESIS 2 notably. Tribe Dino Cap = 500 Per Tribe Per Map. Unless noted in the maps information page. Server Difficulty = 10 You will find your tribal Dino cap in the center of your inventory screen. The PACK asks that you limit your dinos to a total of 2500k dinos per map. (this includes your tribal limit of 500 active dinos and all cryoed/trapped dinos)

As of June 2022, the maximum player level is 190.
  • Survivors start at level 1.
  • 104 levels can be gained normally,
  • 60 gained by defeating end-game bosses, Clearing the Tek Cave on The Island, and beating Alpha level Overseer = 15 levels. Defeating Alpha level Rockwell at Aberration, OR killing the King Kaiju on Extinction = 15 levels. Beating Alpha level Master Controller at Genesis = 15 levels. Defeating Alpha level Rockwell Prime on Genesis 2 = 15 levels.
  • 10 gained from collecting all Explorer Notes on every map,
  • 5 acquired by leveling up a Chibi, a cosmetic event pet.
  • 10 levels for collecting all Fjordur
  • Once you have reached this limit, you will not be able to level up anymore.

Creature levels are split between Wild Levels and Domestic Levels.
Wild Levels: The maximum level for wild creatures is 210 (dependent on the difficulty setting of 10 we use). Once tamed, creatures gain additional levels based on Taming Effectiveness. At 99.9% taming effectiveness, the creature gains ((level / 2) - 1) rounded up. This places the highest level for an unbred creature with no domestic levels at 310 if it was tamed at level 210. Most creatures will lose some taming effectiveness during taming, so some creatures have a lower maximum possible post tame level. Each wild level results in a point being randomly assigned to one of the creatures stats. The max level for wild creatures and wild Tek creatures before taming is 210 and 253, respectively. (Maximum Wild Wyverns & Drakes = 266 & Maximum Wild eggs = 266 (except Deino's they are 210))
Domestic Levels: You can level up a tamed creature 88 times past the original level it was tamed at (after Taming Effectiveness is applied), these are known as domestic levels. Each level, you gain a skill point to increase one of the attributes of your tamed creature. These levels are not displayed separately in-game, but are instead combined into one overall creature level.
In case you forgot at which level a creature was tamed, have a look in this creature's inventory at the XP bar. The number after the slash (/) corresponds to the XP total of the next level according to the following table. Mutagen Bonus Levels. The stat bonus is different depending on whether the Dino was tamed, or bred: Tamed (only wild ancestors or clones of such tames): 5 levels are put into Health, Stamina, Weight, and Melee Damage each as pre-tame levels, resulting in an increase of 20 levels overall. These levels can be inherited by the offspring. Bred: 1 level is put into Health, Stamina, Weight, and Melee Damage each as post-tame levels, resulting in an increase of 4 levels overall. These levels cannot be inherited by the offspring. Cost Required amount of Mutagen is only dependent on the species, and not the level or the bred/tamed status.
Breeding Levels: Finally, through breeding you can get creatures who are well above and beyond that number (Our servers are not capped, Dinos can be bred to Lv. 1750+ with dedicated breeding.) Tamable creatures introduced in the Genesis DLCs,
R-Creatures and
X-Creatures, and Lost Island's
Dinopithecus are the only exception, they can go over the 1750 up to 1800.
PLEASE NOTE: Once you have reached a Dino with 255 in each stat value. You realistically cannot add any more domestication level points into that specific stat. If done, the stat will revert to a LEVEL ONE DINO value in that stat. And you will lose all the value of months of breeding.

ARK Breeding Guide
The PACK Gaming

The twelve maps are typically broken into two groups: six maps are canonical, and five are not. Beyond this, however, the maps should be completed in a specific order to experience the actual campaign that ARK: Survival Evolved has to offer. Failing to complete them in order means that the story, as difficult as it is to get to, will simply not make a lick of sense.
The following canonical maps should be completed in order, to understand the story of the Ark:
For these six maps alone, players can expect to sink hundreds of hours to strengthen themselves and conquer the dungeons. The other five maps are just as enjoyable as the canonical six, yet they don’t necessarily have a story that ties into the main campaign.
The six non-canon maps of ARK: Survival Evolved are:
It’s not uncommon to spend over a thousand hours in ARK without completing all maps. With the announcement of ARK 2, however, understanding the story as it stands thus far will likely give players a leg-up on the next iteration of the title.
Modded Maps - Are created by Mod developers, and are also additions to the main game by adding whole new worlds sometimes complete with their own lore and storyline.
Progression through the individual maps is dependent on the map being played, but the overall idea stays the same:
  • Complete dungeons for trophies.
  • Turn those trophies in to summon bosses.
  • Transcend the Ark.
It’s not uncommon to spend over a thousand hours in ARK without completing all maps. With the announcement of ARK 2, however, understanding the story as it stands thus far will likely give players a leg-up on the next iteration of the title.
To see more about the Story of ARK: Survival Evolved, see the full page here
LORE of ARK: Survival Evolved
The PACK Gaming

The Studio Wildcard team is thrilled to finally complete the ARK saga with the release of ARK: Genesis Part 2. Thanks to Ark’s passionate community and a love for new content that fits its mold, what were once straightforward plans have become so much more. Through in-game events, free DLC maps, and continued game updates, we’re also polishing, addressing player feedback and fixing issues to make it a better game for everyone. So, what’s next? Not TEK, that's for sure. As we look forward to a primarily primitive-themed ARK 2, we'll continue to provide meaningful updates and experiences to our ARK 1 survivors.
The PACK Gaming

Developer confirms: After it has been a poorly kept secret for a long time, the developers officially announced in their Community Crunch that they will continue to provide Ark Survival Evolved with updates.
Above all, you can look forward to the release of several new maps for Ark Survival Evolved. In addition, the team would like to continue to deliver in-game events and smaller content bites.

  • New maps from the community as official maps for Ark!
  • Seasonal in-game events
  • Quality-of-life updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Unspecified new content – maybe skins?
  • Carcharodontosaurus???(rummored to be added later this year)
  • Jeremy Stieglitz@jeremystieglitz FYI ARK Nintendo Switch WILL be getting Ascension for Scorched Earth. We'll also be adding that cinematic & all of the new story/cinematic/voice content, to all the other platforms of ARK later this year! (however Young Explorers Mode will be Switch exclusive)
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