ARK Breeding Guide

Pointers and information for the players who want to breed on our Cluster.

Our Cluster is set up for Breeders to enjoy the experience of Breeding "That Ultimate Dino" that you've ever wanted. To help this along we have added this page and some pointers and links to videos to help the newly inspired breeder, or the 'Old Hand' breeders to get their "Dino Groove" on.

There is very little way that we as a cluster can get the stats online for the creatures, so in place of that we offer the following app that is useful for Breeding Plans. Ark Smart Breeding App:

These are the Settings on Our Cluster, for the Smart Breeder App:

Here is the Manual for using the Ark Smart Breeder App. And a video or two to show how to use it: Ark Breeding || How To - Smart Breeding App || TimmyCarbine Ark Breeding || How To - Breed for Stats || TimmyCarbine

For those that are breeding and need the color chart that ark provides.

How to Breed Super Dinos

Mutation Mechanics

Mutation selection

When two Dinos breed, the offspring can have:

No mutations, selecting stats from the parents as normal, or A mutation does occur, meaning:

  • A random stat change, adding two wild levels to a random stat(not always visible because wild creatures don´t gain Movement Speed)

  • A random color change (not always visible because some creatures don´t use all color regions)

Stat selection

When an egg hatches, its stats are randomly selected from either parent, with a 55% chance to get the better of the two. Regardless of this though, a mutation from one parent can still affect a stat taken from the other. This means a Fully Mutated Dino (≥20/20 on both sides of inheritance) with higher stats bred with a Non-Fully Mutated Dino (≤19/20 on the respective gender's lineage) can still receive mutations on the stats from the Fully Mutated Parent, allowing you to further increase breeding potential. This is because the stats are chosen first, and then the mutations (if any are to occur), are selected and applied. When a mutation does occur, a random level-able stat is chosen, and has two wild levels applied to it (a flat increase, compared to a Tamed Dino's percentage based increase). This means there is a chance that a mutation will occur, but be effectively lost due to the fact that levels placed into movement speed on a wild dino do not actually increase the movement speed.

Mutation counter

The Mutation counter is the number shown on your ancestry tree. This is represented by a 0/20 score at base and increases with concurrent breeding. A +1 on the patrilineal/matrilineal side of the mutation counter is based on which parent the mutation "came" from. The only important thing is that new mutations will not occur if the Parent Dino has 20+/20 inheritance from their respective gender's lineage. This means that in order to breed new mutations, a Male Dino would need less than 20 mutations on only the patrilineal side, while a Female Dino would need less than 20 mutations on only the matrilineal side. (For example, a Male Dino with 12/20 patrilineal mutations and 20/20 matrilineal mutations would still be viable for breeding). The counter on mutation inheritance works on its own accord, and does not actually show the actual number of mutations on a Dino. There are on occasion Hidden Mutations. Usually a color or and or sometimes a color and stat combined. What the counter does do is take the sum of mutations of BOTH inheritances, adding them together and then placing them on the respective inheritance of the Parent Dino.

Selective Mutation Stacking (Clean Breeding)

  1. Breed a dinosaur that has the best stats that you can find. – the dinosaur has to have 0-19/20 mutation in his respective category, e.g. male 0-19/20 mutations on patrilineal side, female 0-19/20 mutations on matrilineal side,

  2. On our Servers FLYERS GET SPEED! So yes you need to breed speed into any creature you want to move fast. Speed is not wasted on a land dino either. Some like Raptors, Deinonychus are meant to be rapid riding creatures. Yes speed is wasted for many other creatures. To counter a stat gain in a stat not needed, breed a lvl. 1 creature with a "0" in the stat, into your stat stack.

  3. Get a breeding plan of 1 male and as many females as you can (the more. the faster the whole process gets). – the dinos has to have 0-19/20 mutation in his respective category, e.g. male 0-19/20 mutations on patrilineal side, female 0-19/20 mutations on matrilineal side,

  4. Breed…a lot.

  5. Get a mutation in the stat you are looking for (e.g. HP), OR Get a mutation in the stat you are looking for (e.g. HP) on a baby that got the higher stat from parents.

  6. Breed your new mutation to get a MALE dino.

  7. Swap your original male with the new mutated (e.g. HP) male dino.

  8. Repeat point 5B-7.

  9. Our servers are UNOfficials and our base Wild dino is 210. You will not need to worry that they will be deleted by the server if they go over lvl 450. You get more stats if you add levels manually because you get a % on the lvl up of tamed dinos rather the a flat value like in a mutation (99% sure)

  10. Stop if you reach 184 lvl in specific stat. – stat values are capped at 255 levels, 255-71=184, after that the stat resets - you get more stats if you add the level manually because you get a % on the level up of tamed dinos rather the a flat value like in a mutation (99% sure). Untested as of yet on our server cluster .. WE MAY BE ABLE TO GO HIGHER!

For this process it’s not important that after some time your male will have more then 20/20 mutations. As long as your female has 0-19/20 on the matrilineal side you can always get a mutation. The female dino provides a possible mutation and the male dino better stats.

Remember if both dino's have 20+/20 mutation in their respective side (male on patrilineal and female on matrilineal side) you can’t get a new mutation. This is when you move to the Unlimited Mutations Glitch described below.

Unlimited Mutations Glitch (Dirty Breeding)

By Wulf2k, February 28, 2019

The mutations counter is a 32 bit signed integer. If your pet has 1 mutation, in binary he has 00000001 mutations. If you mate them with another 1 mutation pet, he will have 2, or 00000010 mutations. If you inbreed that generation, you have: 00000010 + 00000010 = 00000100 mutations, or 4. Do it again, you have 00001000 mutations, or 8. As you can see, every doubling of mutations moves the 1 left. Now, for a little bit of computer fun, computers don't use the 32nd bit of a signed integer as a quantity, they use it as the positive or negative sign. 0 = positive. 1 = negative. So, what happens after our 31st generation of inbreeding? 01000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 (1,0731741,824 mutations) + 01000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 (1,0731741,824 mutations) = 10000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ( -2,147,483,648 mutations) Yes, that is negative 2,147,483,648 mutations. (for computer math reference, negative 1 is binary all 1s, all 0s is the 'biggest' negative number) if you inbreed that generation, the 1 is pushed off the 32 bits containing the integer and we're back at 0.

So, what if we've got a super breeding line at its cap of 20 mutations? Well, simply inbreed them 28 generations, overflow the counter, and since a negative number is always less than 20 they can start to get mutations again.

The Above Section on ""How to Breed Super Dinos" and "Mutation Mechanics" is in part from the ARK wiki, and edited to fit our server clusters Base stats.

Alphy's Tried and Tested method!

So you will need a super spyglass and the new tranq darts table .. Catch about 40 dinos of your breed... about 3 to 1 ration favoring females to males. Attempt to stay in the 185 to 210 wild for the best chances at stats. You are looking with the glass for stats over 45 wild. These give the best chance for a 50+ tamed.

Then you will need to set up your breeding area and the baby areas... You need less room for a hatchery for egglayers than for live birthers. you will need a fridge and at least two hatcheries for an egglaying process. Males of any species are auto turned off at 8 hour intervals on our maps. So you will need to log in twice a day at least to restart your males. DO NOT LET your Hatcheries overflow and we get babies everywhere..... I will euthanize them.

For babies you will need two or three S+Nannies a feed trough and a moschops or Procoptodon. Fill the Nanny up and fill the trough up.. Ride the moschops or the procoptodon and have all the babies follow the ridden tame as you stand it behind the nannies... this ensures that all young are in reach of the nannies feeding system. PUT ONE STACK of starter food in each baby regardless of the nannies use... This is ARK and it Will ARK you. When you log back in to reset your males ... look at the babies and stick a new stack on them. Fill the trough up. NOTE: Jp just added a specialized nanny that he has added to our mod package. I have yet to test that out.

You will need to go out and capture more dinos for new blood and stats... Prob about every 10 gens.. you need the clean females to add to and continue the mutation stacks.. and who knows you may find the rare 55 or 60+ stat out there.. its happened before. ( I have two wild caught male raps with a 61 in health.)