ASA: The Center

Coming June 3rd. 2024!

“Mark your calendars, because on June 3rd, we're releasing The Center with Shastasaurus! This free expansion is like a whole new ARK world – double the size of The Island, that gorgeous Tolkien-fantasy feel, and tons of new surprises for you to uncover. We can't spoil all the fun just yet, but know that even more exciting developments are cooking for the June 3rd update. Your ARK adventures are about to get a whole lot wilder. 🦖”

~~ Wild Card Studios

The Center

The Center consists of multiple climatic and geological regions, including several that are not featured on The Island map. The map's most notable feature, a colossal floating island, can be found to the West of the map surrounded by treacherous swamps. To the far North, an active volcanic island can be found covered in basalt, lava, and dangerous predators. Numerous islands covered in jungles, tropical shorelines, mountains, and ancient ruins dot the varied archipelago. A unique set of caves push survivors to their limits in search of the Artifacts and their hidden rewards. Descend into Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth where survivors will find themselves in a self-sufficient underground ecosystem far beneath the lush jungles. Similarly, survivors can dive down to either of two underwater domes to build their own naval bases of Atlantean proportions!

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