THE PACK Conan Exiled Lands PVE (3xXP 3xH)

We welcome you to The PACK Conan Exiled Lands PVE 3xXP 3xH

Conan LOGIN Issues

Connect to the server by using the 'Direct Connect' button in the in-game server browser, and providing the following address:

Our Exiled Lands server is currently shut down to prevent loss of progress, while the collection of mods we use catch up and and update to the new Isle of Siptah changes in Conan Exiles. We will alert the player base when the mods are all updated and return the server to active status.

Beginner friendly! Helpful and active admin team! Custom teleport/warps. Helpful starter kit for new players. Custom dancing thralls, and various types of music at our community center. You keep your stuff when you die. Level Cap is 120. Most items stack to 5k. Attributes Cap at 250 per Attribute. And Feats are infinite with the use of Power Fragments.

Conan Exiles ~ The Exiled Lands

Set in the brutal lands of Conan The Barbarian. You are an exile, one of thousands cast out to fend for themselves in a barbaric wasteland swept by terrible sandstorms and besieged on every side by Enemies. Here you must fight to survive, build and dominate. Hungry, thirsty and alone, your very first battle is that against the harsh environment. Grow crops or Hunt animals for food. Harvest Resources to Craft Weapons and Tools. Build a shelter to survive. Ride across a vast world and explore alone, or band together with other players to build entire Settlements and Strongholds to withstand fierce invasions. When strong enough, march forth into battle and wage war against your enemies as you fight to dominate the exiled lands. Sacrifice enemy Players on the Altars of the Gods and shift the balance of power your way. Unleash your fury in savage, fast-paced Combat and execute bloody and bone-crushing attacks that will see heads rolling and limbs flying. Conan Exiles is "Available on Steam" with new updates as a brutal open-world survival game! ~ Description from the Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Conan Exiled Land Server Settings:

PvE VAC Protection Enabled. Inventory kept on death. Only owner can loot corpse. Character does not stay in game while logged out. Restrict PVP Building Damage Off. Player structures are indestructible. Experience 3.0 Harvest 3.0 Durability 0.7 Stamina 0.8 Resource Respawn 2.0 Thrall Conversion 0.5 Item Conversion 0.5 Idle Thirst 0.4 Active Thirst 0.8 Idle Hunger 0.4 Active Hunger 0.8

Our Patreon's

Will receive generous perks in our Conan Server. Some of which are special Warps, the ability to summon a friend (type of teleport). Please see the list found here,

Please find our Steam Community Server Mod Collection HERE:

Conan Mod Collection

General Description of Each of our Chosen Mods:

Features: New Chat System for all players. A Kit System that provides players with items in a kit you can purchase with Pippi coins. An in Depth Command System for Server Admins allowing for much better Admin/Player interaction. A new and improved Announcement System. A Warp System set up by Admins that Allows the Players free movement about the map. Dynamic Rank System allowing Clans to set ranks. Mushi System set up by Admins for vendors of Kits and other items across the map.

Glass Constructions - Recycling Smelter, Great Furnace, Great Carpenter's Saw Bench Campfire Grill, Great Tannery, Greater Fire bowl and more ... Overview of the items and the levels you gain them at here:

Wear the armor that matches your current situation and give it the look you like best. Copies the appearance (including colors) of any armor parts to your current armor. The values of the equipped armor remains unchanged. Supports all DLC armors. Hint: to wear DLC armor or to use it for the style you don't have to own the DLC. It is enough to know someone in the game who can craft the armor/weapon pieces. New: separate warpaint style slot for head, torso, arms and a slider to choose the color that fits best to your eyes ;)

The Less Building Placement Restrictions mod, or LBPR for short, is intended to make building and placement easier. It offers a wide, and ever growing list of features that can make your building dreams come true. From having a Green Arrow give directions on which direction a wall is placing, to creating a bigger window using a custom Overlap Exception for Doorways and Fences, to being able to merge placeables together via overlapping them together to create unique shapes, to quality of life fixes or improvements, to easier Thrall placement, to decorating a cave or even taking over your favorite NPC camp and turning it into your own. If you are a building fan at all, you will find enjoyment with this mod.

Craft-able Power Stones that when carried cause the Exile's Bracelet Gem to glow. Other than the basic Stone, the icons for the Power Stones show a glowing Exile's Bracelet, because I think it looks nice :) They work while carrying anything, wielding 2 handed weapons or with a shield, and underwater.

With this mod you're able to pick up all the things you've placed - simple as that! :-)

A customized female body mod that adds a detailed 3d private area , with physics . This mod changes the shape of the females body and adds in specific details that were missing from the private area. Some edits to the skin textures for better blending in certain areas. Also includes some skimpy and bra-less armor sets.

This mod serves as a complimentary expansion to the main game, introducing new content, feats, systems, and much more! Dive into an adventure where the barbaric lands of Conan meet the medieval world of the Age of Calamitous. Here is a list of some additions to the game: Five different playable Factions. Additional Character Creation Options. Stacks increased for Items & Resources. Weight changes for Items & Resources. UI modifications. Hundreds of new Decorations, Props, Items, Weapons, etc. Many new Crafting Stations, Feats & Recipes. New Level Cap 120 (Ascension 101-120). Special content from The Age of Calamitous. And much more!

Features: Simplified Main Menu, Improved UI, Appearance Designer. NPC Appearances, Physics Sliders. Slider to change the duration of blood fade time. Re-mappable keybinds in settings menu, Mod settings saved to file. Keybind Instructions : Minimap Zoom In: SHIFT + HOME ;Minimap Zoom Out: SHIFT + END; Pause Game: SHIFT + ESC; Settings: SHIFT + M

The ultimate stack size and weight mod. The configuration can be opened from any placeable with an inventory (admin only). Also supports items from other mods and all DLC items.

Universal Copy of the modlist.txt

The below is a universal copy of the MOD ORDER modlist that goes into the MODS folder in Conan Exiles sandbox file. Please see instructions here:


Changes Coming with the Release of Isle of Siptah

Coming September 15th for PC, and at a later date for consoles.

Temperature system overhaul

Temperature Buff Chart from the Conan Exiles Wiki.

The biggest change for temperature de/buffs is that Funcom has removed the Soothing buff. The Soothing-buff made sense when it was implemented; it was a reward for managing your temperature in order to stay temperature neutral. But now, since it is much easier to be temperature neutral, we don’t need this to be present anymore.

  • Being hot will increase your thirst-rate and at Extremely Hot, you will start taking damage over time and have a Stamina-cost penalty on your actions

  • Being cold will increase your hunger-rate and at Extremely Cold, you will start taking damage over time and suffer the same Stamina-cost penalty on your actions

Changes to temperature debuffs

Your Survival stat will now grant a passive bonus to both Heat and Cold insulation. You are given 0.5 insulation for every point in Survival, meaning you can negate up to 30 degrees if you max out your Survival stat. This bonus stacks with any armor you wear.


Certain consumables such as Ice Tea, Absinthe and spiced food will modify your temperature. While these have not changed, Funcom has added temperature indicators in the item information box for all such consumables, giving you a better overview of what drinks and foods will modify your temperature. Note that these consumables still directly modify your temperature, so eating ice while in the snowy areas of the northern highlands will still lower your temperature.

Previously, player characters had a single stat for temperature. This meant that armors that modified that stat (such as “heat”) was directly modifying the stat up and down. This led to the effect many of you have experienced where clothing yourself in cold climates would actually make you even colder. This made no sense, so Funcom has changed the system to instead use Insulation. All clothes and armor now have two stats - Heat Resistance and Cold Resistance. Armors will (most often) give both, but be better at one of the two.

Funcom has also changed how temperatures are displayed in the item information panel. The old system would show a heat or cold bar but since armors now protect against both heat and cold, the item display will show both of these independently in the information panel.


Progression Re-balance:

Funcom has decided to normalize progression on all game modes. These changes not only come with a number change in server settings. Journey steps will now give less experience while kills and resource gathering events will give more than previously. This will become the new default on all official servers, and can be customized as usual for those of you running your own servers or playing in single-player/coop.

What does this mean in practical effects? Progression for PVE and PVE-C servers (and those running on default values) will see XP and resource gathering roughly doubled to what the previous default values were. Here at The Pack Gaming we will test out the new settings for dedicated servers, and see what changes will benefit our player base.

Combat and Healing Re-balance

Food items weigh very little and are abundant throughout the world, which allow you to carry multiple stacks when doing any activity. Additionally, these items can be activated at any moment, while sprinting, in knockback or even during an attack.

The gameplay that this system promoted was continuous item activation during any activity, in some cases allowing you to heal through many encounters without repercussion. This ended up trivializing health as a resource and invalidated several of the other healing options in the game.

The goal of the new system is to create windows of safety in which you can heal mid combat while also having options for cost effective out of combat healing solutions. This boils down to – more interesting and dynamic combat encounters, more meaningful and decisive use of healing items, and less need to carry stacks of random foodstuffs.

Healing Items by Role

Potions- are intended as an in combat tactical heal, you perform an animation for two seconds, at one and a half seconds the healing buff is applies. If the you are knocked out of the animation before the buff is applied, you do not receive the healing effect.

Wraps- are intended as a strong/fast out of combat heal, however you can risk using them if you feel confident in your safety. On use you are locked into a ten second animation during which you heal for the duration or until you reach maximum health.

Food- is intended as cost effective background healing effect that players use between encounters. Update 2.0.2 will increase the out of combat healing amount.


Our Server uses T4 purges: In general, the severity of The Purge depends on the area. Depending on Server Settings the maximum purge level might be capped. These are Vanilla Conan Exiles Settings.

  • 1, 2 - Low difficulties are used in the area around the southern river. (can be resisted with T1 buildings)

  • 3, 4 - Moderate difficulties are used in the center of the map and the Jungle biome. (can be resisted with T2 buildings)

  • 5, 6 - High difficulties are used in the Highlands, Snow and Volcano biomes. (should have T3 buildings to resist them)

Difficulty affects which waves are picked to Purge. Higher difficulty levels have a higher chance to have more powerful NPCs, spawn more waves and spawn more bosses. It is still possible to spawn a level 1 Purge even though the difficulty is set to level 6. We chose to not go over T4 so that those that are on our server solo can have purges and resist them. A plan is in the works for the hard AOC purges to be called in The Colosseum and other deep desert places so that the more experienced players can thrall capture.

T1 - 4 is CORE CONAN. T6 and up is AOC RATINGS (what level of purge the items can resist)

Tier 1 Buildings - Sandstone (Stone and Wood) - Steel Weapons, explosives, or orbs to destroy. Sandstone basic building can be unlocked with the Apprentice Mason recipe.

Tier 2 Buildings - Stonebrick (Bricks, Shaped Wood, Iron Reinforcement) - Brick buildings are not able to be damaged by weapons and require the use of explosives or orbs to destroy. Bricks building can be unlocked with the Journeyman Mason recipe.

Tier 3 Buildings - Reinforced Stone (Hardened Brick, Shaped Wood, Steel Reinforcements)- Steel buildings are not able to be damaged by Weapons and require the use of explosives or orbs to destroy.

Tier 4 DLC Building items (Some of the heavy brick build stuff is rated T4)

Tier 1 AOC Wood items = equilivant to T2-T3 Core.

Tier 2 AOC Brick Items = equilivant to T3-T4 Core.

Tier 3 AOC Core Metal building stuff. (Kronyum, Elvari, etc.) to T5-T6 Core.


Conan guide to Thralls, Weapons, Armor, Tools & Thrall Recipes. Courtesy of Named T4 Thralls | Weapons | Armor | Tools | Thrall Bonus Recipes