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Pippi Player Guide


How to Use some PIPPI Features

Pippi Wallpaper Configuration
Wallpaper Configuration.
  1. 1.
    Name of the Picture
  2. 2.
    Allow Clan Members to interact.
  3. 3.
    Make it a Solid object.
  4. 4.
    Set the best Dimensions for your art. (X is Horizontal, Y is Vertical, both are in pixels wide.)
  5. 5.
    Place the images URL here. (Take any art url from the Art channel or any site on line.)
  6. 6.
    Apply to save changes.
  7. 7.
    Close the menu.
Flaggi Configuration.
Admins and players can create their own custom banners to display proudly with Flaggi. Loading images works like Wallpapers apart from the required size. When creating a banner for Flaggi, the total image size must be to the power of two. Basically, the
width/height that can be doubled-up or divided- down by "2." In simpler terms, make the total
image a square. The visible image (banner) must take up the left 1/3rd of the canvas. The right 2/3rd can remain blank. Images will need to be in a png or jpg format from an online source.
Images can be uploaded to a private Discord. Right click on the image in Discord then copy the link. Paste that link into the provided field. Use the above image as a template
Player Access to the Heatmap
Type /heatmap in the chat window and press Enter. It will open in a separate window.
Players may access their heatmap if the command is enabled for the server.
Solo players (those not in a clan) can only view their heatmap.
Players in a clan can only view their clan’s heatmap.
Building Heatmap
Pippi’s heat map locates all building pieces, placeables, thralls, pets, and Pippi tools for the player or clan. These are represented by colored markers on the map. The markers increase in size and opacity depending on the amount of building pieces or number of placed items. Building pieces and placeables provided by mods are included in the heatmap’s markers.
Players may choose what will display on the map by checking the box under the individual selections. The total number is displayed next to the name of each of the Legend’s items.
Map Tone
Use the slider at the top right of the heatmap to darken the map. The Legend's color markers will become more visible.
A section of the map will display initially. With the cursor anywhere on the map, roll the Middle Mouse Button (MMB) to shrink or enlarge the map.
Hold down the left mouse button on the map to move to a new section.
Build Info
Players may access their build info if the command is enabled for the server. It is Enabled by default.
Type /buildinfo in the chat window and press Enter to receive the total count of building pieces, placeables, thralls, pets, and Pippi tools.
The information displayed is either for the clan (if the player is in one) or for a solo player (if the player is not in a clan).

Player Slash Commands:

These commands are executed through the chat window. Not all commands will be available to players. Admins set the permissions for each command. NOTE: When a command requires a player’s name Pippi does not require the players full name, you are able to use partial names and Pippi will try and determine which player you are trying to use. If Pippi fails to find the player or there is more than 1 possible player you will get a message stating so, in which case you simply increase the length of the partial name the
Players Commands
Student Admins
Admins ONLY
/help [/h] - Displays help message generated for what the player is permitted to use /me - Broadcasts a local message in 3rd person context /shout - Shouts a message (2x Local Radius) /whisper [/w] - Whisper to player /reply [/r] - Replies to last received whisper /mute - Mutes incoming chat messages from specified player /unmute - Unmutes a player you have muted /sethome - Sets your current location as your home /home - Teleports you to your sethome /kill - Kill yourself /list players - Lists all players online /list admins - Lists all admins online /list mute - Lists all players you have muted /list kits - Lists the kits available to you (>1.5.0) /list warps - Lists the available warps /return - Returns you to the position before you teleported /warp - Teleports you to specified warp /wallet - Displays the amount currently in your wallet /pay - Pays the specified player the provided amount and type providing you have the amount in your wallet /kit - Gives you the contents of the specified kit (>1.5.0) /roll - Roll the dice /flip - Flip a coin /afk - Toggles AFK status /act - Allows temporary name change to a player’s character /rename - Renames thralls /rules - Displays rules /act - speaks as the specified name instead of your IGN. /customize - alter your characters looks /convert gold - {converts CE coin to Pippi currency} /convert silver - {converts CE coin to Pippi currency} /convert bronze - {converts CE coin to Pippi currency} /time - displays server time to player /buildinfo - displays info about your buildings /heatmap - displays a heatmap for you builds /mumble - mumbles a message /whoami - displays players account information /trade - <playername ||accept> - Request to trade with a player /8ball - query a mysterious ball of knowledge
Used by ~ VIP and UBER Patreons; Moderator; Student Admins; Admins ONLY:

This includes all of the previous commands and the following:

/tprequest [/tpr] - Request to teleport to the specified player /tpaccept [/tpa] - Accepts a teleport request
Used by ~ Moderator; Student Admins; Admins ONLY:

This includes all of the previous commands and the following:

/teleport - Teleports you to the specified player /summon - Summons specified player to your location /silence - Silences a player from using chat /unsilenced - Un-silence a player from using chat /vote - Accepts requested time of day /vote dawn - Requests time of day changed to dawn /vote noon - Requests time of day changed to noon /vote dusk - Requests time of day changed to dusk /fly - fly mode /kick - Kicks player from server /warp player - warps the player to a warp /whois - display information about a characters account
Used by ~ Student Admins; Admins ONLY:

This includes all of the previous commands and the following:

/meteor - force meteor shower /sandstorm - force sandstorm /god - toggles god mode /spawnitem - spawns items from template ID /invisible - toggles invisibility /ghost - toggles ghost mode /airdrop - || - Sends an airdrop to a specific player
Used by ~ Admins ONLY:

This includes all of the previous commands and the following:

/server - Broadcasts a message as the server /warp create - Creates a basic warp /warp delete - Deletes specified warp /payday - Creates currency and gives it to a player. Mostly an admin command /currency add - Adds currency from a player /currency remove - Removes currency from a player /cleanup - removes all corpses from your server. /bal - displays wallet balance for the player /kill player - kills the specified player