Conan Exiles - Exiled Lands PVE

Our Exiled Lands Server is PVE, with 3x XP, and Harvest, our Level Cap is 120. Attributes Cap at 250 per Attribute. Feats are infinite with the use of Power Fragments. Most items stack to 10k. You do not persist in the world after logging out and no loss on death. We try to provide the best environment to build the base of your dreams. So, we have chosen a limited but satisfactory grouping of QoL mods that provide the best overall playing experience for your CONAN Exiles experience, but also balanced with the knowledge that load times are important too!
We have created a custom teleport/warp system, to assist in getting around the Exiled lands faster. We provide helpful starter kit for new players. We offer a schedule of events monthly for fun and enjoyment. And we use the Age of Calamitous & EEWA to provide more endgame content.
Conan Exiles PvE Server Rules
The PACK Gaming

The Community Center on Exiled Lands server. Prior to 3.0

Within the Community Center

PvE VAC Protection Enabled. Inventory kept on death. Only owner can loot corpse. Character does not stay in game while logged out. Restrict PVP Building Damage Off. Player structures are indestructible. Experience 3.0 Harvest 3.0 Durability 0.7 Stamina 0.8 Resource Respawn 2.0 Thrall Conversion 0.5 Item Conversion 0.5 Idle Thirst 0.4 Active Thirst 0.8 Idle Hunger 0.4 Active Hunger 0.8 Character level 300 possible.

Attributes known as AP, is earned at the AOC rate per level up to Level 120, then Kerozard's Paragon takes over and you receive 1 AP per 4 levels till your reach level 300. KPL Smooth Leveling makes sure you will receive the appropriate AP at each stage of your progress. Knowledge (was Feats prior to 3.0) known as KP, is earned in a progressive chart mandated by AOC should total around 497 or more at level 60. Kerozard's Paragon takes over at Level 61 and you will gain 1503 KP by level 300. Total KP will eventually be 2000 KP. Gaining Knowledge is infinite with the use of Power Fragments & Tablets of Knowledge.

Will receive generous perks in our Conan Server. Some of which are special Warps, the ability to summon a friend (type of teleport). Starting Oct. 1st our Exiled Lands Patreon's may have any of the thralls or pets off of the list for Isle of Siptah. Please see the list found here,
Exiled Land Server Pippi Info.
The PACK Gaming

Steam Workshop::The Pack Conan Exiled Lands PVE Server

THE PACK reserves the right to change and/or add or drop mods at any time due to server constraints. In most cases we will attempt to give fair notice of such events. In rare cases some mod changes can result in a server wipe. We will do what we can to recompense players, but we do have a standard NO replacement policy in place.
Please NOTE: that all these MODS CAN AND WILL CHANGE their descriptions and contents AFTER 3.0 UPDATE.

Steam Workshop::Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.8.7
Pippi is a mod created for Conan Exiles by the user Joshtech a.k.a. CoOkIeMoNsTeR. What is Pippi? In short, it is many things. Pippi offers admins the ability to easily operate their servers and maintain their player base. They can enlist the help of moderators without giving them full access to the admin panel. Admins also have the option to enhance their players’ game play by creating kits, establish warp points for fast travel, and easily change character names, levels, and skill points. That is just to name a few features.

Steam Workshop::ModControlPanel
Creates an ADMINS Control Panel for all the mods. This mod aims to add a convenient UI widget that supports modules, this will mainly be used as the primary settings HUB for all the mods I develop, although it is possible for any mod developer to add a supporting module.

Steam Workshop::Stacksize Plus v1.7.17 (DLC compatible)
The ultimate stack size and weight mod. The configuration can be opened from any placeable with an inventory (admin only). Also supports items from other mods and all DLC items.

Steam Workshop::Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded - v2.3.6
This highly customizable mod improves your long-term playing experience by increasing the level range up to level 300. Every level past level 60 grants additional attribute and feat points, allowing you to max all attributes and learn all feats once you reach level 300. Reaching level 300 is not meant to be easily reached with. At level 300, you will also be given a generous bonus amount of feat points to spend (great for when using lots of other mods that require feat point spending). The most unique feature about this leveling mod is that your character will also gain paragon buffs as your character continues to level. Every 10 levels starting at level 70, you will gain an increased chance of triggering one of the Paragon Bonuses.

Steam Workshop::The Age of Calamitous
WELCOME TO THE AGE OF CALAMITOUS AoC serves as a total conversion mod to the main game, introducing new content, feats, lore, systems, and much more! Dive into an adventure where the barbaric lands of Conan meet the medieval world of the Age of Calamitous.

Steam Workshop::Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA) v0.29.7
Launched in May 2019, Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal was a mod that initially started as a weapon mod meant to add new weapons to unlock when leveling all the way to 300, with leveling mods such as "Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded" or as additional content with mods such as "Age of Calamitious". Over the 2+ years this mod has been in existence, the mod has received an immense amount of new content, not just weapons, but features, systems, NPCs, dungeons and so much more. Admins can customize and enable/disable features easily with tons of tools no other mods offer. Allowing admins to create the Conan Exiles server they want.

Steam Workshop::KPL - Smooth Leveling - Add-On - v1.0.1
This Add-On mod is for use with Kerozard's Paragon Leveling - Reloaded. It is ONLY needed if you use stacking leveling mods with Paragon (in particular, when using Paragon and The Age of Calamitous together).

Steam Workshop::Beyond Stations
The purpose of this mod is to regroup as many stations as possible, while still maintaining as much immersion as manageable and help with optimization for servers. Some of these stations also group Modded stations. Any and all modded recipes that can be crafted in the vanilla stations, should also be craftable in the Beyond Benches stations. Be Aware that some merges can cause some unexpected Results. (AOC and EEWA benches) This mod does NOT replace any stations! All Vanilla or Modded stations are still useable.

Steam Workshop::Fashionist v4.2.3
Wear the armor/weapon/warpaint that matches your current situation and give it the look you like best! Visible weapons - sheathed and unsheathed settings. Dye it like YOU want it. Outfit your thralls in HOUSE COLORS! Even your saddles can match your situation.

Steam Workshop::Improved Quality of Life 3.4.6
Features: Simplified Main Menu, Improved UI, Appearance Designer. NPC Appearances, Physics Sliders. Slider to change the duration of blood fade time. Re-mappable keybinds in settings menu, Mod settings saved to file. Keybind Instructions : Minimap Zoom In: SHIFT + HOME ;Minimap Zoom Out: SHIFT + END; Pause Game: SHIFT + ESC; Settings: SHIFT + M

Steam Workshop::LBPR - Additional Features - v7.1.6
This mod is built for and optimized for LBPR and is strictly an add-on. It is not intended or designed for PvP, though I try to at least consider a PvP angle before I commit to making a change. This mod adds a wide variety of new features that in particular highlight the best of LBPR.

Steam Workshop::Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.0
The Less Building Placement Restrictions (LBPR) mod, also known as the mod that nobody ever remembers they are using or care about until they no longer have it, is intended to make building and placement easier. It offers a wide, and ever growing list of features that can make your building dreams come true.

Steam Workshop::Decay Away v1.8
ADMINS: No-Decay/Damage Placeables Pre-built Merchant/Quest Waystations - placeable as single items.
PLAYERS: Max Decay Timer Placeables Crafted as usual--No extra feats, materials, or admin access needed. Server decay settings will define the max timer. Complete list:
Standing Torches (All types) Braziers (All), Bonfires Map Rooms Wheels of Pain, Thrall Pots Vaults, Large Chests, Crates Animal Pens, Feed Boxes, Stables Wells, fishtraps (All) Wooden Fences, Palisades, Cages Planters, Compost Boxes, Beehives, Grinders, Presses Signs, Journals, Scrolls, Notes, Profession Signs Tents, Shade cloths, Awnings Tables, Chairs/Benches, Jugs, Barrels Rugs/Carpets, Pillows Mitra, Ymir, Vanir, Serpentmen & Kinscourge Statues Standing Banners (All), Impaled Skulls, Bone Chimes Archery Targets, Horns

Steam Workshop::Unlock Plus (with Pickup) v1.4.10
Locking Capabilities - Adds locking capabilities to all placeables. Adds locking capabilities to all doors and gates. Thrall Protection - Profession thralls assigned to a crafting station can only be removed by the owner, even if the crafting station is not locked. Breakable Locks - Breakable locks for all chests like Wooden Box, Large Chest or Cupboard and all crafting stations like Tannery, Blacksmith's Bench or Campfire. A lock breaks when the health falls below the set percentage threshold. Once the lock is broken, anyone can open the box and loot the content. Extended Storage - Extends the standard storage by the set multiplier (range set to 1) Enables the extended storage for all chests like Wooden Box, Large Chest or Cupboard and extends the standard storage by the set multiplier. Enables the extended storage for all crafting stations like Tannery, Blacksmith's Bench or Campfire and extends the standard storage by the set multiplier. Return to Inventory (Pickup) - Enables 'Return to Inventory' for placeables and/or building parts. Damaged placeables must be repaired before they can be returned to inventory. Does not affect items marked by the game as 'returnable'. Private Chests - A large private chest, accessible only by the player who placed it (and thus locked for all other clan members) Resource Management - Experimental! move matching items from your inventory to the storage container pull the items you need for your craft from nearby storage containers and crafting stations NOTE: Wheel of pain (all sizes) can be unlocked but is not usable for non clan members.

The below is a universal copy of the MOD ORDER modlist that goes into the MODS folder in Conan Exiles sandbox file. Please see instructions here:
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