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The Age of Calamitous

This mod serves as a complimentary expansion to the main game, introducing new content, feats, systems, and much more!
This mod serves as a complimentary expansion to the main game, introducing new content, feats, systems, and much more! Dive into an adventure where the barbaric lands of Conan meet the medieval world of the Age of Calamitous. It is a story set in a fictional world where the medieval and renaissance era is merged into a unique combination. Realism is the foundation of the world itself, but with additional fantasy elements. Here is a list of some additions to the game: Six different playable Factions Additional Character Creation Options Stacks increased for Items & Resources Weight changes for Items & Resources UI modifications Hundreds of new Decorations, Props, Items, Weapons, etc Many new Crafting Stations, Feats & Recipes New Level Cap 120 (Ascension 101-120), and Special content from The Age of Calamitous And much more!
Most awesome collection of AoC how to videos ever made.
The Exiled Lands (Conan Exiles)
Word Anvil AoC interactive map.


Just like before, the Player is starting out in the sand dunes of the Exiled Lands, Same old song and dance with Conan the Barbarian. This mod was designed to add to the Experience of the Exiled Lands and the developers do not want to take to much away from that experience. So the First thing you should Prioritize is selection of your Faction.
Sub factions may require lvl. 80 in some cases to join. Factions do not require a lvl. to join. But some feats may have lvl. requirements. Magic has Faction, Feat, and level requirements, all of which have been added to the spell charts.

Getting Started in the Age of Calamitous

When you begin a game with AoC installed, you may wonder 'What exactly is different?' You start in the same desert, see the same map, etc. While AoC adds six factions foreign to this land, and many new enemies now populate the world, AoC still takes place on The Exiled Lands (players on custom maps, your server admin has designed your AoC experience so some of this guide won't apply.) After completing some of the basic starter tasks like crafting a weapon and clothing to defend yourself, your first AoC-related destination will be the Faction Hall, which is accessible from a portal at H2.
For in depth help in GETTING STARTED in AoC. Here is a guide by @Chumn of the AoC discord.

AoC Factions:

You will start your journey as a follower of one of the Factions found within the many warps found in the Faction Hall - Found in H2
Scattered across the Southlands (the area of the Broken Highway, E-2/3 to J-2-4) you will find many new cities and towns of the Different Factions of Age of Calamitous.
Anarious Productions Factions section.


With the December 8th, 2021 Underworld update to the Age of Calamitous, each faction was given a main questline to complete. This guide contains all of the information needed to successfully complete your favorite faction's tasks and reap the rewards! Note: This is a guide to the quests only, not a crafting guide.
Prepared By: Jarl Agony - YouTube

AoC Crafting Guide:

This guide aims to be a complete list of everything that can be crafted in Age of Calamitous. AoC is driven mostly by crafting; there are almost no gear drops, only crafting materials, so just about every item you'll want know about should be here. This guide does not include decorations or dyes, except a few decorations that are required as crafting ingredients.

AoC Profession System:

Professions in Age of Calamitous are meant to be the primary way to make AoC currency (Tin Coins and their higher equivalents.) In addition, participating in the Profession system will reward the player with Guild Tokens, which are used at the Guild Vendor in the Faction Hall to buy pets, pet cosmetics, and tool upgrades. Each Profession has one pet and an upgrade for one Kronyxium tool, excluding the Pickaxe. With the exception of The Night Scavenger from the Farmers Guild, faction pets are not immune from the Elarikan Plague. However, the remaining pets get a skin that makes them immune with the level 100 feat of their guild.
For a much deeper look into the AoC Professions, please use this guide. (Click the Professions Tab) ~ Written by @Chumm of the AoC Discord. :

Bobby's Sanctuary- Specialty Vendor:

"If you are new and have yet to experience it yourself, I highly, highly recommend you to try it yourself at least once before reading the guide." @Vyl of the AoC discord.
The Underwater Dungeon is by far the most atmospheric location in the AOC mod, if not the entire game. With clever utilization of lighting and sound, Espen managed to create a tense, almost anxiety-inducing atmosphere the first time you are in there.
It is an entirely different feel from the regular Conan experience, where you are either running around killing stuff or gathering resources.
Bobby is a unique vendor who offers special items as well as the option to hire Sir Lanis Brunhild and himself as personal merchants. You can also choose to fight Bobby and Sir Lanis by stepping in the portal behind his throne.
If you do plan to explore it yourself, just know that you need to prepare for underwater breathing, and a light source/night vision. "
Underwater Cave Guide By @Vyl of the AoC Discord. This guide contains spoilers on the information related to the AOC Underwater Cavern which you may want to find out organically.

Other Specialty Vendors:

Honor Vendor In the Faction Hall, H2
Loyalty Vendor- This unique vendor offers Loyalty items that can be bought with Loyalty Tokens. Please use the Loyalty tokens you get from the Pippi kit here. She can normally be found inside the Faction Hall, H2.
Market Trader (Takes your Profession "Bundles") To your right up the street when exiting Conan's Bar. City of Sepermeru in B7
Market Trader (Takes your Profession "Bundles") Found on the coast in Buccaneer's Bay. M7
George McWillan (Farming Recipes) In the Stormhold Camp in the Jungle of M7.
Camilla Redwood (Certificate of Exotic Animals) In a cottage in the Stormhold encampment in the Unnamed City D/E5.

AoC Thrall & Pet Guide:

Faction thralls are organized into "tiers" here, but it's not an official distinction. This is how they are referred to in the game files and it's a useful shorthand, but the difference between a T6 and T7 faction thrall is much smaller than between a T3 and T4 vanilla thrall, for example. Tiers 1 and 2 refer to the thralls that spawn in the camps marked "easy" on the Interactive Map. T6 through T9 are officer thralls, they share spawn locations and spawn more rarely the higher the tier. Thralls have different starting attributes and growth based on their faction and whether they are classified as melee (sword icon) or ranged (bow icon.) Mages and Archers are both ranged thralls and use the Accuracy stat for damage. Entertainers have their own stats, with the same health as T5s but higher damage than even T9s, making them effective glass cannons. Felgarth Healers, purchased from the Felgarth faction hub, have the same stats as entertainers. Note that the actual starting HP of a thrall will vary based on that faction's starting Vitality. AoC thralls and pets have custom perks. They only get positive attribute bonuses, no mixed perks that reduce one attribute and increase another. Melee thralls only get perks for Strength, Agility and Vitality. Ranged thralls only get perks in Agility, Vitality and Accuracy. AoC thralls use the same food as vanilla thralls: Gruel for maximum Strength growth, Grilled Steak for maximum Vitality growth, and Exotic Feast for maximum healing.
Please note that with each update comes a time in which we are doing updates, so some of the information may not be completely up to date.

AoC Enemies:

The Age of Calamitous adds lots of enemies to the game, from thralls in six factions to undead, scourge mobs, raid bosses, and the weird creatures of Bobby's Sanctuary. See the Thralls page for information on how to obtain thralls, this page only covers their stats as enemies. All thralls use weapons and their attacks are derived from those weapons. Cold Embrace and Vanghoul thralls are aggressive, the other factions are not. Their aggression to you has no bearing on your faction, there's no way to create enemies that are only aggressive to some players. All of the non-humanoid mobs are aggressive.
For more information, Please see the Guide, GETTING Started in AoC and select the Enemies TAB.

AoC Magic Guide:

"The magic system in Age of Calamitous is relatively complex, and will require effort to achieve mastery over the forms of magic. It is possible to start learning magic at level 1, though the requirement to traverse across the exiled lands in search of their resources may prove a challenge. There are 2 components needed to cast a spell: a weapon component, and a spell component. You can think of the weapon as a bow, and the spell as an arrow. Without either of them, you will not be able to cast any spells."
The first step to take to learn any magic in AoC is to obtain a feat named 'The Ancient Arts'. Without it, you cannot learn any magic. The location for the feat is detailed in the 'Attunements' tab. This also teaches you the Essence Blast spell, which is a cheap low level spell that can be used in any magic weapon, including starting faction staves.
The Age of Calamitous Magic Guide This guide covers the magic system within Age of Calamitous, including feats, spells and recipes. Written by @Vyl of the AoC discord.



STRIDER has a special quest for each of the 5 Professions in AOC for you to gain all of the professions. For each Profession Quested he will give you a special token that gives the player that Professions beginning feat. You may only Quest one Profession at a time. And cannot receive the quest until you are level 60.
Hunters Quest: 100 Dragonbone, 5 Blood of the Devil Bear, 2 Cursed Undead Remains, 1 Scourge Crocodile Head, 100 AoC Tin coins
Farmers Quest: 4 Fiery-Hot Sea-Fish Feast, 5 Fiery-Hot Grubs, 1 Caviar, 20 Sausage, 100 AoC Tin coins
Forestry Quest: 75 Golden Lotus, 500 Insulated Wood, 120 Dragonfern, 50 Shroom Amanita, 100 AOC Tin Coins
Miners Quest: 30 Silver Bar, 10 Crescent Steel Bar, 100 Onyx, 50 Uncut Emerald, 100 AOC Tin Coins
Moonshiners Quest: 10 Witch's Brew, 5 Ghost Wine, 10 Dragonfern Whiskey, 10 Crinila Surprise, 100 AOC Tin Coins

SheWhoSearches - Special AOC Relic Quest