THE PACK Conan Isle of Siptah PVE (3xXP 3xH)

We welcome you to The PACK Conan Isle of Siptah PVE 3xXP 3xH

Conan LOGIN Issues

Connect to the server by using the 'Direct Connect' button in the in-game server browser, and providing the following address:

Beginner friendly!

Helpful and active admin team! Custom teleport/warps. Helpful starter kit for new players. You keep your stuff when you die.

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah

Exiled from Argos you are aboard a ship and headed to a new battle zone to be used as fodder in the centuries old conflict with the Ancients. You are headed to Siptah, a mysterious Isle, one that is shrouded in storms and mysterious legends. During your trip your ship encounters the Maelstrom and is sunk.

You are shipwrecked and alone, as you wash up on the beach. A mighty tower can be seen in the distance and a storm filled with dark magic spreads around it. Your battle for survival and dominance in a new land begins now…

A new and deep threat, The Maelstrom is a massive storm swirling around the island center and spawning monsters from the outer void. Brave it to get your hands on a new and valuable resource.

Isle of Siptah includes a new system of dungeons called Vaults. These Vaults were created by the elder races in a distant past. Explore them to discover horrific creatures, ancient puzzles, and valuable loot.

Forbidden magic shoots forth from the Tower of Siptah, with humans and other creatures appearing in their wake. The Surges are coveted as the island’s only supply of thralls.


New Building Sets:

Flotsam building set. A Pirate style building set of Tier 1 construction parts.

This building set is comparable to the Exiled lands T1 Sandstone set in the amount of resources used to create it. Designed to blend into the beaches/shipwrecks of the Isle and has the ability to be used in the vast redwood forests.

New T2 Black Stormglass Building set. This building set is comparable to the Exiled lands T2 Stonebrick in the amount of resources used to create it. Designed to replicate the ancients buildings strewn about the Isle, this building set is the first to use a glass like panel.

Three New ARMORS

The armors are influenced by the need to hide the players faces from the Ancients. And many are designed with locks to lock the player/thrall into the gear for life. Driven by the lore of the Isle of Siptah.


Very light and shimmery armor. More suited for house servants or pleasure thralls.


Medium armor - designed with Blacksmith or other Worker type thralls in mind.


Designed with warriors in mind, still using the mask and locks in place.


You can capture and tame four types of the grey rhino not only to be your pets, but also to be your mount. The rhino has two attacks. While sprinting you can hit enemies with the horn in a powerful charge and while running or standing still the rhino can use its horn for an active attack. Spears and bows can be wielded from atop the rhino’s back and combined with the rhino’s brutal strength and defenses you can become quite the mobile weapon’s platform. As you level up your rhino it can gain strong perks, like Meat Wall and Thick Hide, which add greatly to its combat effectiveness.

Three Skins available. Brown, Dark, and Black and White speckled. Five new Rhino Saddles. Standard Light, Medium, & Heavy. And Calvary, and Shaman Saddles.

Those that purchase the PC version Early access will receive The War Torn Rhino to use in game.

More Information on Isle of Siptah

Rather than extending Conan Exiles' existing territory, Siptah is a separate new island where players will start fresh. You will keep your character and creations on the Exiled Lands map and be able to switch back to that map if you desire, and your character will be there waiting for you. But currently there is no way in the game to move characters between maps.

All your previous paid for DLC's will work on this map as intended. As well as those of you who purchase the NEW Isle of Siptah DLC will be able to use the Building sets and Rhino mount in the Exiled Lands server.

No static NPC camps - Your thralls will have to be summoned via leylines or found at a "SURGE" event. These events, will require items from "vaults", and higher level tiers of thralls will be harder to obtain.

Previous and New Legendary weapons can be learned by players at a special crafting bench. Time to learn some new lore.

11 new Achievements to be earned in Steam for doing certain things in game.


Many of the normal pets spawn on the Isle or drop from the Surge portals. You can find the jungle cats, and the usual bugs. There are even traders that sell the usual pets, along with some new faces unique to the Isle. Shown below are the newest pets to grace the lands of the Exiles. (Stats for the new pets are listed in the walkthrough page.)

In the following pictures the ones on the left of each pair are Normal pets, those on the right are Greater pets.

OUR Isle of Siptah Server:

The PACK Adult Community Center - Isle of Siptah

Quick Rules:

Server Settings:

PvE VAC Protection Enabled. Inventory kept on death. Only owner can loot corpse. Character does not stay in game while logged out. Restrict PVP Building Damage Off. Player structures are indestructible. Experience 1.5 Harvest 3.0 Durability 0.7 Stamina 0.8 Resource Respawn 2.0

Community Center and Other Server Builds:

Community Center is on the island with the Camp of the Castaways, which is a trader village. The Colosseum when built will be on the same island in the north. Map Co-ords I 13.

Our Patreon's

With Isle of Siptah being a new map, and Funcom is having everyone start at level 1. I think to be fair to all players on The PACK that we will withhold the dispensing of Patreon pets and Thralls for the first 30 days of the servers life. Starting with Oct. 1st you can have any thralls or pets you have saved up on this map. (NOTE: only Vanilla Thralls and pets - AoC mod is not on this map and you will not be able

Reference Map:

You our patreon's will still have your tags on this server. And as we find specific locations and such in exploring, we will create the web of patreon warps. You will still be able to call or teleport others to you as per your patreon tier level.

Server Mod Collection:

Due to this being a new map which is UN-editable, we are having to readjust the mods to get "OUR" ideal set up for the Isle of Siptah. This will be an ongoing process for the first several weeks of play on the server. Please pardon our "WORK in PROGRESS"

End Game mods (ext Level Cap and ext. Play) are being researched and will not drop on the server until AFTER OCT. 1st. Please bear with us as we cobble together the best play experience that we can.

Currently the updated mods for the server are: Pippi Glass Construction and More Fashionist LBPR - Less Building Placement Restrictions Aquilonian Females Stacksize +

General Description of Each of our Chosen Mods:

Pippi -

Features: New Chat System for all players. A Kit System that provides players with items in a kit you can purchase with Pippi coins. An in Depth Command System for Server Admins allowing for much better Admin/Player interaction. A new and improved Announcement System. A Warp System set up by Admins that Allows the Players free movement about the map. Dynamic Rank System allowing Clans to set ranks. Mushi System set up by Admins for vendors of Kits and other items across the map.

Glass Constructions

Glass Constructions - Recycling Smelter, Great Furnace, Great Carpenter's Saw Bench Campfire Grill, Great Tannery, Greater Fire bowl and more ... Overview of the items and the levels you gain them at here:

Fashionista v3.0.2 (1.0 and DLC compatible)

Wear the armor that matches your current situation and give it the look you like best. Copies the appearance (including colors) of any armor parts to your current armor. The values of the equipped armor remains unchanged. Supports all DLC armors. Hint: to wear DLC armor or to use it for the style you don't have to own the DLC. It is enough to know someone in the game who can craft the armor/weapon pieces. New: separate warpaint style slot for head, torso, arms and a slider to choose the color that fits best to your eyes ;)

Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.1.2

The Less Building Placement Restrictions mod, or LBPR for short, is intended to make building and placement easier. It offers a wide, and ever growing list of features that can make your building dreams come true. From having a Green Arrow give directions on which direction a wall is placing, to creating a bigger window using a custom Overlap Exception for Doorways and Fences, to being able to merge placeables together via overlapping them together to create unique shapes, to quality of life fixes or improvements, to easier Thrall placement, to decorating a cave or even taking over your favorite NPC camp and turning it into your own. If you are a building fan at all, you will find enjoyment with this mod.

Craft-able Power Stones that when carried cause the Exile's Bracelet Gem to glow. Other than the basic Stone, the icons for the Power Stones show a glowing Exile's Bracelet, because I think it looks nice :) They work while carrying anything, wielding 2 handed weapons or with a shield, and underwater.


With this mod you're able to pick up all the things you've placed - simple as that! :-)

Aquilonian Females

A customized female body mod that adds a detailed 3d private area , with physics . This mod changes the shape of the females body and adds in specific details that were missing from the private area. Some edits to the skin textures for better blending in certain areas. Also includes some skimpy and bra-less armor sets.

Improved Quality of Life

Features: Simplified Main Menu, Improved UI, Appearance Designer. NPC Appearances, Physics Sliders. Slider to change the duration of blood fade time. Re-mappable keybinds in settings menu, Mod settings saved to file. Keybind Instructions : Minimap Zoom In: SHIFT + HOME ;Minimap Zoom Out: SHIFT + END; Pause Game: SHIFT + ESC; Settings: SHIFT + M

Stacksize Plus v1.7.1 (DLC compatible)

The ultimate stack size and weight mod. The configuration can be opened from any placeable with an inventory (admin only). Also supports items from other mods and all DLC items.

Universal Copy of the modlist.txt

The below is a universal copy of the MOD ORDER modlist that goes into the MODS folder in Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah sandbox file. Please see instructions here: