The PACK Events Schedule

July 3rd.m 2020 10:00 pm. EDT/ 9:00 pm CDT/3:00 am GMT The ARK Event Map The PACK Celebrates INDEPENCE DAY RED WHITE and BLUE, Fireworks, and poolparty with meglodons. Bosses and things to slaugher. PLEASE download and install the Arkforum mod map: HERE At least 45 mins. PRIOR to the event.

July 11th., 2020 - Saturday 10:00 pm. EDT/ 9:00 pm CDT/3:00 am GMT DNL The Path. The Scalding Abyss Deep within the earth, underneath the volcano at World’s End. We will provide the Tames and the gear, you provide you!

July 18th., 2020 - Saturday 10:00 pm. EDT/ 9:00 pm CDT/3:00 am GMT COLOSSEUM EVENT - CONAN EXILES Please join us for a NIGHT at The Colosseum! Murder, Mayhem and Revelry Afoot, as we test out some new commands and Explore some Bosses outside their normal areas. The Armory and Smithy will be open to the public and traders will be on hand. There will be food and Beverages in the Bar and Dinning Room and our Patreons will have Priority Seating IF they are not participating in the revelry. Please use /warp Colosseum and meet us up to 30 mins early.

July 25th., 2020 - Saturday 10:00 pm. EDT/ 9:00 pm CDT/3:00 am GMT ARK - GENESIS VR GAMMA Please use the EVENT teleport pad and meet up to 30 mins early. Only Bring Dinos you don't care about losing. There is a chance your dino will not get teleported out after the boss is killed. There will be admin created dinos for those who do not have a fit dino for this fight.

July 19th. 2020 - Sunday RAGNAROK FLEA MARKET Presented by Jenarri Player Ran Stores and Dino Sale Booths Those wishing to Sell Items Please get with @Jenarri Saturday before the Flea Market

CONAN EXILES REVELRY Every Sunday at 10:30 pm EDT/9:30 pm CDT/4:30 am GMT Meet at the ACC at 10 to 10:20 Pm. Run for various things... Who shows up defines what the group does.

Time Zone Converter, please visit this link. Note: This automatically includes the EDT/EST Time Zone.