An Event Map -designed by - Exilog

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Steam Workshop::Eventmap
This Mod is included in the The PACK Gaming Clusters CANON mod pack.
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Arkforum Event Map - Lava Golem Boss
This map is The Event Map for our Cluster. This map provides us with an area that we can host events and or pvp challenges for you our players. Some features built into the map are:
  • A Colosseum.
  • A world buff that prevents Hunger and Thirst.
  • You may learn all the engrams for all the dlc's here if you happen to not own one of the paid dlc's
  • A Water Arena.
  • A Jousting Arena.
  • A little town (WIP) with little market for ambience and maybe role play or open pvp.
This Map is still a W(ork) I(n) P(rocess). Things will move and change periodically. Some Things the Mod dev is planning on adding in the near future.
  • add more decor
  • a labyrinth area
this map is created by the team
Areas of PROHIBITED BUILD: Players may not build on the Event Map. Also do not Claim any claimable dino left on the map.

1.) Events that are scheduled will start Within 15 mins of the time stated in the Event post. Pop up events timing are solely at the discretion of the Supervising Admin. 2.) Please Plan ahead and have the Event Map downloaded and your "toon" on the map at least 15 mins in advance of the stated start time. 3.) All event dinos are Neutered/spayed so please refrain from attempting to breed them. 4.) Please do not try and remove the Event dinos from the area or map that you are participating in an event on. Doing so is a Server kick and 3 day ban. Any one caught in possession of an event dino given out during an event, but taken from the event, or hidden, will be dino wiped. A second offense is a Full BAN. 5.) Always listen to the ADMIN in CHARGE and any other Admins or Patreon Adjuncts assisting with the event. Do not talk over them in voice channels. Anyone that pushes the limits with behavior can be Server Kicked, Discord Muted, and a 3 day ban on that map. 6.) IF there is a reward for an event, there will be admins available to pass that out the DAY AFTER the event. Please do not pester admins or put in an admin support ticket before Noon the DAY AFTER and EVENT. IN CLOSING: We are doing this to show, you our Supporters and our Players how much we appreciate you being here. Please show us you care for our admin team by behaving at the events we plan for you.
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