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designed by - Enigma

Joining Ebenus Astrum

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Ebenus Astrum - The Grasslands area

About Ebenus Astrum:

This large, deadly map contains all the Biomes, Resources, Creatures and Explorer Notes of The Island and the DLCs Scorched Earth, Aberration and even Extinction and supports boss fights for the Spider, Ape, Dragon, Manticore, Titans and Rockwell - Aberration. The Explorer Notes for Extinction are a WIP. The map is currently almost twice the size of The Island, and is planned to be 2.5 times larger when completed. For comparison, the Ragnarok map is more than 3x the size of The Island.
Unique content includes:
  • New creatures and saddles for some of them
  • NPC shops that trade based on the Astrum
  • New items
  • Interactive Menu containing map information, minimaps of the caves, planned caves, descriptions of EA creatures and suggested mods to combine with the map. As of v1.20 hotfix, the menu is accessible by pressing = or F6. Once in the menu you can change the bind keys used to open the menu. Holding H will bring up extended information such as map location, temperature, time of day and will show the current key the menu is bound to.
Note: There is a known issue with the menu not closing sometimes, to get round this hit the Tab ↹ key to bring up the console and then press the close button with the mouse to close the menu (you may have to click the close button several times) once complete you can exit the console with the Esc key.


Tribute Terminal 46.6 20.2 Is not working. Since Gen 2 dropped. Please avoid the use of the terminal. It teleports you to a death spot. Has been reported to Enigma.

Unique Creatures

Akoya Wyvern • Samudra Wyvern • Majungasaurus • Monolonodingdongalongasaurus • Battle Island Creatures • Velox Creatures
The above creatures are NOT transferable to other maps in our cluster.
If you would like to see some of the Streams that Enigma does while modding E. A. find them here

Areas of Prohibited Building:

The Lat/Lon guide may not be exact on this map. Forgotten Realm.