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ARK Survival Evolved DLC June 12th. 2022

Joining Fjördur

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3 X Harvesting
4 X Experience
8 X Taming
14 x Breeding
Tribal Dino Cap - 250
QoL mod pack with added colors, flyers with speed, Unique dinos, S+ building, Corpse Retrieval, Awesome teleporters and remotes, Dino trackers, and much, much more.

Welcome to Fjördur!

Explore a cold and hostile Norse-inspired archipelago in ARK's newest official community map, featuring four new creatures for you to collect! Fjordur contains over 140 square kilometers of new biomes, new challenges, and rewarding discoveries!
Traverse a fantastical multi-layered wonderland with a frosty Nordic theme. Four unique islands, Vardiland, Vannaland, Bolbjord and Balheimr, and the mystical realms; Jotunheim, Vanaheim, and Asgard, offer elaborate cave systems resplendent with Scandinavian ruins and vast monolithic entrances. Take a well-trodden hallowed path to pay respects at the immense and sacred world tree, Yggdrasil. Vestiges of ancient dwarven kingdoms harken to a lost era, the remnants of which lend an awe-inspiring history to the world of Fjordur. This beautiful and mythic world invites Survivors to a deeply forested land of bygone wonder and exploration!

Unique Skins

Only survivors worthy enough to surpass the ultimate test and defeat the mighty Fenrir are able to wield the lightning-imbued hammer, Mjolnir. This first of its kind skin includes additional abilities worthy of Thor, himself! Once equipped, Survivors can utilize this weapon’s godlike powers to devastate foes with shocking ease as they harness the elemental power of lightning!
Acting as a functional weapon skin for the TEK sword, Mjolnir packs its own special powers and empowers Survivors with supernatural might. Devastate your foes with shocking ease as you exercise control over the element of lightning. However, not every survivor will pass the test and be considered worthy to obtain the mighty Mjolnir. Will you be up to the challenge?

Unique Creatures

  • :Andrewsarchus:
    Andrewsarchus Andrewsarchus! This scavenger whippomorpha is robust in the midst of battle with a saddle scaling with armor and damage. Mount the minigun equipped saddle to this resilient beast and hold on tight!! Andrewsarchus' can only be tamed non-violently rather than through the knockout methods.
  • :Desmodus:
    Desmodus As you might imagine, Desmodus prefers to hang out in dark places, waiting for its unsuspecting prey! If you're lucky enough to tame one, you can send Desmodus to snatch up small prey or saddle up and vanish into the darkness. This eerie creature is gifted with echolocation, blood-sucking, and wall latching abilities along with a unique sanguine elixir that will help you enthrall the most stubborn creatures. Desmodus can only be tamed non-violently rather than through the knockout methods.
  • :Fjordhawk:
    Fjordhawk A playful and intelligent avian companion, it will retrieve on command for its owner and even collect your belongings if you meet misfortune. Looking to dive right into the action, Fjordhawk can forge close bonds with humans as wholeheartedly as any canine or primate. A tamed Fjordhawk is a surprisingly playful companion that is very capable of fetching targets that you point out. A well-trained Fjordhawk can locate injured prey and communicate its find to you. Fjordhawk can only be tamed non-violently rather than through the knockout methods.
  • :Fenrir:
    Fenrir Unlike other known creatures, Fenrir doesn't exist in the wild, nor do they appear to be tamable (and breedable) by any method. However, they are obtainable. Legends say that this wintry wolf can only be obtained by conquering the beast in its frozen realm. Once mastered Fenrir will aid you with its icy abilities, crowd control, and slows. (Due to its unique way of obtaining Fenrir. They will be unobtainable as a Patreon Perk.)

World Bosses

As more information on the Bosses is known the below will be updated. Some facts are from the modded version.
  • Steinbjörn & Minion Rubble Bear Similar to other World Bosses, will attack anything on sight. Resembles a very large Dire bear covered in rocks and ice, with very muted colors. It's the weakest of the three World Bosses, found in Jotunheim Biome. Its Damage is boosted, it lives in cold environment and can shoot ice meteors.
    Fighting Steinbjörn: Steinbjörn Arena is in Jotunheim Biome so freezing will slowly kill you, Asc. Fur is recommended. Has a very bad aim. Can be killed from the air. Stay on high ground and shoot it from afar. Bringing a Sinomacrops and some Rocket Launchers can be a good strategy. Using melee weapons can be dangerous but can be less dangerous when using high-tier armor and shields.
    Drops: Hide; Pelt; Raw Meat; Saddles: can drop high-quality saddles and even the rare Fenrir saddle Dermis will display a Dire bear that floats in the air.
  • Hati & Sköll Also Called the "Wolf Twins". Similar to other World Bosses, will attack anything on sight. Resembles large Dire wolves with a space aura similar to Astrocetus. One is white, other is blue. The Asgard Arena area is found in the Asgard Biome. It is a very large open arena reminiscent of the titan arena on Extinction. So, it's very easy to lose them during the battle.
    Fighting the "Wolf Twins": Despite their size they are about the same power as the Beyl and they are very fast. First, kill every Dino around, then summon them. Unlike the Steinbjorn use a Reaper King or Tickle Chicken army just like on a normal boss. Bring a ridden Daeodon or Yuty as support. Attempt to kill Hati first and then kill Skoll. Players should prep for Savanah type temperatures, and weaponry of Phase Pistol is a good idea.
    Drops: Hide; Raw Meat; Pelt. Their dermis will also float in the air and can change poses. But does not display the space aura.
  • Fenrisúlfr Fenrisúlfr or "Fenrir's wolf" is another name of Fenrir in the Norse mythology. It must not be confused with the Fenrir, another creature of the DLC.
  • Beyla & Beyla Spawn *(in the old Itsy and Bitsy arena)* Beyla and Beyla spawn are Giant Bees.
    Fighting Beyla & Beyla Spawn: Take a giga into the arena, you can easily walk and chomp through to her lair. Park the giga in front of the Worldboss Obelisk and use your 30 rune stones to open the portal. Mount your giga and turn and chomp for all your worth.
    Drops: Hide; Raw Meat; Pelt. Best Blueprint Farming. Their dermis will also float in the air and can change poses.

Other Spawns:


HOW TO UNINSTALL the MOD version You will find all files here: "YOUR DISC":\....\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\1838617463 To Uninstall the mod just delete the folder named "1838617463"
HOW TO INSTALL the DLC version Go to the Steam Store ARK: Survival Page here: Scroll down to the "Content for this Game" Section. Click the Line for Fjordur - ARK Expansion Map. Click on Download button. Steam will Download the DLC version of the map for you.

Cool Facts about FJORDUR.

  • Frostmourne reference can be found in Jotunheim cave
  • Gollum reference can be found in mount doom and redwood cave
  • Jormungandr reference can be found in deep sea area
  • Helms Deep reference can be found on Vannaland
  • White Tree of Gondor reference can be found in a castle near the Skadifjord
  • Dvergheimr is a reference to Moria
  • Shimmering Halls are a reference to Erebor
  • Fjordur has custom supply drop optics
  • Fjordur has 3 realms which can be visited via the Portal Cave
  • Fjordur has custom made boss arenas
  • Thylacoleo's on Fjordur does spawn on the ground in the redwoods instead on trees. Fjordur has custom redwoods
  • Elder Scrolls reference can be found in Drengrheimr (looks nearly identical to Bleak Falls Barrow)
  • Fjordur has a single explorer note from EXT Chronicles on SE in the Manticore Arena
  • Carcharodontosaurus wasn't a part of the voting nor a fan-made Dino. Rummored to spawn in Fjordur at DLC release. IT is now CONFIRMED we will See the Charcharodontosaurus later in the 4th. Quarter of 2022.
  • Fjordur shares many features with Genesis 1:
    • Both are simulations
    • Both have separated biomes
    • Both have a Skyrim reference
  • Aberrant Megalania, unlike other unique Fjordur content can be transferred to other maps.
  • The abb artifacts can be used to hijack the tek cave in Asgard and gain access to Mjolnir, Asgard Shield and desert titan terminal for a day (week on a server).
  • How do you get to the alternate realms? By teleporting via the Portal Cavern located at 40/57
  • Where do you find blue gems not in the radiation? In the Frozen Fortress (Yeti) snow cave
  • Where do you find gas for making Hazmat suits? On Volcano Island (Sulfur Pools) or Biolum Caverns
  • What are these Glowing Ruby Red Runes for? Collecting 100 will grant 5 extra levels with 200 in total.
  • What do I do with the stone-like Runes that the Alphas Drop? These Runes are for opening the Boss Terminals!

Where do I find a list of artifacts or caves?

Where do I find specific resources?

Where do specific things spawn?

Fjordur Players Map.

Fjordur HYPE Videos: