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Genesis: Part 2 is the fifth and final paid DLC Expansion Pack for ARK: Survival Evolved and is available for purchase through the Genesis Season Pass.

Joining Genesis - 2:

Please download this Workshop Collection


3 X Harvesting
4 X Experience
8 X Taming
14 x Breeding
Tribal Dino Cap - 500
QoL mod pack with added colors, flyers with speed, Unique dinos, S+ building, Corpse Retrieval, Awesome teleporters and remotes, Dino trackers, and much, much more.

Genesis: Part 2

The Colony Ship Map

Genesis: Part 2 has survivors exploring a vast world filled with strange new biomes, story missions, and exotic creatures. The map is set aboard the massive Genesis-Ship with two rings: on the right side is a regular ring with green terrain as well as normal creatures and the left side is a corrupted ring full of purple terrain and horrifying creatures. The ship is traveling through deep space looking for a habitable planet.

GEN2 Missions

Genesis 2 Missions are all buggy, and while they do work better for a while, they have never actually fixed any of the missions right.
From Funtimes our Hardware owner! What do I mean by buggy? Let me show you a server says when you run the mission. Every wave that spawns, the mission tries to call up code to spawn in the Dinos, which spits out an error, " SubmissionModule for spawning is missing". This error has been present since the mission's release. Each wave is numbered, 1-100. Each wave doubles the Dinos from the previous wave. The more Dinos to be spawned, the more errors rack up and overflow the servers RAM.
Factors: the more people online, code heavy usage of the server IE Hatching/Births. Compiled with how many waves you trigger, the more likely it is to crash the server. All our servers have a cutoff limit for ram use scripted in that shuts the server down before it crashes the whole set in that blade. Ergo that server - Gen2 crashes. And sometimes takes all 4 servers on that blade down. So the whole blade can reset the ram.
Other code oddities in these missions: Hitting the exit button can crash the server. What does this mean? The exit button seems to not end the waves in the mission. It just ejects you from the simulator and runs till it hits a stopping mark. All the while spewing errors. The changes made recently by WC, did not seem to alleviate the memory leak.

WE ARE ALL TIRED OF LOSING TIME, DINOS, and GEAR to the UNNECESSARY Crashes of the GEN -2 Server. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE! Don't run the Mission unless you have done step 1 or 2 Detailed below!.

  • When doing a mission. If "feet" go into a base, PLEASE automatically back out of the mission at that terminal, to protect the persons base. Go to another OPEN terminal and start the mission over. A minor inconvenience of changing terminals is worth it to protect a persons tames n such.
  • Please wait till the "00:15"; "00:30"; "00:45"; "00:00" of the hour when the SERVER SAVES! This will create a world save that should not corrupt before your attempt crashes the server. This way a rollback will only be 5-10 mins not up to 30 mins or an hour in some cases. You can ASK AN ADMIN to do a world save if they are online PRIOR to you doing the Mission.
  • ONLY do the missions after the AM EAST reset. Do these as soon as possible after the server resets in the am. (NOTE: NOT AFTER EVERY CRASH!!)
  • Survive the ARK, Do not exit the mission with the button that shows up after the first wave. If you think your about to D/C in any of the missions, Immediately log out of the game. This will save your inventory in most cases. NOT ALL.
  • We are unable to provide any refunds to persons or clans for loss of items, resources, in-game properties and so on, regardless of the reason.
  • All of these steps will give you and your team a good stab at completing the missions, AND preventing any potential Server crash! THANK you from ALL the residents of the GEN 2 Server.

Areas of Prohibited Build:

No building ON Mission DISC areas or within 50 foundations in an arc around the Mission Disc areas.
No building on a bare spot or a structure with a Lore Cache, IF HLNA activates over a spot, do not build there.
No building on the Upper most bridges that span the TRENCHES. This includes the natural rock spans.
No building in the Tunnels that lead to SPACE.
No building in the Tunnels that lead to the UNDERSEA Area known as the SUMP. Do NOT block these with Gates. These need to stay open so that players can access these areas with dinos.
Only one Admin approved TP within render of the Rockwell Prime Dias. Do NOT place S+ Harvester's in the Mutagen Field in Rockwell's Innards.