Subsistence PvE Server Rules

All rules found here will pertain to all of our current and future Subsistence Servers. Please read and familiarize yourself with them.

#Rules are subject to common sense!

These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement.

Failure to follow these rules will result in being removed from the community! Please follow all of the RULES found HERE: as well as the below specific rules!


Do not bully, disrespect, or grief ANYONE. Racist remarks, or things that can be construed as sexual harassment are TABOO, in server global chat. Do not trespass into a base not your own, unless by accident. Nor visiting or hanging around in a base NOT yours. If someone asks you to leave, DO SO. Do not shoot or take any creature kill, or interfere in a Hunter Base Raid, that someone else is in the process OF killing, or doing , or One they point out that they are about to kill. Do NOT Kill other Player Characters unless you have a Mutual Aggression Pact on file!!! Please see #MUTUAL AGGRESSION Section below Do not take body bags not your own! If you are working in co-op with another player you may pick the items up for safekeeping, but give them back immediately upon the other players return to the area. Our admin team considers all the above actions types of Griefing or Harassment. If reported to admins you can be temp suspended for 5 days. Continued Griefing of this type will lead to a Organization Server wide Ban.


Mutual Aggression is where two or more clans have officially agreed to Acts of AGGRESSION. HOW WE ARE DOING THIS: IF Two or more Players, tribes agree to Mutual Aggression, they will make a written agreement in the Global or Discord channel. If in Global they need to SCREENSHOT the agreement and post in the DISCORD #subsistence-chat-🥫 Channel.

  1. YOU MUST SCREENSHOT OR PASTE THIS INTO THE #subsistence-chat-🥫 Channel in our Discord. Player ONE, Player TWO, Agree to Mutual Aggression in Subsistence. Month, Date, Time frame. Both react with yes or emoji if in Discord.

  2. Your clans are allowed up to 24hours for war.

  3. Clans will receive a 24 hour period of ORP where NO other Clan can propose war with you.


Admin and Owner Builds and Community Builds on the Server will be listed in a PIN in the #subsistence-chat-🥫. Please do not destroy/remove parts of ANY marked Admin/Owners base, EVEN IF DECAYED! You will be banned. ONLY ADMINS APPROVED BY The PACK Server Owners are allowed to have Admin in their Tribe name. If you are unsure that the tribe you are looking at is an ADMIN/Owner tribe. Join our Discord and ask in RULES AND SUPPORT SECTION - #admin-support. ​


Admins do not interfere in inter-tribal or Tribal business ever! Inter-Tribal - Where members of a tribe are disagreeing, or some other internal conflict in a tribe. Tribe owners kicking someone, or other tribal conflicts. Tribal Business - Where two or more tribes are having some sort of issue. If you and your best bud neighbor are fighting, we won't assist until the situation gets out of hand, and or becomes griefing, or Impacts others play.


Server Restarts, and Server Crashes (Not Client Side Crashes) Server Restarts, and Server Crashes will have a 5 to 14 min. Rollback to the save Prior to the restart, or the last save before the Crash. All Data collected between the Save time stamp and the restart or Crash will be erased. The Pack Gaming is not responsible for replacing items or dinos. Client Crashes that result in death. In most cases will be recoverable in the Death Cache bag, unless you pass the 30 min Death cache decay limit. In this scenario the items are lost and The Pack Gaming admins will not assist you to recover the items. Admins and Alpha Community members can provide such items out of personal caches if they feel they have it to spare. This will be amended when proper admin controls are added to the base game code.


One Land Claim of no more than 20 x 20 foundations. And no taller than 5 stories. (stories allowed are up to 1 + 1/2 wall high. In the case of using an elevator to reach a spire top or Cliff base Do not go over 10 stories and NO MORE than one Land Claim with such a structure per Tribe permitted. One Outpost Claim of an area of 10 x 10 Foundations will be allowed. Please limit these to 5 stories. Easements can be given for unusual shaped bases on some cases. Please see an Admin concerning Easements.


Will be determined and posted here at a later date.


Do not Block the way of Paths or entrances to other parts of the Server Map. Please make sure there is enough room for others to pass your property, either make a path through your base or make sure there is sufficient area surrounding your fences for others to pass to the new areas. Do not block areas that produce rare or unusual resources (pearls OR grub trees for example). Do not build in such a way that you enclose such an area and leave no way through for others. Do NOT block the AREAS the PICK LOCK boxes spawn in. These are in a specific pattern and must be left so they spawn, and are not blocked.


It is the responsibility of the Player to make sure they refresh all timers on the servers they play on. If you do have a situation occur where you need help, please think about getting a tribe/clan mate. Anything that is claimable/demo-able can and will be cleared up by the other residents of the Servers. Or residents can send a message to the admins for a removal of a demo-able claim. ALL ADMIN or OWNER claims are off limits. Land Claims last for 30 days.