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The PACK Subsistence PvE-P Server

owned by @Zarchon and supported by The PACK

The PACK Subsistence PvE Server

Subsistence is a sandbox, first person, solo or co-op, PvE/PvP open-world survival game. Struggle to build a base and gear-up in the hostile environment. Defend yourself from wildlife and AI hunters (who also build bases in the world). Progress your base technology for advanced item crafting and upgrades.

Game Features:

* Singleplayer, Co-op and Multiplayer PvE sandbox experience. * Crafting mechanics. * Dynamic base building. * Dynamic seasons and weather systems. * Weapon upgrade system. * Mining and refining of ores. * AI Hunters (with AI base building). * Farming. * Animal husbandry. * Food cooking mechanics. * World day-night cycle. * Temperature change based on time-of-day and altitude. * Character hunger/thirst/strength mechanics. * Character clothing system. * System for inviting/removing players to access bases. * Central power system for bases (base items require power to function). * Npc enemy leveling system.

Our Server Settings:

Difficulty = Easy Month = Please check upon reaching the join screen. Days per year: = 24 Day: = Please check upon reaching the join screen. Hunters: = Enabled Hunter Attacks: = No Attacks PvP Damage: = Disabled PvP Base Damage: = Disabled Access to Other Players Base: = Disabled Version: = Alpha 54

Approximately Feb 15th. 2021 we will move to Hunter Revenge Attacks.

How to find our server:

Alpha 55 Updated January 2021.

Major Changes, and updates:

Ice Holes, Fishing, and Winter Cave/Water Access: It is now possible to break through the surface ice on the frozen lakes (using an axe), allowing players to fish during the winter months or allowing Players to descend through ice holes, giving new access to water and cave locations throughout the winter. With the axe equipped, look at the ice until a progress wheel displays, then begin chopping. There is a vault mechanic for pulling yourself out from an ice hole while underwater. The game will reduce the rate of refreezing if a hole is being actively used, but it will eventually refreeze regardless. Fishing in the ice hole does not require casting with the rod. Simply approach the hole with an equipped rod (and tackle) and an action prompt will display to start fishing. *Be careful to carry an axe while exploring caves during winter, as you may need to break through the ice to exit the frozen lake on your return.

Seasonal Water Temperatures: New fairly large changes to water temperatures in the colder months have been added. The water will now get much colder than previously. The temperatures are colder across easy/normal/hardcore. Increased Temperature Penalty For Being Wet (Hardcore): In hardcore the temperature penalty is now -5.5°C (was previously -4°C). Easy and normal are unchanged at -2/-4°C respectively.

Beehives: During the summer months, bees will now build hives that can be harvested for honey. The hives are fairly rare(roughly 3 spawn per reset) and can be found attached to tree trunks. An axe or pickax(best option) can be used to harvest the hive to yield the honey. Beehives are not dangerous unless a player attempts to harvest the honey. Attacking a hive will unleash a deadly swarm of bees, so take stock of your current condition (and equipment) before attempting to harvest a hive.

Insect Repellent: Found in the default medical crafting menu. This (fairly cheap) item provides temporary protection from insect bites/stings (useful for harvesting honey). While active, a status icon will show on the right side of the hud. Currently the only insect threats are bee stings, however plans for mosquitos are on the roadmap (still not totally confirmed yet however).

Small animals now destroyed by live ammunition: Small animals (rabbits and chickens) can now be killed by a single shot of any live ammunition. However doing so will destroy the potential resource gains and leave you with a mangled corpse (and a satisfying "splat" effect). The only (current) use for mangled corpses is to allow it to decay into "rotten meat". *Bow-hunting and trapping will preserve the animal's resources for harvesting.

New Animal AI Pathing Update: The Dev has addressed the exploit of guiding predators into trees to attack them with an axe. With new pathing logic to allow them to negotiate trees while chasing prey.

Customizable Glow Sticks Colors: Players can now customize their glow sticks by choosing from a selection of colors. Simply click on your glow stick to display it's contextual item display (at the top of the hud). Then select from the color-picker to apply your color of choice. This should help teammates signal-to or identify one another, as well as offering additional visual customization.

Sitting on the Ground: Players can now choose to "take a load off" and sit down (without a chair). This should add some cool immersion while resting by a campfire. This action can be set/rebound in the in-game controls (the default key is "/").


Previously there was no change in the chances of catching a particular fish type across the months/seasons. Now, not only do different lake types yield different fish types, but the months/seasons dictate the population/chance of certain fish types (example: it is now rare to catch a salmon during the winter).

Catfish: Catfish can now be caught in the various ponds around the world (they do not reside in the larger lakes). They are less active during the colder months. They cannot be caught using fish traps, and require rod-fishing.

Pike: Pike can be found in all the lakes/ponds in the world. They remain highly active during the winter months, due to being predatory fish. They also cannot be caught using fish traps, and require rod-fishing.

Perch: Perch can be found in all ponds/lakes, however are more common in ponds. They provide slightly more protein than the existing "small fish". Perch can be caught in fish traps. They can be cooked whole, or harvested for fish oil.

Crayfish: Crayfish can now be found in the various lakes and ponds, by catching them in fish traps. They must be cooked on a fire before eating, or can cause infection. Crayfish are only small but are a good survival dietary supplement. They offer slightly more protein than small fish or perch (however do not yield fish oil).

New Recipes and Food items:

NEW seasonal changes to the wild edibles in the world. During the colder months, blueberries will no longer be available, however rosehip berries will persist through the cold.

Rosehip Berries: These tart berries come with a small hydration penalty (effectively making winter a little more of a struggle), so make sure to melt plenty of snow and keep a couple of canteens on you.

Wild Mushrooms: The cave systems now have a wild edible. Edible mushrooms can be found/picked, growing on cave rocks while exploring. They can safely be eaten raw. There currently aren't dedicated cooking recipes for mushrooms, but that will come in a future update.

Fish Steaks: This meat is now yielded from Bass, Pike and Catfish. It can safely be eaten raw, but much better cooked. It has slightly lower stats than salmon fillets.

Honey: Honey can be eaten raw and used in cooking recipes. Honey is currently the only food item providing a max-health/stamina boost in its raw form.

Honey-glazed Pork and Sauteed Vegetables: Pork chops now have a dedicated cooking recipe, coupled with honey and grown vegetables. This dish is the highest tier meal that can be cooked using the frying-pan (typically the baking pan is required for such stats-boosting recipes).

Curved, slanted glass walls: This new glass building piece provides a slanted wall option for the curved variant. It will attach to any curved foundation, ceiling and wall, and should offer new possibilities for some creative base designs.

Game play Mechanic Updates:

Save/Load-Game Improvements: Since the launch of dedicated servers, extreme pressure was put on the previous save/load system. A new more robust (async) job-handling system has been added for the game to easily manage these large tasks. This is now polished and is implemented into the singleplayer mode. So if you had a HUGE profile that stopped being able to load, this should fix it. This should also alleviate the "frame-hitch" that can sometimes occur when the game saves during gameplay.

Harvesting Hitbox Updates: Previously it was common to hit a tree or resource node, see a hit effect/sound, but no progress would be attributed to the harvesting process, this has been addressed, so what you see/hear should align correctly with what is being harvested.

No-Build Zones: Many servers were having issues with players/teams building structures over cave entrances, preventing others on the server from accessing them. These are now no-build zones in these areas. Note: These no-build zones are not active in single player or player-hosted co-op games.

New Sounds for Opening Medical Crates: Medical and ammo crates now have their own unique (and more appropriate) sound when opening.

Fixed Server List Crash: The server list would sometimes crash the game while populating the list. The issue was caused by aggressive handling of sorting algorithms as server results come in. This has been fixed and is being watched.

Fixed Temperature Reading Errors In Hud: Many players reported inconsistencies with the temperature displayed top-left, their clothing stats and the time at which they may start taking damage from exposure. This should now be fixed. Fishing Rod Improved Controls: Previously, after striking and hooking a fish, if you pressed the reel-in key while the strike animation was still in motion, it would ignore the held-down keypress. Now you can hold the reel-in key during the strike animation, and it will begin reeling once complete.

Fixed Incorrect Animal State Showing In Animal Traps: Animals would sometimes show as alive when looking at them in a trap, but then were actually dead when accessing the trap. This is now fixed.

Updated Menu Map: The menu map has been updated with greater detail/density of foliage and trees.

Fixed Exploit Accessing Base Items Through Walls: There was an exploit whereby when first joining a populated server, it would take some time to stream all the buildables in, and it was possible to access base items through a wall. There are now additional server-side checks to ensure bases are protected from this exploit.

Other Notable Changes:

● Prevented audio, glitching in/out while the game world is in the process of loading in. Now audio will smoothly transition in when your boots hit the ground. ● Console now shows a welcome message, displaying the "help" command to list available commands. ● Fixed bug where mounted weapon could become misaligned when moving the workbench. ● Fixed bug/exploit where base items could be moved out of a base into another, without transferring it's connection from the original base. ● Added subtle dark gradient behind bottom-left hud messages (for better contrast/visibility). ● Prevented tossed items from sticking to base walls like Velcro (they should now drop to the floor as expected). ● Fixed "winter-warning" not showing when joining a server in winter. ● Added error message when attempting to join a server running a different alpha version. ● You can now press escape to exit out of confirm popups. ● Fixed bug where a confirm popup would get stuck on the screen, requiring a game restart. ● Fixed bug where clients of network games wouldn't recognize a clip-size upgrade on a weapon, resulting in them not being able to reload the weapon if it's clip was above the default clip-size count. ● Fixed rare bug where clams and sandstone nodes would disappear when swimming close to them. ● Fixed bat hanging animation not playing for clients of network games. ● Added brief fade from black when entering a profile or re-spawning after death. ● Fixed bug with food perish times, where a complete stack could disappear after just one of it's stack perishes. ● Added admin console command to disable all base lights on a server. This is a bit of band aid due to base lights having a performance cost if used excessively on servers with many structures, and players leaving all their base lights on when logging off. A true performance fix will come for this in the future. ● Strawberries and rosehips can now be used to bait small animal traps. ● Fixed bug where it was still possible to access enemy wood burners, even when the server was set to disallow access of other players base items. ● Fixed underwater gap in the fence line in the large eastern lake.

FAQ's and Wikis found on the WEB.


The Fence line around the Map.


Approximate location of Cougar Spawns

Approximate location of the Locked Boxes as of Oct. 2020